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REBOL [ Title: "A Variation on Conway's Game of Life " Author: "Ayrris Aunario" Email: %aaunario--yahoo--com Purpose: { A GUI implementation of a modified version of the popular cellular automaton system. The rules: 1) Each cell (square) on the grid is either alive (blue) or dead (white) 2) For every iteration, each cell's next state depends on current state and # of live neighbors a) if cell is alive, it stays alive <=> 2 or 3 neighbors are alive b) if cell is dead, becomes alive <=> exactly 3 neighbors are alive 3) Each cell's 8 neighbors comprise of adjacent cells unless it is on the edge, then use wrap-around rule Choose initial configuration of live cells (click cells to toggle between states) or "RANDOMIZE", start, and watch patterns emerge } Date: 20-Sep-2005/18:31:07-7:00 Version: 0.0.4 File: %game-of-life-variation.r Library: [ Level: 'intermediate Plugin: [size: 502x650 ] Platform: ['win plugin] Type: [demo fun game] Domain: [math gui vid game] Tested-under: none Support: none License: none See-also: none ] ] game_off?: true gsl: 50 ;specify grid side-length (in cells) csl: 10 ;specify cell side-length (in pixels) game_off?: true affected: copy [] ; used for keeping track of cells whose states might change for each iteration alive: copy [] ; stores live cells grid-pane: copy [] ; list of all cells on the grid ; make prototype cell cell: make face [ id: none size: as-pair (csl) (csl) edge: none offset: none neighbors: copy [] nc: 0 ;count of cell's living neighbors color: none setneighbors: does [ for j -1 1 1 [ for k -1 1 1[ if any [j <> 0 k <> 0] [ posx: to-string (-1 * j + 1 + (offset/x / csl)) posy: to-string (k * -1 + 1 + (offset/y / csl)) if (to-integer posx) > gsl [posx: to-string 1] if (to-integer posy) > gsl [posy: to-string 1] if posx = "0" [posx: to-string gsl] if posy = "0" [posy: to-string gsl] append neighbors to-word rejoin ["cell" posx "x" posy] ] ] ] ] ncreset: does [nc: 0] nc++: does [nc: nc + 1] ;if cell is alive, tell each of its neighbors sendstate: does [ append affected id foreach n neighbors [ do in (get n) 'nc++ append affected n ] ] ;sets cell's state for next iteration based on number of neighbors setns: does [ either show? [ either any [nc > 3 nc < 2][ show?: false ][ append alive id ] ][ if nc = 3 [ show?: true append alive id ] ] ncreset ] feel: make feel [ engage: func [face action event] [ if action = 'down [ either face/color [ face/color: none remove find alive face/id ][ append alive face/id face/color: blue ] show face ] ] ] ] ; function called to run 1 each iteration run_step: does [ foreach a unique alive [ do in (get a) 'sendstate ] clear alive foreach af unique affected [ do in (get af) 'setns ] clear affected ] auto_steps: does [ start_steps forever [ if game_off? [break] run_step show cells wait 0.01 ] ] stop_steps: does [ game_off?: true foreach g grid-pane [g/show?: true g/color: none] foreach a alive [set in (get a) 'color blue] ] start_steps: does [ foreach g grid-pane [ g/show?: false g/color: blue] foreach a alive [set in (get a) 'show? true] auto-init?: true ] ;create the panel containing the grid of cells cells: make face [ size: as-pair (gsl * csl) (gsl * csl) offset: 0x0 edge: none color: white gll: as-pair csl csl effect: [grid gll gll] pane: grid-pane ] window: make face [ size: 502x650 offset: 100x50 edge: make edge [ color: 0.0.0 size: 1x1 ] color: none pane: [cells input-panel] ] ;function that initializes each cell in the grid make-grid: func [g c /local p][ ;show progress of cell initializatin view/new p: layout [ h5 "Initializing Grid:" progress snow 300x10 ] for x 1 g 1 [ for y 1 g 1 [ set in last p/pane 'data ((g * (x - 1) + y) / ( g ** 2)) show p append grid-pane set (to-word rejoin ["cell" to-string x "x" to-string y]) make cell[ offset: as-pair (x - 1 * c) (y - 1 * c) id: to-word rejoin ["cell" to-string x "x" to-string y] setneighbors ] ] ] unview p ] ;function for picking random initial configuration of live cells randinit: has [randcellind numcellspicked p][ numcellspicked: random (gsl * gsl) view/new p: layout [ h5 "Picking cells:" progress snow 300x10 ] for i 1 (numcellspicked) 1 [ randcellind: random (gsl * gsl) set in last p/pane 'data (i / numcellspicked) show p a: pick grid-pane (randcellind) a/color: blue append alive a/id ] unview p ] ;function for clearing grid clear-grid: does [ gameoff?: true auto-init?: false clear alive clear affected clear grid-pane make-grid gsl csl ] ;panel containing various control buttons input-panel: make face [ size: 500x150 offset: 0x500 edge: make edge [ color: black size: 1x1 ] pane: reduce layout[ toggle "START" "STOP" [either game_off?: not value [stop_steps] [auto_steps]] return button "RUN 1 STEP" [if not game_off?[break] start_steps run_step stop_steps show cells] return button "CLEAR" [if not game_off? [break] clear-grid show cells] return button "RANDOMIZE" [if not game_off? [break] if not tail? alive [clear-grid] randinit show cells] ] ] make-grid gsl csl view window
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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