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Discussion threads (by date)

Markup language Dialect parser
32.2 KB
5 Feb 2005
To personally study the practicallity of Rebol being used as bridge between browsers and markup languages.
author: daniel murrill
Discussion posts: 69. Latest by: cwilliams on 4-Jul.
1.0 KB
13 Mar 2003
Cumulates values in a block together, by successively applying the function to each value in Series.
author: Andrew Martin
Discussion posts: 27. Latest by: ampva301 on 4-Jul.
1.2 KB
8 Nov 2006
Convert a binary file to a series of floats and back
author: Glenn M. Lewis
Discussion posts: 16. Latest by: ampva301 on 4-Jul.
Example for async dns:// and spam dns server
3.9 KB
4 Oct 2003
Example code to: 1) use the dns:// protocol in async mode 2) use the dns:// protocol to check spam address in async mode
author: Romano Paolo Tenca
Discussion posts: 48. Latest by: janwil on 4-Jul.
JSON to Rebol converter
14.2 KB
6 Sep 2013
Convert a JSON string to Rebol data, and vice versa.
author: douglas crockford
Discussion posts: 29. Latest by: janwil on 4-Jul.
Change directory
591 bytes
20 Jul 2003
Used alone, return the actual dir. Used with a dir name, changes the actual dir and return the new dir.
author: Romano Paolo Tenca
Discussion posts: 51. Latest by: danieller on 4-Jul.
13.9 KB
2 Feb 2006
Mine-sweeper game
author: Allen Kamp
Discussion posts: 14. Latest by: patrickrall on 3-Jul.
Dialect Object Model
5.4 KB
4 Jun
This script is used on data Sequence key value pairs with various different syntax styles such as DOM Vars, html,xml,css, objects, arrays, json, rebol series, etc. It attempts to reformat malformed key/value data found in a SL that's usually delimited as objects, arrays, or json statement. It requotes *" *, and can creates tagged node-elements for look up in Dialect Object Models. Witch then can be set as Vars to be used with rebol-DOM functions. You can allso fine tune your own delimiter rules as characters or words patterens to use with the strip-obj-chars-from() function. (DSL: domain specific language)
author: [unknown]
Discussion posts: 41. Latest by: sjackson on 2-Jul.
Date and time functions
11.8 KB
24 Feb 2011
This script contains the Rebol implementation of some date and time functions provided in the glibc library and the gnumeric (and therefore Microsoft Excel) software. While the use and handling of date and time data are in most cases straightforward with Rebol, some of the advanced date and times functionalities found in glibc and gnumeric are still missing in [...]
author: Francois Vanzeveren
Discussion posts: 18. Latest by: poojabansal3 on 2-Jul.
LIQUID - core dataflow programming engine.
64.9 KB
28 Mar 2009
Create procedural processing networks.
author: Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
Discussion posts: 245. Latest by: melitoncvrrb on 1-Jul.
CGI Form with Defaults
1.3 KB
13 Mar 2003
Handles a CGI form, providing default values for missing fields in the form. Returns a web page. (The associated cgiform.html file contains the form).
author: [unknown]
Discussion posts: 19. Latest by: richardhelsl on 1-Jul.
File globbing module and dialect
30.2 KB
19 Oct 2006
Given a file spec, and optional criteria for date, size, and attributes, the FILE-LIST function returns a block of files that match the spec and criteria. It is also a test-bed for how to integrate dialects with one-another. There are sub-dialects for date, size, and attribute tests, and FILE-LIST encapsulates those, along [...]
author: Gregg Irwin
Discussion posts: 24. Latest by: ralphhelsley on 1-Jul.
Collect Function
3.5 KB
10 Jan 2006
Eliminate the result: copy [] ... append result value dance.
author: Gregg Irwin
Discussion posts: 17. Latest by: ampva301 on 30-Jun.
32.7 KB
17 Apr 2021
Helps test short programs (substitutes console)
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Discussion posts: 12. Latest by: sandy76 on 29-Jun.
CGI wrapper function for debugging
2.6 KB
7 Jan 2005
Provides debugging info for scripts running as a CGI under a webserver
author: Sunanda
Discussion posts: 81. Latest by: danielperez1 on 29-Jun.
