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Rebol [ title: "Image Effector" date: 29-june-2008 file: %image-effector.r purpose: { A simple GUI demo application. Taken from the tutorial at } ] effect-types: ["Invert" "Grayscale" "Emboss" "Blur" "Sharpen" "Flip 1x1" "Rotate 90" "Tint 83" "Contrast 66" "Luma 150" "None"] image-url: to-url request-text/title/default {Enter the url of an image to use:} trim {} gui: [ across space -1 at 20x2 choice 160 tan trim { Save Image} "View Saved Image" "Download New Image" trim {-------------} "Exit" [ if value = "Save Image" [ filename: to-file request-file/title/file/save trim {Save file as:} "Save" %/c/effectedimage.png save/png filename to-image picture ] if value = "View Saved Image" [ view-filename: to-file request-file/title/file trim {View file:} "Save" filename view/new center-face layout [image load view-filename] ] if value = "Download New Image" [ new-image: load to-url request-text/title/default trim {Enter a new image url} trim {} picture/image: new-image show picture ; update the GUI display ] if value = "-------------" [] ; don't do anything if value = "Exit" [quit] ] choice tan "Info" "About" [alert "Image Effector - Copyright 2005, Nick Antonaccio"] below space 5 pad 2 box 550x1 white pad 10 vh1 "Double click each effect in the list on the right:" return across picture: image load image-url text-list data effect-types [ current-effect: to-string value picture/effect: to-block form current-effect show picture ] ] view/options center-face layout gui [no-title]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage