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Finding scripts

Using Find scripts

You can also use the find scripts box to search for any word or string in a script. You ca also limit your search to parts of the script (eg only its comments) or to scripts with specific tags.

Simple examples

search string notes
object  find scripts containing the word object!
system/words  find scripts containing the string system/words
html post  find scripts containing the words html and post [ie both words must be present]

Limiting your search to a part of a script

By using one or more of these search modifiers you can limit your search to parts of a script:

  • [b] -- body of the script
  • [c] -- comments within the script
  • [d] -- documentation accompanying the script
  • [h] -- header -- any part of the script's REBOL header
  • [s] -- strings -- any strings within the script,
  • [t] -- discussion -- any discussion threads attached to the script (t for thread)

Examples of partial script searches

search string notes
parse[d]  find scripts with documentation that contains the word parse
[cs] to do  find scripts containing words to and do in their comments or strings
xml [t]  find scripts containing the word xml in their discussion thread

Tag searches

Every script is tagged with one or more tags. You can see all the tags  here.

You can include one or more tags in your search to limit the search to scripts with those explicit tags.

A tag is specified in square brackets with // separating its levels, eg [author//carl sassenrath]

Examples of tag searches

search string notes
[author//carl sassenrath]  find all scripts tagged as [author//carl sassenrath]
[author//carl sassenrath][level//advanced]  find all scripts tagged as both [author//carl sassenrath] and [level//advanced]
grid [type//game]  find all scripts tagged as [type//games] that contain the string grid

Special tag

You can use the special tag [recent//] to limit searches to new or recently updated scripts.

Examples of recent// searches

search string notes
[recent//]parse  find all recently dated scripts that contain the word parse
[recent//][level//advanced]  find all recently updated scripts of tagged as [level//advanced].

A few more examples

search string notes
cgi [type//tutorial]  find all scripts tagged as [type//tutorial] that contain the string cgi
[recent//]  find all recently changed scripts
[c] debug  find all scripts with the word debug in their comments

Last updated: 25-Oct-2008