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Rebol [ title: "Chord Accompaniment Player" date: 29-june-2008 file: %chord-accompaniment-player.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { Plays music backup tracks, based on chord progressions entered as text. See for a case study about how this program was created. } ] ; load wave files for all chords: do load-thru ; trap the close event: play: false insert-event-func [ either event/type = 'close [ if play = true [play: false close sound-port] really: request "Really close the program?" if really = true [quit] ][ event ] ] ; create the GUI (the "PLAY" button does most of the work): view center-face layout [ across h2 "Chords:" tab chords: area 392x300 trim { bm bm bm bm gb7 gb7 gb7 gb7 a a a a e e e e g g g g d d d d em em em em gb7 gb7 gb7 gb7 g g g g d d d d gb7 gb7 gb7 gb7 bm bm bm bm g g g g d d d d em em em em gb7 gb7 gb7 gb7 } return h2 "Delay:" tab tempo: field 50 "0.35" text "(seconds)" tabs 40 tab btn "PLAY" [ play: true the-tempo: to-decimal tempo/text sounds: to-block chords/text wait 0 sound-port: open sound:// forever [ foreach sound sounds [ if play = false [break] do rejoin ["insert sound-port " reduce [sound]] wait sound-port wait the-tempo ] if play = false [break] ] ] btn "STOP" [ play: false close sound-port ] btn "Save" [save to-file request-file/save chords/text] btn "Load" [chords/text: load read to-file request-file show chords] btn "HELP" [ alert { This program plays chord progressions. Simply type in the names of the chords that you'd like played, with a space between each chord. For silence, use the underscore ("_") character. Set the tempo by entering a delay time (in fractions of second) to be paused between each chord. Click the start button to play from the beginning, and the stop button to end. Pressing start again always begins at the first chord in the progression. The save and load buttons allow you to store to the hard drive any songs you've created. Chord types allowed are major triad (no chord symbol - just a root note), minor triad ("m"), dominant 7th ("7"), major 7th ("maj7"), minor 7th ("m7"), diminished 7th ("dim7"), and half diminished 7th ("m7b5"). *** ALL ROOT NOTES ARE LABELED WITH FLATS (NO SHARPS) F# = Gb, C# = Db, etc... } ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage