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33 scripts tagged as: [type  ·  faq]

A Button with Shortcut Key
479 bytes
13 Mar 2003
Shows how to easily add a shortcut key to a button.
author: Anonymous
Count References on Web Pages
743 bytes
13 Mar 2003
Count the number of times a string appears on each of a given set of web pages.
author: Anonymous
Append to a Text File
471 bytes
13 Mar 2003
Append to a text file using FTP.
author: Anonymous
Scrolling LIST Example
list-scroll-demo.r2.9 KB
16 Nov 2004
Shows an example of how to use a LIST style face with an associated scroller.
author: Gregg Irwin
575 bytes
20 Jul 2003
Reads all .bmp files in a directory and saves them out as .png files.
author: Bohdan Lechnowsky
VID demo
588 bytes
20 Jul 2003
A red box with bye written on it disappears into the distance.
author: Anton
Chess board
551 bytes
13 Aug 2004
Displays an empty chess board
author: Sunanda
Clear-me game
811 bytes
20 Jul 2003
A one-line game. A line of twenty boxes appear, each with a cross on, the object being to remove all the crosses. Clicking on a box will toggle it and one other off and on. Sometimes the line is easy to clear, and sometimes not. And no, I don't know if sometimes it's impossible...
author: Carl Read
Console history
570 bytes
20 Jul 2003
Allow you to use the history just by index.
author: Fabrice Vado
Upload all files in a directory with FTP
653 bytes
20 Jul 2003
Uploads all the files in a directory using FTP. Files can be text, images, web pages, anything... but not directories.
author: RT
Upload a file with FTP
637 bytes
20 Jul 2003
Uploads a file using FTP (file transfer protocol). Username and password are provided in the line (so be warned). Any file can be uploaded, text, images, webpages, etc.
author: RT
Print console history
502 bytes
20 Jul 2003
Print the console history.
author: Romano Paolo Tenca
Image viewer
622 bytes
20 Jul 2003
Displays a picture in a window. Click on it to select another one.
author: Vincent Ecuyer
Test if leap year
681 bytes
20 Jul 2003
'Leapyear? returns 'true for date values that are leapyears. For example: >> leapyear? 1/1/2001 == none >> leapyear? 1/1/2000 == true
author: Andrew Martin
Write a log file
741 bytes
20 Jul 2003
Logs Rebol values to a file named %Log.txt. I use 'Log to help debug CGI scripts. Use 'Log like: Log/clear now ; Start a new log file. ; What's the CGI query string contents? Log Rebol/options/cgi/query-string
author: Andrew Martin
Monty Hall Challenge
694 bytes
13 Aug 2004
Simulates swapping doors after Monty shows a goat. Result is percentage wins after 100 runs. (MHC: a well-known and often debated probability puzzle involving three doors, two goats, and a car).
author: Sunanda (with tweaks from Romano T, Ryan C, Carl R, and Reichart)
Morse code
660 bytes
13 Nov 2003
Encodes a sentence into morse code. This version is a bit suboptimal so that the html generator won't destroy it.
author: Johan Roennblom
Improved probe
546 bytes
20 Jul 2003
Requires last beta versions. A more usable probe. Try: view newprobe layout [button probe ]
author: Romano Paolo Tenca
Fractional length
610 bytes
27 Sep 2003
nfrac 33 => 0 ; nfrac 456 => 0 ; nfrac 0.2104 => 4 ; nfrac 1256.63 => 2 ; nfrac 1.0 => 0
author: collective contribution on
Paint drops
583 bytes
20 Jul 2003
A surface is filled with colored drops.
author: Vincent Ecuyer
Calculate Pi
654 bytes
20 Jul 2003
Approximate PI with John Wallis formula. Precision limited to 15 digits due to REBOL. Just press ESC when fed up ;-) Formula from http://
author: Jean-Nicolas Merville
Prime factors
556 bytes
23 Jun 2008
[no purpose header found]
author: Sunanda
web page links
580 bytes
20 Jul 2003
Load a web page, parse it to extract and print all links found
author: Christophe Coussement
Print HTML source
489 bytes
27 Sep 2003
Prints to the console the HTML source for a web page.
author: RT
Quine -- a program that displays it's own source
636 bytes
8 Mar 2009
Creates a self modifying window. (includes the REBOL Header.)
author: Ammon Johnson
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