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Rebol [ title: "FTP Chat Room" date: 29-june-2008 file: %ftp-chat.r purpose: { A simple chat application that lets users send instant text messages back and forth across the Internet. The chat "rooms" are created by dynamically creating, reading, appending, and saving text files via ftp (to use the program, you'll need access to an available ftp server: ftp address, username, and password). Taken from the tutorial at } ] webserver: to-url request-text/title/default trim {Web Server Address:} {ftp://user:%pass--website--com/public_html/chat.txt} name: request-text/title "Enter your name:" cls: does [prin "^(1B)[J"] write/append webserver join now [": " name " has entered the room." newline] forever [ current-chat: read webserver cls print join "--------------------------------------------------" [ newline {You are logged in as: } name newline {Type "room" to switch chat rooms.} newline {Type "lock" to pause/lock your chat.} newline {Type "quit" to end your chat.} newline {Type "clear" to erase the current chat.} newline {Press [ENTER] to periodically update the display.} newline "--------------------------------------------------" newline] print join "Here's the current chat text at: " [webserver newline] print current-chat sent-message: copy join name [" says: " entered-text: ask "You say: "] switch/default entered-text [ "quit" [break] "clear" [ if/else request-pass = ["secret" "password"] [ write webserver ""] [alert trim { You must know the administrator password to clear the room!} ] ] "room" [ write/append webserver join now [ ": " name " has left the room." newline] webserver: to-url request-text/title/default {New Web Server Address:} to-string webserver write/append webserver join now [ ": " name " has entered the room." newline ] ] "lock" [ alert trim {The program will now pause for 5 seconds. You'll need the correct username and password to continue.} pause-time: now/time + 5 forever [if now/time = pause-time [ while [request-pass <> ["secret" "password"]] [ alert "Incorrect password - look in the source!" ] break ] ] ] ] [if entered-text <> "" [write/append webserver join sent-message [newline]]] ] cls print "Goodbye!" write/append webserver join now [": " name " has closed chat." newline] wait 1
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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