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Sign up for the REBOL Library

As a Library member you will be able to:

  • Add new scripts to the Library
  • Amend scripts that you have added
  • Add documentation (eg a user manual) to any script you have added
  • Join in any discussion about a script

If you are not registered, you can still view and download all scripts, view documentation, and view discussions. But why not spend a few moments registering, and then have access to all the Library facilities?

Basic required details

Member name wanted:
Email Address:
Password (again):

Other, optional details

If you want to, please tell us a little about yourself. If you tick the box next to the field the details will be shown in your public profile (so any other Library user can know a little about you). If you do not tick the box, the details will be kept private.
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Activation code

When you sign up, we will send you an email with an activation code. When you receive the email, simply go to the Log on page and log in with your member name, password, and activation code. You only need to enter the activation code once. This simply confirms that we have a working email address for you.

The email we send has a subject line of [] Sign-up activation code. You may need to set your spam filters to allow this subject line.

Privacy policy

  • We will never disclose information collected about you or your use of this website to any third party.
  • Your member name will be visible to other Library visitors, whether they are logged on or not.
  • Your email address will never be visible to other users, unless you use our "send email" feature to communicate with them. We use your email address purely to ensure that all users have a contact point.
  • Your profile fields ("other optional details") will never be visible to a user who is not logged on.
  • Your profile fields (ditto) will only be visible to Library members who have logged on if you have ticked the box.