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REBOL [ Title: "REBOL/Layout" Date: 31-Aug-2001 Version: 0.1.8 File: %layout-1.8.r Author: "Carl Sassenrath, Ammon Johnson" Purpose: {Visual Layout Editor, now accepts more than 6 layouts} Email: %carl--rebol--com Copyright: "REBOL Technologies 2000 - All rights reserved." library: [ level: 'advanced platform: none type: none domain: [GUI] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] instructions: { - Click on NEW. Provide a project name. Click Ok. - Provide a page name. New page appears on screen. - Open the Styles menu on the left. - Click backdrops to pick an image from local directory. Limit: 12 - Click on other styles as needed: text, images, gadgets (more to come) - Drag or resize faces as needed. - Set other facet attributes. - Arrow keys can be used to nudge. - Check Prefs for other features like grid-snap. - To edit face text: pick an item, type chars, or press Text (ctrl-T) - Save file OFTEN! Still some bugs. To delete to items, select them, then press delete key. } ;--- Globals: prefs-file: %layout-prefs.r base-color: 210.190.170 menu-bar-color: 80.0.0 menu-arrow-color: 80.0.0 menu-button-color: 30.50.110 this-face: none nub-size: 6x6 nub-color: 250.120.40 dup-space: 0x10 grid-snap: 5x5 nudge-size: 1x1 stickyness: 5x5 face-hold: none layout-window: none text-mode: off auto-expand: on icon-size: 96x96 exclude-styles: [window backdrop backtile] face-file: %untitled.r this-script: none dirty: false page-name: none if exists? prefs-file [do prefs-file] nub-size2: 2 * nub-size as-x: func [pair] [pair * 1x0] as-y: func [pair] [pair * 0x1] t: get-style 'toggle fix-slider: func [faces [object! block!]] [ foreach list to-block faces [ list/sld/redrag list/lc / max 1 length? head list/lines ] ] main-styles: stylize [ sbt: txt 120x24 bold middle black base-color font [colors: [0.0.0 80.80.200]] ; !!! prevents odd bar from appearing in stlyes! lab: sbt 80x24 right fld: field 120x24 nfld: fld with [color: 240.240.240 feel: none] cat: txt 200x20 bold white menu-bar-color btn: button 50 menu-button-color tgl: toggle 24x24 menu-button-color 240.128.24 awu: tgl effect [fit arrow 240.240.240] awr: tgl effect [fit arrow 240.240.240 rotate 90] awd: tgl effect [fit arrow 240.240.240 rotate 180] awl: tgl effect [fit arrow 240.240.240 rotate 270] rty: rotary 120x24 menu-button-color sens: txt 120x24 black 240.240.240 edge [size: 2x2 effect: 'ibevel color: 110.120.130] xx: check cls: box 120x24 white font [size: 12 style: none align: 'left shadow: none color: black] ibevel ; cls: txt 240.240.240 ibevel ;!!! bug: ibevel does not work, because no edge! ; cls: box 120x24 white ibevel font [size: 12 shadow: none color: black] ; bug!!! does not pick up font change! ; !!!need PLAIN style ] ;--- Main Menuing System: clone-facet: func [facet /local fac][ fac: this-face if not block? fac/flags [fac/flags: copy []] if not find fac/flags facet [ ;print 'cloned set in fac facet make any [fac/:facet face/:facet] [] append fac/flags facet ] fac/:facet ] if-try: func [conv fix good] [if error? try conv fix do good] set-in: func [facet var val /local f][ f: this-face if all [var var <> 'none] [ f: clone-facet facet facet: var ] this-face/line-list: none set in f facet val update-face ] set-pair: func [fld 'facet 'var][ if-try [fld: to-pair load fld/text][fld: 1x1][set-in facet var fld] ] put-pair: func [fld 'facet][ if-try [fld: to-pair load fld/text][fld: 1x1][set facet fld] ] set-int: func [fld 'facet 'var][ if-try [fld: to-integer load fld/text][fld: 10][set-in facet var fld] ] blockify: func [obj fld /local tmp][ if not block? tmp: get in obj fld [ tmp: either tmp [reduce [tmp]][copy []] set in obj fld tmp ] ] set-font-var: func ['var val] [ clone-facet 'font set in this-face/font var val this-face/line-list: none update-face ] set-font-style: func [fld 'word /local tmp][ if none? this-face [exit] clone-facet 'font tmp: this-face/font/style blockify this-face/font 'style either fld/data [if not find tmp word [append tmp word]][ if tmp: find tmp word [remove