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REBOL [ Title: "Directory Mapper" Date: 18-Jul-2001/10:09:09+2:00 Version: 1.0.5 File: %dir-mapper.r Author: "Oldes and Stephane Bagnier" Usage: "dir-mapper/map %/d/rebol/" Purpose: {Recursively builds a dir-structure map of the directory with file/dir informations as size and dates } Comment: { ^-dir-map-structure: [ ^-^-%dir/ [creation-date modification-date] [ ^-^-^-%file [size creation-date access-date modification-date] ^-^-^-%file [size creation-date access-date modification-date] ^-^-^-%dir/ [creation-date modification-date] [ ^-^-^-^-%file [size creation-date access-date modification-date] ^-^-^-] ^-^-] ^-] ^- ^-The size or date can be 'none in some cases! ^- ^-This script works with recursive dir-map structure that is not so good for large and deep directories. So I'll probably do better non-recursive structure soon. ^-} History: [ 1.0.5 18-Jul-2001 {oldes: fixed math owerflow bug in counting 'total-size} 1.0.4 17-Jul-2001 "oldes: starting dir also included in the map" 1.0.3 13-Jul-2001 {oldes: encode filename function - Rebol seems to have problem with saving/loading block of files containing extended and special chars (as #"%" or #"@") :(} 1.0.1 12-Jul-2001 {oldes: access-date is not mapped for dirs (they are always accessed while mapping so this time is not useful:)} 1.0.0 12-Jul-2001 "oldes: Modified dir-tree + dir-mapper object" 0.0.0 20-Jun-1999 "Stephan: %dir-tree.r script" ] Email: %oldes--bigfoot--com mail: [%oldes--bigfoot--com %bagnier--physique--ens--fr] Need: 2.5 library: [ level: 'advanced platform: none type: 'tool domain: [file-handling DB] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] dir-mapper: make object! [ total-dirs: 0 total-files: 0 total-size-tmp: copy [] total-size: make decimal! 0 encode-filename: func [ {Rebol has problems with special chars in the file name!} filename [file! string!] "filename to encode" /local new-data ][ filename: to-string filename new-data: make string! "" normal-char: charset [#"A" - #"Z" #"a" - #"z" #"." #"*" #"-" #"_" #"/" #"0" - #"9"] forall filename [ append new-data either find normal-char first filename [ first filename ][ rejoin ["%" to-string skip tail (to-hex to-integer first filename) -2] ] ] to-file new-data ] Get-date: func[item [file!] type [word!] /local date][ either error? try [date: get-modes item type][none][date] ] Get-item-info: func [item /local s is-dir][ info: copy [] if not is-dir: dir? item [ insert tail info s: size? item either none? s [ print ["WARNING: size = none for" mold item] ][ total-size: total-size + s ] ] insert tail info Get-date item 'creation-date if not is-dir [insert tail info Get-date item 'access-date] insert tail info Get-date item 'modification-date info ] dir-tree: func [ current-path [file! url!] "directory to explore" /inner tree [block!] "useful to avoid stack overflow" /depth "recursion depth, 1 for current level, -1 for infinite" depth-arg [integer!] /local current-list sub-tree item pad ][ if all [not inner not block? tree] [tree: copy []] depth-arg: either all [depth integer? depth-arg] [depth-arg - 1][-1] current-list: read current-path if not none? current-list [ foreach item current-list [ insert tail tree reduce [ encode-filename item Get-item-info current-path/:item ] total-files: total-files + 1 if all [dir? current-path/:item not-equal? depth-arg 0] [ pad: copy "" prin head insert/dup pad "-" (-1 - depth-arg) probe current-path/:item total-dirs: total-dirs + 1 sub-tree: copy [] dir-tree/inner/depth current-path/:item sub-tree depth-arg insert/only tail tree sub-tree ] ] ] return tree ] map: func[current-path /local tree][ total-dirs: 0 total-files: 0 total-size: make decimal! 0 total-size-tmp: copy [] tree: copy [] insert tail tree reduce [ encode-filename current-path Get-item-info current-path ] sub-tree: copy [] sub-tree: dir-tree/inner/depth current-path sub-tree -1 insert/only tail tree sub-tree print reduce ["Found" total-files - total-dirs "files in" total-dirs "dirs = total size:" total-size "B"] tree ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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