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REBOL [ Title: "Drill Bits" Author: MikeL File: %drill-bits.r Date: 08-Aug-2005 Purpose: {A VID drill program to help memorize facts using repeated multiple choice question and answers.} Copyright: none Version: 0.9 History: [ 'orig 07-April-2001 'one-three 06-Aug-2005 ] library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [tool] domain: [ftp game] tested-under: [view on "W2K"] support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] do reset-counters: func [] [ right-clicks: wrong-clicks: 0 ] ; ; button-index is used to match buttons to answers ; button-index: 0 maximum-displayed-answers: 10 drill-data-files: [] color-right: reduce [green - 40] color-wrong: reduce [255.0.0 - 40] color-not-selected: [silver + 10 silver] stylize/master [ answer-button: btn 20x40 water water with [ append init compose [ show?: false user-data: make object! [ selected?: false index: (button-index: button-index + 1) ] ] ] answer: btn 600x40 water + 40 water left font-size 17 [ face/user-data/selected?: true either face/user-data/right? [ face/colors: color-right picked-right/text: form right-clicks: right-clicks + 1 show picked-right ][ face/colors: color-wrong picked-wrong/text: form wrong-clicks: wrong-clicks + 1 show picked-wrong ] show face ] with [append init [ show?: false user-data: make object! [ selected?: false right?: false ] ] ] ] sample-data: {Title "Sample Questions" icon author MikeL date 04-Aug-2005 questions [ [ Q "What is the capital of Estonia?" right [{Tallinn}] wrong ["Helsinki" "Tartu" "Kunda"] ] [ Q "What is the capital of Denmark?" right [{Copenhagen}] wrong ["Randers" "Aalborg" "Odense"] ] [ Q "What country has Tallinn as its capital?" right [{Estonia}] wrong ["Finland" "Latvia" "Russia"] ] [ Q "The British government decided that the colonies should help pay for their debt. What caused their debt?" right ["The Seven Years War"] wrong ["The Queen's Jewels" "Tea" "Gambling"] ] [ Q "Which of these is true about the Seven Years War which started in 1754?" right [ "Started in North America and spread to Europe" "Pitted the French against the English" "Included the American colonies on the British side" "George Washington fought in it for the British" "Started in the Ohio Valley" "Caused George Washington to build Fort Necessity" "Ended in 1760 one year after Quebec fell" ] wrong [ "Wolfe lived to see the end of the war" "Ended on the Plains of Abraham" "The French soldiers were experienced and fought well to defend Quebec City" ] ] ] }drill-data-path: %./data/ if not exists? drill-data-path [ if "y" = ask {Do you want to create the data directory now? } [ make-dir drill-data-path if "y" = ask {Do you want to store a sample file with the .dat extension? } [ write drill-data-path/%sample.dat sample-data alert {The next time you run this script it should detect the sample script for selection.} ] ] ] foreach file read drill-data-path [ if find file ".dat" [ if not none = find read drill-data-path/:file "questions" [ append drill-data-files file ] ] ] either 1 = length? drill-data-files [ ; if only 1, use it the-file: pick drill-data-files 1 ][ ; else let the user select the data file that they want view file-selector: layout [ size 800x600 across txt "Pick a quiz file. Cancel will use a default file." return text-list data drill-data-files [ the-file: value unview/only file-selector] return button "Cancel" [ the-file: none unview/only file-selector ] ] ] data: either none = the-file [ load sample-data ][ load drill-data-path/:the-file ] quiz-graphic: either none = select data 'icon [ load-thru/binary ][ data/icon ] do randomize: func [] [ random/seed now/precise q-and-a: random data/questions ] number-of-questions: length? q-and-a topic: pick q-and-a (i: 1) answer: make object! [ my-text: none right?: true ] answer-list: [a1 a2 a3 a4 a5 a6 a7 a8 a9 a10] button-list: [b1 b2 b3 b4 b5 b6 b7 b8 b9 b10] set-ui-value: func [ index-value text-value right? show? ][ ui-answer: get pick answer-list index-value ui-button: get pick button-list index-value ui-answer/user-data: compose [right? (right?) selected? false] ui-answer/text: uppercase/part form text-value 1 either show? [ ui-answer/state: false ui-answer/user-data/selected?: false show [ui-answer ui-button] ][ hide [ui-answer ui-button] ] ] back-to-default-color: does [ foreach answer answer-list [ an-answer: get answer an-answer/colors: color-not-selected ] ] show-q-a: does [ q/text: topic/q show q answers: copy [] back-to-default-color foreach wrong-answer topic/wrong [ insert tail answers make answer [ my-text: wrong-answer right?: false ] ] foreach right-answer topic/right [ insert tail answers make answer [ my-text: right-answer right?: true ] ] j: 0 foreach entry sort/compare answers func [a b][(a/my-text) < b/my-text] [ either maximum-displayed-answers > j [ set-ui-value (j: j + 1) entry/my-text entry/right? true ][ ] ; message/text ["Sorry question " topic/question " has too many answers. Limited to " maximum-displayed-answers "."] show message ] ] for k (j + 1) 10 1 [set-ui-value k none false false] question-number/text: rejoin [form i " of " form number-of-questions ] show question-number how-many: length? topic/right right-answers/text: reduce ["This question has " form how-many either 1 = how-many [" right answer"] [" right answers"] ] picked-right/text: form right-clicks picked-wrong/text: form wrong-clicks show [right-answers picked-right picked-wrong] ] drill-layout: layout [ across size 660x680 backdrop ivory image quiz-graphic 50x50 title data/title pad 80 arrow 24x24 left keycode [up left] [ topic: pick q-and-a i: max 1 (i - 1) show-q-a ] question-number: btn water 60x24 arrow 24x24 right keycode [down right] [ topic: pick q-and-a (i: min (i + 1) length? q-and-a) show-q-a ] return txt "Question" red font-size 18 pad 10 right-answers: txt 240x18 black bold "" picked-right: btn 40 color-right/1 60x24 [alert {This is how many answers you have clicked in this session that are right. They turned a green color when you clicked them.}] pad 10 picked-wrong: btn 40 color-wrong/1 60x24 [alert {This is how many answers you have clicked in this session that are wrong. They turned a red color when you clicked them.}] pad 10 btn "Doc" 40 [browse] btn 60 "Restart" [ randomize topic: pick q-and-a i: 1 reset-counters show-q-a ] btn 40 question-number/size "Quit" [quit] return q: txt 600x70 topic/Q blue font-size 18 return box 626x5 red return b1: answer-button "A" a1: answer return b2: answer-button "B" a2: answer return b3: answer-button "C" a3: answer return b4: answer-button "D" a4: answer return b5: answer-button "E" a5: answer return b6: answer-button "F" a6: answer return b7: answer-button "G" a7: answer return b8: answer-button "H" a8: answer return b9: answer-button "I" a9: answer return b10: answer-button "J" a10: answer ] topic: pick q-and-a i: 1 show-q-a for i 1 length? answers 1 [ a-question-identifier: get pick button-list i a-question-identifier/show?: true an-answer: get pick answer-list i an-answer/show?: true ] view drill-layout
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage