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9 scripts tagged as: [domain  ·  patch]

echos.r921 bytes
13 Jan 2005
allows reusing of an already existing echo file
author: Anton Reisacher
encompass function
8.2 KB
26 Nov 2003
Patch/Extend/Restrict any function by transparently enclosing it within another.
author: Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
free-mem.r891 bytes
13 Dec 2004
A tiny function to free the memory occuped by a variable that is no more used in the program. This code is the best code given to us by DocKimble around the memory clearance. So it's the fruit of a colaborative work around memory management that we do using the forum of
author: DocKimble
Help Patch
7.2 KB
20 Nov 2003
Allows to add the following info to functions: return: [datatypes to be returned] category: [a function category e.g. math series] author: [author initials email what you want
author: Ingo Hohmann
Patch for the ESMTP handler object and net-utils object
20.3 KB
1 Aug 2005
Patches to fix smtp authentication other than CRAM-MD5 .
author: Cesar Chavez
Patch for REBOL FTP protocol 226 response handling.
5.2 KB
2 Jul 2005
To fix FTP protocol 226 response handling.
author: Brett Handley
5.6 KB
14 Nov 2003
Various patches to Rebol.
author: A J Martin
request-date object/func optimization and enhancment
5.4 KB
11 Mar 2004
This is an enhanced replacement for the original request-date function, the embedded date picker in view (datepicker). - Clean, correct and optimize the code. - add day names at top of window (use system/locales/days). - add first-day-of-week value to choose starting with Sunday or Monday. (I think this value should be part of system/locales) - add Today [...]
author: Didier Cadieu
Request List Enhanced
16.4 KB
18 Aug 2014
An enhancement to the regular request-list that allows selecting items from a request list by typing in the first few characters of the item. Works with text, word and number lists. Designed to make optimum use of the keyboard. - New refinement request-list-enhanced/return-index will return the index of the item not the value. - Keys used; cursor up, down, page-up, [...]
author: mike yaunish