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First time here?

Getting Started

Please keep your hands and arms inside the tram at all times. The area to your left is the Navigation Bar; that's where you'll click to see different groups of items or information about REBOL and this application. You are reading this text in the main Document Area, which is also where you'll see lists of results as you click on various filters or run searches. Text that you can click on to trigger an action will change color when your mouse moves over it, so you can tell what's active and what's not.

Being Careful

There is lots of code here and, while we do our best, it's always possible that someone could slip something malicious in here. REBOL plays nicely in a sandbox by default, but if you give it permission, it can do anything you want - including what someone else wants that you don't. If you do happen to find a bit of code, or an entry, that you think is questionable or suspicious, PLEASE bring it to our attention! We don't anticipate any problems, but better safe than sorry.

Major Groupings

New and Updated

This is where you'll find things that have been added to the library, or updated, most recently - probably within the past month or two.


These are things you can click on, and they do something visible, or helpful, or both.


If something is oriented more toward answering a question, or explaining a concept, this is where you'll probably find it.


The real deal. Why you're probably here. We'll be tweaking the filter rules and categories, so don't be shy about telling us how the filtering choices work for you. There's all kinds of stuff here, from little example tidbits, to functions, modules, even full blown dialects and protocols that you can use.

See the Terms screen for notes about some of the minor groupings.