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Rebol [ Author: "Gordon Raboud with help from TomC and Sunanda" File: %char-to-hex.r Date: 7-May-2005 Title: "Convert Character to Hexidecimal" Purpose: {Convert an ASCII char to a two hex code. This is just one of those things in Rebol where you waste time looking for a solution to an otherwise extremely simple problem because the obvious doesn't work (ie: to-hex "M" doesn't work because to-hex wants an integer and to-integer wants a character not a string)! The C2I function is thrown in for completeness.} Library: [ Level: 'beginner Platform: [all] Type: [one-liner function] Domain: 'text Tested-under: 'W2K Support: none License: none ] Version: 1.0 ] C2H: func [ "ASCII char to two byte hex" letter ][ copy/part tail to-hex to-integer to-char letter -2 ] C2I: func [ "ASCII char to integer" letter ][ to-integer to-char letter ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage