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Accessibility is important to us, and we are working on more ways to make the site easier to use for all REBOL users.

Access keys

We have implemented a partial list of the standard access keys. More will follow. Not all browsers respond to access keys.

  • S -- Skip to content
  • 0 -- Accessibility page
  • 1 -- Home page
  • 4 -- Site search
  • 5 -- FAQ
  • 9 -- Feedback page

We are also using these access keys:

  • [ (open square bracket) -- Page back (on pagable lists)
  • ] (close square bracket) -- Page forward (on pagable lists)

Browser support for access keys

This is not very standardised. Here's a short list below. Please let us know the magic key combinations for other browser, thanks.

  • Opera / Windows: shift+escape then key
  • Firefox / Windows: alt+key
  • Internet Explorer / Windows: alt+key then enter

Other aspects of accessibility

  • All pages should validate to HTML 4.01 Strict. Please let us know if there are any stray errors.
  • All images should have an alt attribute. Please let us know if any are missing.

Help us be more accessible

What's missing? Please send us a Feedback if you spot something