tmp]] this-face/line-list: none update-face ] set-color: func [face facet /local clr tmp][ if not this-face [exit] clr: face/color if facet [ clone-facet facet clr: this-face/:facet/color ] clr: request-color/color/offset any [clr black] menu-window/offset + 50x100 face/text: face/color: clr show face either facet [set in this-face/:facet 'color clr][this-face/color: clr] update-face ] set-var: func [facet] [ if this-face [ if not empty? facet/text [this-face/var: to-word facet/text] ] ] set-image: func [facet /local f] [ show-images change ] set-effect: func [fld] [ if not error? try [fld: load fld/text][this-face/effect: fld] update-face ] try-page: [ either error? try [ nb-var: to-word trim np-name/text ][ np-err/text: copy "Not a valid page name. Try again." show np-err ][ hide-popup ] ] np-lay: layout [ h2 "New Page Name:" np-name: field try-page button "Ok" try-page np-err: txt 200 red bold ] new-page: func [/local name lo] [ clear np-name/text inform np-lay unfocus append layouts name: copy either empty? np-name/text ["A-Page"][np-name/text] repend this-script [to-set-word name 'layout] append/only layouts tail this-script append/only this-script lo: compose [size 640x480 vh1 (name)] append layout-names name fix-slider pl show pl load-layout back tail this-script ] del-page: func [name /local here h] [ if here: find layouts name [ ; h: next next here ; forall h [if block? first h [change h skip first h -3]] remove/part next second here -3 remove/part here 2 remove any [find layout-names name ""] show pl ] ] menus: [ "Prefs" [ lab "Grid Snap" p-snap: fld form grid-snap [put-pair p-snap grid-snap] return lab "Dup Space" p-dups: fld form dup-space [put-pair p-dups dup-space] return lab "Stickyness" p-stick: fld form stickyness [put-pair p-stick stickyness] return lab "Nudge Size" p-nudge: fld form nudge-size [put-pair p-nudge nudge-size] return lab "Auto-expand" p-expand: tgl 120 "Enable" "Disable" [auto-expand: not p-expand/data] return lab "Preferences" btn 120 "Save Now" [save-prefs] ] "Pages" [ btn "New Page" 100 [new-page] btn "Delete Page" 100 [close-layout del-page page-name] return pl: text-list 200x100 data layout-names [load-layout select layouts page-name: value] ] "Styles" [ sbt "Backdrops" [show-images backdrop] return sbt "Text" [view-style style-text] return sbt "Images" [show-images image] return sbt "Gadgets" [view-style style-buttons] return ; sbt "Custom" [] return ] "Face" [ lab "Style" f-style: nfld return lab "Offset" f-offs: fld [set-pair f-offs offset none] return lab "Size" f-size: fld [set-pair f-size size none] return lab "Name" f-var: fld [set-var f-var] return lab "Color" f-color: cls [set-color f-color none] return lab "Image" f-image: sens [set-image f-image] return ;!!! should pop file requestor lab "Effect" f-effect: fld [set-effect f-effect] return lab "Action" f-action: fld [] return lab "New Style" f-newstyle: fld return ] "Font" [ lab "Type" ff-name: rty "Sans-Serif" "Serif" "Fixed Space" [clone-facet 'font this-face/font/name: pick reduce [font-sans-serif font-serif font-fixed] index? ff-name/data update-face] return lab "Style" ff-bold: tgl "B" [set-font-style ff-bold bold ] ff-italic: tgl "I" italic [set-font-style ff-italic italic] ff-under: tgl "U" underline [set-font-style ff-under underline] return lab "Align" ff-left: awl of 'algn [set-font-var align 'left] ff-center: tgl of 'algn [set-font-var align 'center] ff-right: awr of 'algn [set-font-var align 'right] return lab "Vert Align" ff-top: awu of 'valgn [set-font-var valign 'top] ff-middle: tgl of 'valgn [set-font-var valign 'middle] ff-bottom: awd of 'valgn [set-font-var valign 'bottom] return lab "Size" ff-size: fld [set-int ff-size font size] return lab "Color" ff-color: cls [set-color ff-color 'font] return lab "Shadow" ff-shadow: fld [set-pair ff-shadow font shadow] return lab "Space" ff-space: fld [set-pair ff-space font space] return ] "Paragraph" [ lab "Origin" fp-origin: fld [set-pair fp-origin para origin] return lab "Margin" fp-margin: fld [set-pair fp-margin para margin] return lab "Indent" fp-indent: fld [set-pair fp-indent para indent] return lab "Scroll" fp-scroll: fld [set-pair fp-scroll para scroll] return lab "Tabs" fp-tabs: fld [set-int fp-tabs para tabs] return lab "Wrap" pad 0x4 fp-wrap: check [clone-facet 'para this-face/para/wrap?: fp-wrap/data update-face] return ] "Edge" [ lab "Size" fe-size: fld [set-pair fe-size edge size] return lab "Color" fe-color: cls [set-color fe-color 'edge] return lab "Image" fe-image: fld return lab "Effect" fe-effect: rty "none" "bevel" "ibevel" "bezel" "ibezel" [clone-facet 'edge this-face/edge/effect: load first fe-effect/data update-face] return ] ] show-face-info: func [face /local f][ f: face f-offs/text: f/offset f-size/text: f/size f-style/text: f/style f-color/text: f-color/color: f/color f-var/text: f/var f-image/text: f/file f-effect/text: mold f/effect ; f-action/text: mold f/action if f: face/font [ blockify f 'style ;!!! bug? : should be /data not /state? ff-bold/state: found? find f/style 'bold ff-italic/state: found? find f/style 'italic ff-under/state: found? find f/style 'underline ff-name/data: at head ff-name/data index? find reduce [font-sans-serif font-serif font-fixed] f/name ff-size/text: f/size ff-color/text: ff-color/color: f/color ff-shadow/text: f/shadow ff-space/text: f/space ] if f: face/para [ fp-origin/text: f/origin fp-margin/text: f/margin fp-indent/text: f/indent fp-scroll/text: f/scroll fp-tabs/text: f/tabs fp-wrap/data: f/wrap? ] if f: face/edge [ fe-size/text: f/size fe-color/text: fe-color/color: f/color fe-image/text: f/image fe-effect/data: find head fe-effect/data form f/effect ] if auto-expand [open-menus face] ] op-menu: func [face state][ either state [ if 4 >= length? face/pane/effect [ append face/pane/effect [rotate 90] face/data/size: face/data/data ] ][ if 4 < length? face/pane/effect [ remove/part tail face/pane/effect -2 face/data/size/y: 0 ] ] ] make-facet-bar: func [name /local out bx tx] [ ; Creates a facet banner bar with arrow that opens and closes ; the facet detail panel. Layout just makes the basic faces. out: layout [ origin 0 styles main-styles at 3x3 bx: box menu-arrow-color 14x14 at 0x0 tx: cat para [origin: 18x2] [] ] bx/effect: copy [arrow 255.255.255 rotate 90] tx/pane: bx tx/size: 200x20 tx/action: bx/action: bind/copy [op-menu self 4 >= length? self/pane/effect size-menu] in tx 'self ;> tx/text: name tx ] size-menu: function [][y face pane][ ; Resizes the menu according to current panels open. pane: menu-window/pane until [ face: first pane y: second face/offset + face/size pane: next pane pane/1/style = 'cat ] y: y + 2 foreach f pane [ f/offset/y: y y: y + f/size/y + 1 ] menu-window/size/y: y show menu-window ] make-menus: function [][a b][ ; For each menu above, create the necessary faces. forskip menus 2 [ set [a b] menus insert b [styles main-styles origin 0x0 space 0 across] b: layout/offset b 0x0 b/data: b/size b/size/y: 0 b/color: base-color a: make-facet-bar a a/data: b change skip menus 1 a repend menu-window/pane [a b] ] menus: head menus size-menu ] open-menu: func [name state] [ if name: select menus name [op-menu name state size-menu] ] open-menus: func [face][ foreach [c n] [font "font" edge "edge"][ op-menu select menus n not none? get in face c ] op-menu select menus "Face" on size-menu ] at-bottom: func [wind x][ wind/offset: x * 1x0 + as-y system/view/screen-face/size - wind/size - 30 ] ;--- Predefined Styles: style-text: layout [ across panel 150x250 white [ origin 8x8 space 4x4 title "Title" h1 "Heading 1" h2 "Heading 2" h3 "Heading 3" h4 "Heading 4" h5 "Heading 5" txt "Document Text" tt "Teletype Text" code "Code Text" ] panel 220x250 0.0.100 [ origin 8x8 space 4x4 banner "Banner" vh1 "Video Heading 1" vh2 "Video Heading 2" vh3 "Video Heading 3" text "Normal Text" label "Label" ] ] at-bottom style-text 400 style-buttons: layout [ ; more needed! across button "Button" return toggle "Toggle" return rotary "Rotary" return choice "Choice" return arrow left arrow right arrow up arrow down return check radio led return below at 140x20 guide field "Field" area 200x100 "Area" slider 200x16 progress .3 200x16 with [data: .3] ; !!!bug: should be directly set return slider 16x160 return progress 16x160 with [data: .3] return box 50x50 leaf box 50x50 effect [gradient 200.0.0 0.0.200] box 50x50 effect [gradient 0x1 200.0.0 0.0.200] return box 50x50 40.128.243 frame box 50x50 40.128.243 bevel box 50x50 40.128.243 ibevel ;scroller ;panel ;list ;list-text ;edit-text ] at-bottom style-buttons 400 view-style: func [out] [ ; Display the style sheet on the screen. Remember location. if find system/view/screen-face/pane out [exit] if out/color <> base-color [out/color: base-color] view/new out ] paste-face: func [face /head][ if none? layout-window [exit] do pick [insert append] head = true layout-window/pane face face/feel: make face/feel [engage: :engage'] center-face/with face layout-window show layout-window ] engage-style: func [face act event][ ; Puts a style from a style sheet into the edit window. if act = 'down [paste-face make-face/clone face] ] set-style-feel: func [face][ foreach f face/pane [ either f/style = 'panel [set-style-feel f][ f/feel: make f/feel [engage: :engage-style] ] ] ] foreach s [style-text style-buttons] [set-style-feel get s] ;--- Temporary Image Selector: image-file-types: [%.bmp %.jpg %.jpeg %.gif] image-file?: func [file] [find image-file-types find/last file "."] image-layout: [] load-images: func [path [file!] /local files cnt] [ files: load path while [not tail? files][either image-file? first files [files: next files][remove files]] clear at files: head files 12 ; don't go overboard in loading view/new lo: layout [text bold "Loading Image Icons" pli: progress] cnt: 1 foreach fil files [ if not error? try [ repend image-layout ['icon icon-size path/:fil to-image make face [ size: icon-size color: 40.40.80 image: load path/:fil effect: [aspect] ] ] ][ pli/data: cnt / length? files show pli cnt: cnt + 1 ] ] unview/only lo ] order-images: function [][xy][ xy: 10x10 foreach icon image-window/pane [ if (first xy + icon/size) > image-window/size/x [xy: xy * 0x1 + 10x0 + (icon/size + 0x10 * 0x1)] icon/offset: xy xy: icon/size * 1x0 + xy + 14x0 ] ] engage-image: func [face act event][ ; Puts a style from a style sheet into the edit window. if act = 'down [ switch i-mode [ backdrop [ act: layout-window/pane forall act [if find exclude-styles get in first act 'style [remove act break]] act: layout [backdrop to-file face/text] act: act/pane/1 act/size: layout-window/size paste-face/head act ] image [ act: layout [image to-file face/text] paste-face act/pane/1 ] change [ f-image/text: this-face/file: to-file face/text this-face/image: load this-face/file show [this-face f-image] ] ] ] ] image-window: none show-images: func ['mode-word] [ i-mode: mode-word either image-window [view/new/options image-window [resize]][ load-images %. image-window: layout image-layout image-window/size: 110x110 * 4x3 order-images foreach image image-window/pane [ image/feel/engage: :engage-image ] image-window/color: 40.40.40 old-ilay-size: 0x0 image-window/feel: make image-window/feel [ detect: func [face event] [ if all [event/type = 'resize face/size <> old-ilay-size] [ old-ilay-size: face/size order-images show image-window ] event ] ] at-bottom image-window 200 view/new/options image-window [resize] ] ] ;--- Face Editing: show-props: func [face xy] [ hide-nubs ;!!! prevents a strange bug in engage choose/window/offset ["To Top" "To Bottom" "Up 1" "Down 1"] func [f p][ push-face face select ["To Top" top "To Bottom" bottom "Up 1" up "Down 1" down] f/text ] layout-window xy - 50x0 ] nub-face: make get-style 'face [ edge: make edge [color: nub-color effect: 'nubs size: nub-size] color: font: para: text: none start: 0x0 ; starting point - where the down happened code: [] ; code to do based on where the down happened xy: none ; current offset stuck: on feel: make feel [ engage: func [face act event][ ; face is set to NONE when the event started out on real face if any [none? this-face find exclude-styles this-face/style][exit] xy: event/offset if act = 'alt-down [show-props