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78 scripts tagged as: [license  ·  ~to be supplied~]

A Reb-Site
70.8 KB
23 Mar 2008
a-reb-site.r was written to: - compare form and function of a reb-site with that of a conventional web-site. ( obliging web-site - perhaps!) & - to provide an example of a reb-site script, & - as an illustration of the compact size of a reb-site relative to the average web-site [...]
author: R.v.d.Zee
Animated GIF Example
animated-gif.r8.2 KB
30 Jun 2008
An example of how to use the 'anim' function. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick antonaccio
Chess board handler
12.1 KB
28 Aug 2012
icon for cbh.rFunction as a chess board interface. Support playing a game of chess according to the rules of the game of chess.
author: Arnold van Hofwegen
CGI with FORM with refilled data
4.9 KB
28 Aug 2012
Example of how a webform could be processed by a REBOL script, refilling previously filled fields when errors in input are detected. For performance it is always better to have some validation (using e.g. Javascript) on the client side first, but for safety the check also needs to be (re)done at the server side.
author: Arnold van Hofwegen
Convert Character to Hexidecimal
964 bytes
7 May 2005
Convert an ASCII char to a two hex code. This is just one of those things in Rebol where you waste time looking for a solution to an otherwise extremely simple problem because the obvious doesn't work (ie: to-hex M doesn't work because to-hex wants an integer and to-integer wants a character not a string)! The C2I function [...]
author: Gordon Raboud with help from TomC and Sunanda
Chess images
11.6 KB
26 Aug 2012
Create images.
author: Arnold van Hofwegen
Chess moves generator
59.2 KB
29 Aug 2012
Generate all legitimate moves in any position.
author: Arnold van Hofwegen
Chord Accompaniment Player
chord-accompaniment-player.r2.4 KB
30 Jun 2008
Plays music backup tracks, based on chord progressions entered as text. See for a case study about how this program was created.
author: nick antonaccio
Colormatch 1.5
colormatch15.r4.8 KB
16 Mar 2007
Color Match 1.5 simulates very closely the Amiga Version created in 1987. Junior High students learned how to created accurate colors by typing in numbers into a multimedia program.
author: Scot M. Sutherland
Directory Mapper
5.0 KB
13 Mar 2003
Recursively builds a dir-structure map of the directory with file/dir informations as size and dates
author: Oldes and Stephane Bagnier
Directory Downloader
directory-downloader.r3.4 KB
29 Jun 2008
Download all files and subfolders from a given folder on a web server. Used to transfer entire folder structures via network. Currently configured for the aprelium web server (, but easily adjusted for others. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick antonaccio
Display IP Addresses
display-ip-addresses.r473 bytes
29 Jun 2008
Display the WAN and LAN addresses of your PC. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick antonaccio
Simple Dll Examples
dll-examples.r724 bytes
29 Jun 2008
A simple example demonstrating how to use functions inside DLLs. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick antonaccio
DO-POP Scheme
7.3 KB
10 Jul 2005
A scheme to allow flexible POP3 operations.
author: Brett Handley
Test double-click
828 bytes
5 Apr 2006
View testing
author: Ph. Le Goff
Simple Draw Animation Controls
draw-controls.r756 bytes
29 Jun 2008
How to move graphics around the screen using the draw dialect. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick antonaccio
Simple Image Distort
draw-distort.r1.1 KB
29 Jun 2008
How to distort an image using the draw dialect. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick antonaccio
Drill Bits
7.6 KB
8 Aug 2005
A VID drill program to help memorize facts using repeated multiple choice question and answers.
author: mikel
567 bytes
8 Mar 2016
Get duplicated values in a block
author: Christian Le Corre
Embedded binary file demo
embedded-binary-demo.r2.3 KB
30 Jun 2008
To demonstrate how executables and any other binary data can be embedded in Rebol code, written to the hard drive, and then used as needed. Taken from the tutorial at See section 18.1 for the code needed to embed files like this.
author: nick antonaccio
FTP Chat Room
ftp-chat.r2.7 KB
30 Jun 2008
A simple chat application that lets users send instant text messages back and forth across the Internet. The chat rooms are created by dynamically creating, reading, appending, and saving text files via ftp (to use the program, you'll need access to an available ftp server: ftp address, username, and password). Taken [...]
author: nick antonaccio
Simple FTP file editor
ftp-file-editor.r560 bytes
29 Jun 2008
Download, edit, and resave files on your website, via FTP. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick antonaccio
A Variation on Conway's Game of Life
5.3 KB
21 Sep 2005
A GUI implementation of a modified version of the popular cellular automaton system. The rules: 1) Each cell (square) on the grid is either alive (blue) or dead (white) 2) For every iteration, each cell's next state depends on current state and # of live neighbors a) if cell is alive, it stays alive <=> 2 or 3 neighbors are alive b) if cell is dead, [...]
author: Ayrris Aunario
Guitar Chord Diagram Maker
guitar-chord-diagram-maker.r2.8 KB
29 Jun 2008
A demo program that creates, saves, and prints collections of guitar chord fretboard diagrams. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick antonaccio
Http tools
6.4 KB
13 Mar 2003
To grab cookies from the server and post form data.
author: Graham Chiu
Image Effector
image-effector.r1.8 KB
29 Jun 2008
A simple GUI demo application. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick antonaccio
Peer to Peer Instant Messenger
instant-messenger.r3.8 KB
29 Jun 2008
Exchange text messages directly via TCP/IP network port. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick antonaccio
37.1 KB
13 Mar 2003
Visual Layout Editor, now accepts more than 6 layouts
author: Carl Sassenrath, Ammon Johnson
Listview Demo
listview-demo.r1.2 KB
25 Nov 2010
A demo of the listview control by Henrik Mikael Kristensen. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick antonaccio
Little Email Client
little-email-client.r793 bytes
1 Sep 2009
A very small graphical email client that can be used to send and receive messages. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick antonaccio
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