National Geographic Image of the Day Downloader
2.0 KB
9 Feb 2004
Downloads the current picture of the day from and saves it to a location of your choice. Directions: Change the 'filename' in the source to the location of your choice. The agrument -s causes it to be silent and so not print what step it is at. These directions can be seen by adding a -h agrument.
author: Charles MOUGEL
Discussion posts: 15. Latest by: patrickrall on 28-Jun.
args - generic command-line argument parser.
29.9 KB
17 Dec 2008
End to end command-line argument management. Using a command-line description dialect parse a command-line and if its valid, construct a context which reflects it.
author: Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
Discussion posts: 38. Latest by: brix on 28-Jun.
626 bytes
8 Jul 2003
Averages the values in the Block.
author: Andrew Martin
Discussion posts: 21. Latest by: brix on 28-Jun.
better-than-nothing sqlite3 handler
5.7 KB
30 Jan 2006
easy access to sqlite3 database without /Pro or /Command features
author: Piotr Gapinski
Discussion posts: 35. Latest by: mitch on 27-Jun.
(R)EBOL (Un)it
19.1 KB
31 May 2008
RUn is a TestCase Framework wich allows the use of TestCases as defined by the eXtreme Programming development methodology and the test-driven development
author: Christophe 'REBOLtof' Coussement
Discussion posts: 9. Latest by: patricia on 27-Jun.
Dialect Object Model
61.9 KB
4 Jun
%Rebol-DOM.r mdlparser.r is a copy of the %Rebol-DOM.r mdlparser. The first copy would not download so i appended the *.r to it, wich seemed to make it able to become downloadable now. So...., down load it and tell me all about its glorious [...]
author: daniel
Discussion posts: 68. Latest by: priscilavan0 on 26-Jun.
1.8 KB
13 Mar 2003
Provides an associative memory store.
author: Andrew Martin
Discussion posts: 13. Latest by: darrenbailey on 25-Jun.
Chess moves generator
59.2 KB
29 Aug 2012
Generate all legitimate moves in any position.
author: Arnold van Hofwegen
Discussion posts: 18. Latest by: alexa13 on 24-Jun.
Dialect Object Model
44.0 KB
26 Jun
Use a exstensible Rebol Markup function to parse DSL's that will return an easy to follow tagged key value Dialect Object Model that allow different DSL's, programming languages to work with or together through a Central Processing interpreter. Yes Rebol/Core. A demo example of a HTML DSL is parsed by the Dialect [...]
author: daniel murrill
Discussion posts: 187. Latest by: robertdeyoun on 22-Jun.
Do pairs
861 bytes
9 Mar 2016
Do pairs with values from a block
author: Christian Le Corre
Discussion posts: 1. Latest by: tenglong on 21-Jun.
4.8 KB
22 Mar 2007
This script allows you to apply the four classical operations (add, subtract divide, multiply) on very big positive integers. Size of the integers is only limited by the size of a rebol string since numbers are represented as strings. When using this script, keep in mind that the operations manipulate string numbers in reverse order (see example at the end of [...]
author: [unknown]
Discussion posts: 10. Latest by: ampva301 on 21-Jun.
Console capture
1.1 KB
13 Mar 2003
Capture console output in a string!
author: Nenad Rakocevic
Discussion posts: 32. Latest by: patricia on 21-Jun.
8.0 KB
27 Apr 2006
RebelXML provides a set of functions which allows to easily create/modify/delete XML data
author: Christophe 'REBOLtof' Coussement
Discussion posts: 9. Latest by: crutcherhuyn on 20-Jun.
SNMP v1 protocol
13.4 KB
21 Feb 2005
Implementation of SNMP v1 scheme (RFC 1155,1156,1157) , no TRAP. URL is snmp://[community@]<host adr>/CMD/<id values> default community is public Where CMD is get getnext or set id values is a string like that: Return an object: make object! [ version: [...]
author: VDemong
Discussion posts: 5. Latest by: joihnnlio on 18-Jun.
Emit RSS
4.5 KB
19 Nov 2007
Create an RSS Feed from a REBOL Block.
author: Christopher Ross-Gill
Discussion posts: 8. Latest by: chriscole on 6-Jun.
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