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upd color-requester.r            12-Jan
upd rebol-dom.r                  7-Nov-2023
upd rebol-dom-mdlparser.r        7-Jul-2023
upd rebol-dom-mdlparser          4-Jun-2022
upd quote-node-attributes.r      4-Jun-2022
upd vid1r3.r3                    17-Apr-2022
upd mini-edit-do.r               17-Apr-2021
new auto-hiding-scroller-style.r 14-Nov-2020
new transforms-2d.r              17-Oct-2020
upd simple-pop-down-style.r      17-Oct-2020

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The Script Library part of had many useful and innovative scripts, all contributed by members of the REBOL community.

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If you prefer to browse offline, you can download the desktop application  This runs under REBOL/View and gives you local access to all the scripts.

You can run exactly the same searches on your local copy, and you can update or execute the scripts as well.