this-face xy + either face [face/offset][this-face/offset] exit] ;print [xy event/type act] if not face [xy: xy + nub-size] ; started out on real face if find [over away] act [ if all [ stuck stickyness/x > abs xy/x - start/x stickyness/y > abs xy/y - start/y ][exit] stuck: off do code size: max size nub-size * 2 + 1x1 ; allow only to get this small f-offs/text: this-face/offset: offset + nub-size f-size/text: this-face/size: size - nub-size2 this-face/line-list: none show [this-face nub-face] show [f-offs f-size] ;!!! this does not work in above line! ] if act = 'down [ ;-- Show nubs and setup for an over or away event: clear code ; remove previous code start: xy ; starting point stuck: on ;-- Compose code to handle resizing drag on corners: foreach [cond op] [ [start/x < edge/size/x] [offset/x: offset/x + xy/x size/x: size/x - xy/x] [start/y < edge/size/y] [offset/y: offset/y + xy/y size/y: size/y - xy/y] [size/x - edge/size/x < start/x] [size/x: xy/x] [size/y - edge/size/y < start/y] [size/y: xy/y] ;> ][if do cond [append code op]] ;-- If none, then must be a face drag condition: if empty? code [insert code [offset: offset + nub-size + xy - start / grid-snap * grid-snap - nub-size]] ; If the face has text, prepare for editing. if string? this-face/text [ system/view/focal-face: this-face system/view/caret: tail this-face/text show this-face ] ] ] ] ] place-nubs: func [face][ nub-face/offset: face/offset - nub-size nub-face/size: face/size + nub-size2 ] show-nubs: func [face] [ ; set face values, update the pane, show the nubs dirty: true place-nubs face show-face-info this-face: face if not find layout-window/pane nub-face [ append layout-window/pane nub-face ] show layout-window ; show [f-offs f-size f-style f-color] ; f-fvar f-acts] set-text-mode off ] hide-nubs: does [ if this-face [ hide-edit remove any [find layout-window/pane nub-face ""] show layout-window this-face: none ] ] update-nubs: does [ if not find exclude-styles this-face/style [ hold: this-face hide-nubs show-nubs hold ] ] update-face: does [update-nubs show this-face] hide-edit: func [/local temp] [ if temp: system/view/focal-face [ system/view/focal-face: none system/view/caret: none show temp ] ] nudge: func [key] [ if this-face [ key: nudge-size * switch key [ up 0x-1 down 0x1 left -1x0 right 1x0 ] this-face/offset: this-face/offset + key nub-face/offset: nub-face/offset + key ] ] push-face: func [face dir] [ switch dir [ up [insert next remove find layout-window/pane face face] down [insert back remove find layout-window/pane face face] top [append remove find layout-window/pane face face] bottom [insert next head remove find layout-window/pane face face] ] ] engage': func [face act evt][ ; The engage function used by all faces if act = 'down [ hide-edit if find exclude-styles face/style [ ; don't select background hide-nubs show-face-info this-face: face exit ] show-nubs face ] if act = 'alt-down [show-props face face/offset + evt/offset] if this-face [nub-face/feel/engage none act evt] ] ;--- Top level event handler: edit-text: get in ctx-text 'edit-text detect-key: func [face event /local tmp] [ either text-mode [ edit-text this-face event none ][ switch/default event/key [ #"^D" [ if this-face [ new: make-face/clone this-face new/offset: new/offset + (as-y new/size) + dup-space append layout-window/pane new hide-nubs show-nubs new ] ] #"^(del)" [ if this-face [ temp: this-face hide-nubs remove find layout-window/pane temp ] ] #"^C" [ if this-face [face-hold: this-face] ] #"^X" [ if this-face [ face-hold: this-face hide-nubs remove find layout-window/pane face-hold ] ] #"^V" [ if face-hold [ hide-nubs append layout-window/pane face-hold: make face-hold [ offset: layout-window/size - size / 2 ] show-nubs face-hold ] ] #"^T" [ set-text-mode not text-mode ] ][ if find [up down left right] event/key [nudge event/key] all [ char? event/key system/view/focal-face set-text-mode on edit-text this-face event none ] ] show layout-window ] return none ] ;--- Layouts: old-size: none layouts: [] layout-names: [none] ; need to fix text-list resize-window: func [size] [ layout-window/size: size foreach face layout-window/pane [ if find exclude-styles face/style [face/size: size show face] ] ] nudge-all: func [n] [ foreach face layout-window/pane [ if not find exclude-styles face/style [face/offset: face/offset + 0x4] ] show layout-window ] find-layouts: func [script [block!] /local val cnt] [ ;Finds all the layouts in a file. Puts them in a block. ;Saves optional layout name if a set-word appears before it. layouts: copy [] ; name | num + block position cnt: 1 forall script [ val: first script if any [:val = 'layout all [path? :val 'layout = first :val]] [ repend layouts [ form either set-word? first back script [first back script][cnt] script: next script ] cnt: cnt + 1 ] ] clear layout-names foreach [n a] layouts [append layout-names n] fix-slider pl show pl ] close-layout: does [ hide-nubs if layout-window [unview/only layout-window] ] load-layout: func [blk [block!]] [ close-layout either object? first blk [layout-window: first blk][ change blk layout-window: layout first blk foreach f layout-window/pane [ f/feel: make f/feel [engage: :engage'] if f/font [f/font: make f/font []] if f/para [f/para: make f/para []] if f/edge [f/edge: make f/edge []] ; !!! (can now remove clone-facet above) ] ] view/new/offset/title/options layout-window menu-window/offset + (menu-window/size + 10 * 1x0) "Edit Window" [resize] layout-window/style: 'window ;;; move detect feel here? layout-window/feel: make layout-window/feel [ engage: :engage' detect: func [f e] [ if all [e/type = 'resize f/size <> old-size] [ hide-nubs old-size: f/size resize-window f/size show-face-info layout-window ] if e/type = 'key [ detect-key f e ] e ] ] ] load-file: func [file] [ face-file: file w-file/text: file show w-file if not error? try [file: load/all file] [ this-script: file find-layouts file if not empty? layouts [load-layout second layouts] ] ] mold-layouts: function [] [out emit here] [ clear out: "" emit: func [val] [ val: mold val remove val ;!!! add to mold/only remove back tail val repend out [val " "] ] emit copy/part this-script 2 append out newline here: skip this-script 2 foreach [var lo] layouts [ if object? first :lo [ emit copy/part here lo append out out-lay first :lo append out newline here: next lo ] ] emit here append out newline if not find this-script 'view [ emit reduce ['view to-word first layouts] ] append out newline out ] save-layout: function [] [file] [ if not dirty [return true] if none? file: req-file "Save file as:" "Save" [return none] if exists? file [ if not request rejoin ["Do you want to overwrite " file "?"][return none] ] write file mold-layouts script-file: file dirty: false true ] text-window: [ size 640x480 origin 0 space 0 across tw1: area 624x480 font [name: font-fixed] para [tabs: 28 origin: 4x4] with [color: 240.240.240 feel: make feel [redraw: none]] sw1: slider 16x480 [scroll-para tw1 sw1] ] view-layout: function [] [size] [ if block? text-window [text-window: layout/offset text-window 0x0] tw1/para/scroll: 0x0 sw1/data: 0 tw1/text: tw1/data: mold-layouts size: size-text tw1 sw1/redrag 320 / size/y unview/only text-window view/new/offset text-window layout-window/offset + 20x20 ] eq?: func [a b /local vars] [ if not all [object? a object? b] [return a = b] if not-equal? next first b next first a [return false] foreach word next first a [if a/:word <> b/:word [return false]] true ] flag?: func [face 'flag] [all [face/flags find face/flags flag]] out-lay: function [facel] [emit style val ss output out-font s] [ hide-nubs output: make string! 