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Rebol [ title: "Peer to Peer Instant Messenger" date: 29-june-2008 file: %instant-messenger.r purpose: { Exchange text messages directly via TCP/IP network port. Taken from the tutorial at } ] connected: false insert-event-func closedown: func [face event] [ either event/type = 'close [ if connected [ insert port trim { ************************************************* AND RECONNECT. YOU MUST RESTART THE APPLICATION TO CONTINUE WITH ANOTHER CHAT, THE REMOTE PARTY HAS DISCONNECTED. ************************************************* } close port if mode/text = "Server Mode" [close listen] ] quit ] [event] ] view/new center-face gui: layout [ across at 5x2 ; this code positions the following items in the GUI text bold "Save Chat" [ filename: to-file request-file/title/file/save trim { Save file as:} "Save" %/c/chat.txt write filename display/text ] text bold "Lookup IP" [ parse read [ thru <title> copy my-ip to </title> ] parse my-ip [ thru "Your IP is " copy stripped-ip to end ] alert to-string rejoin [ "External: " trim/all stripped-ip " " "Internal: " read join dns:// read dns:// ] ] text bold "Help" [ alert { Enter the IP address and port number in the fields provided. If you will listen for others to call you, use the rotary button to select "Server Mode" (you must have an exposed IP address and/or an open port to accept an incoming chat). Select "Client Mode" if you will connect to another's chat server (you can do that even if you're behind an unconfigured firewall, router, etc.). Click "Connect" to begin the chat. To test the application on one machine, open two instances of the chat application, leave the IP set to "localhost" on both. Set one instance to run as server, and the other as client, then click connect. You can edit the chat text directly in the display area, and you can save the text to a local file. } ] return lab1: h3 "IP Address:" IP: field "localhost" 102 lab2: h3 "Port:" portspec: field "9083" 50 mode: rotary 120 "Client Mode" "Server Mode" [ either value = "Client Mode" [ show lab1 show IP ][ hide lab1 hide IP ] ] cnnct: button red "Connect" [ hide cnnct either mode/text = "Client Mode" [ if error? try [ port: open/direct/lines/no-wait to-url rejoin [ "tcp://" IP/text ":" portspec/text] ][alert "Server is not responding." return] ][ if error? try [ listen: open/direct/lines/no-wait to-url rejoin [ "tcp://:" portspec/text] wait listen port: first listen ][alert "Server is already running." return] ] focus entry connected: true forever [ wait port foreach msg any [copy port []] [ display/text: rejoin [ ">>> "msg newline display/text] ] show display ] ] return display: area "" 537x500 return entry: field 428 ; the numbers are pixel sizes button "Send Text" [ if connected [ insert port entry/text focus entry display/text: rejoin [ "<<< " entry/text newline display/text] show display ] ] ] show gui do-events
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage