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1 million rows grid - simplest
1-million-rows-grid1.r591 bytes
11 Mar 2017
Simplest demo of grid data display, using VID's 'list style See for more features
author: nick
1 million rows grid 2
1-million-rows-grid2.r914 bytes
11 Mar 2017
Demo of grid data display, with some features (edit, save, arrow keys scroll), using VID's 'list style See for more features
author: nick
1 million rows grid 3
1-million-rows-grid3.r2.2 KB
11 Mar 2017
Demo of grid data display, with lots of features (save/load, add/remove, undo, multiline edit, sort, search, key scroll, separator lines, etc.) using VID's 'list style. See the minimal examples (grids 1 and 2) to learn the basics about using the VID list widget.
author: nick
Little 3D Game
3d-game.r3.8 KB
2 Jan 2017
Try to click the bouncing REBOLs as many times as possible in 30 seconds. The speed increases with each click! The 3D logic and calculations in this script were taken directly from Gregory Pecheret's ebuc-cube script, at: This script can also be found in the tutorial at [...]
author: nick
3KB News Reader
4.3 KB
13 Mar 2003
Simple CLI news reader.
author: Ryan C. Christiansen
99 Bottles of Beer
99-bottles-of-beer.r834 bytes
7 Dec 2013
Prints the 99 Bottles of Beer song lyrics, with proper grammar. Bottles changed to bottle at the end of the 2 line, and throughout the 1 line. 0 changed to No in the last line.
author: nick
A Reb-Site
70.8 KB
23 Mar 2008
a-reb-site.r was written to: - compare form and function of a reb-site with that of a conventional web-site. ( obliging web-site - perhaps!) & - to provide an example of a reb-site script, & - as an illustration of the compact size of a reb-site relative to the average web-site [...]
author: R.v.d.Zee
ABNF Parser
21.8 KB
11 Mar 2013
Parse ABNF rules as found in IETF RFC documents.
author: Brett Handley
1.0 KB
13 Mar 2003
Cumulates values in a block together, by successively applying the function to each value in Series.
author: Andrew Martin
Anonymous CGI session services
8.1 KB
18 Dec 2006
Provide basic cookie support for CGI scripts
author: Sunanda
pluginable analog alarm clock
3.5 KB
20 Sep 2004
aproximate an analog clock and add alarm
author: Tom Conlin
A.D.A. Logo Viewer
544 bytes
25 Jul 2011
Amiga Demoscene Archive - Logo Viewer
author: Semseddin (Endo) Moldibi
4.4 KB
10 Mar 2005
Convert C data to Rebol - get the memory address and cast* to a given struct or array
author: Romano Paolo Tenca
Advanced R3D demo
6.8 KB
17 Oct 2012
icon for advanced-r3d.rR3D demo
author: Massimiliano Vessi
1.1 KB
22 Sep 2003
Calulates Age in Years, Months & Days.
author: Andrew Martin
REBOL/AI Image linker
15.8 KB
13 Mar 2003
Simple dialect for creating AdobeIllustrator files (ai) with linked images
author: Oldes
a simple alert example
761 bytes
13 Mar 2003
introduces alert to the beginner
author: Viktor Pavlu
Alien Dialect
1.9 KB
13 Mar 2003
It came from outer space
author: Anonymous
Alien Dialect Explanation
1.4 KB
13 Mar 2003
It came from outer space explained.
author: Anonymous
Data formatter
1.1 KB
13 Mar 2003
Create text columns
author: Bohdan Lechnowsky
Altme chat reader/exporter
23.2 KB
19 May 2016
Display or export to html the content of an Altme chat group. Can be used in interractif or command-line mode. For usage, run the script with -? argument : "rebol.exe -s altme-chat-reader.r -?"
author: [unknown]
Always on Top
always-on-top.r1.0 KB
23 Dec 2013
Demonstrates how to use the Windows API to make a Rebol application always stay on top of other windows (so that the Rebol window is always visible in front of any other programs that are opened). Be sure to use the view/new option, then run the 2 Windows API functions, then do-events to show the GUI.
author: nick
Analog Clock
5.6 KB
28 Jan 2013
Colorful clock with analog display
author: Vincent Ecuyer
Script Analyser
5.3 KB
7 Jan 2005
Front-End User Interface for anamonitor to analyse a rebol script.
author: JL MEYRIAL
36.0 KB
26 Sep 2003
To visually examine nested objects/blocks. Examples: monitor monitor system/words monitor svv
author: Romano Paolo Tenca
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