2000 emit: func [val] [repend output val] out-font: func [val ss /local full][ foreach [word intro] [style "" align "" valign "" size "font-size "][ if val/:word <> ss/:word [emit [" " intro val/:word]] ] foreach word [name offset space shadow][ if val/:word <> ss/:word [ if not full [emit " font [" full: true] emit [word ": " mold val/:word " "] ] ] if full [remove/part tail output -1 emit "]"] ] ; emit [{REBOL [Title: "} w-file/text {" Date: } now {]^/^/}] ; emit "view layout [^/^/" emit "[^/^/" emit [tab "size " facel/size newline newline] emit-face: func [item at?][ if none? style: any [get-style item/style select facel/styles item/style][break] either at? [ emit [ tab head change at copy "at " 4 item/offset either all [in item 'var item/var] [join " " mold to-set-word item/var] [""] " " item/style ] ][ emit item/style ] either find [rotary choice] item/style [ if block? item/data [ foreach str item/data [emit [" " mold str]] ] ][ if all [item/text not empty? item/text] [emit [" " mold item/text]] ] foreach word [file size color keycode effect] [ val: item/:word ;print [newline "---" style/style] if all [ word = 'color flag? item text any [item/color <> style/color item/font/color <> style/font/color] ][emit [" " item/font/color]] if all [ val <> style/:word not image? val not all [word = 'size item/style = 'backdrop] ][ if find [effect] word [emit [" " word]] ;!!! data can go here emit [" " mold val] ] ] if get in item 'action [ emit [" " mold second get in item 'action] ] if get in item 'para [item/para/scroll: 0x0] foreach word [font para edge] [ val: item/:word ss: style/:word if not eq? val ss [ either word = 'font [out-font val ss][ emit [" " word] either object? val [ emit " [" foreach word next first ss [ if val/:word <> ss/:word [ emit [word ": " either word? val/:word ["'"][#] mold val/:word " "] ] ] remove/part tail output -1 emit "]" ][emit [" " mold val]] ] ] ] emit newline ] ws: copy facel/styles reverse ws foreach [a f] ws [ if not all [s: get-style f s = a] [emit [tab "style " f " "] emit-face a off] ] ; facel/pane: sort/compare facel/pane func [a b] [ ; if a/style = 'backdrop [return true] ; if b/style = 'backdrop [return false] ; either a/offset/y = b/offset/y [a/offset/x < b/offset/x][a/offset/y < b/offset/y] ; ] foreach item facel/pane [ if object? item [emit-face item on] ] emit "^/]" output ] ;-- Preferences save-prefs: function [] [out] [ out: copy {REBOL [Title: "Layout Preferences"]^/^/} foreach word [ face-file nub-size nub-color dup-space grid-snap nudge-size stickyness auto-expand base-color menu-bar-color menu-arrow-color menu-button-color ][ repend out [word ": " mold get word newline] ] write prefs-file out ] ;--- Menu Window: set-text-mode: func [s] [ if text-mode = s [exit] text-mode: s tmb/state: s show tmb true ] req-file: func [ttl act] [ act: request-file/title/keep ttl act if all [act act: act/1] [return act] ] load-file-blk: [load-file to-file mwf/text hide-popup] menu-window: layout [ size 200x600 origin 0 space 0x0 styles main-styles h3 bold center 200 reform [system/script/header/title system/script/header/version] across btn "Load" 50 [load-file req-file "Load a layout file:" "Load"] btn "Save" 50 [save-layout] btn "New" 50 [if save-layout [new-project]] btn "Quit" 50 [ if save-layout [quit] if request/confirm "Do you want to quit without saving?" [quit] ] return pad 0x2 w-file: field center to-string face-file 200 [load-file to-file w-file/text] return pad 0x2 btn "Code" 50 [view-layout] btn "Run" 50 [save-layout unview/all do script-file quit] btn "Help" 50 [show-help] tmb: tgl "Text" 50 [set-text-mode tmb/data] return ] menu-window/color: base-color show-help: does [ request layout [ backdrop silver h2 "Instructions:" txt bold as-is instructions across button "Bug Report" [send-text/to %carl--rebol--com] button "Cancel" [hide-popup] ] ] ;--- Startup: make-menus p-expand/data: p-expand/state: not auto-expand view/new menu-window insert-event-func [ either all [event/type = 'close event/face = menu-window][quit][event] ] nn-lay: layout [ h2 "New Project Name:" nn-name: field "Example" h4 "Page size:" nn-size: field 100 "640x480" button "Ok" [script-name: copy nn-name/text hide-popup] nn-err: txt 200 red bold ] new-project: does [ script-name: none inform nn-lay unfocus ;!!! fix this if not script-name [exit] clear layouts this-script: compose/deep [REBOL [Title: (script-name) Date: (now)]] clear layout-names dirty: true new-page ] if exists? face-file [load-file face-file] do-events
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage