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88 scripts tagged as: [type  ·  module]

file-date-comparison-ctx.r3.3 KB
21 May 2007
Compare file dates using a dialect
author: Gregg Irwin
File globbing module and dialect
30.2 KB
19 Oct 2006
Given a file spec, and optional criteria for date, size, and attributes, the FILE-LIST function returns a block of files that match the spec and criteria. It is also a test-bed for how to integrate dialects with one-another. There are sub-dialects for date, size, and attribute tests, and FILE-LIST encapsulates those, along [...]
author: Gregg Irwin
file-size-comparison-ctx.r3.3 KB
21 May 2007
Compare file sizes using a friendly dialect
author: Gregg Irwin
FMOD library interface
177.5 KB
5 Nov 2011
Code to bind FMOD shared library to Rebol.
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Geek Within Automated Helper
geekwithin.r1.8 KB
15 Jun 2004
Defines a helpful assistant (unlike Microsoft's) that actually shows where to click to perform a set of instructions Meant to be plugged-in to existing Rebol/View applications
author: Bohdan Lechnowsky
glayout - GLASS-based layout engine
141.6 KB
16 Nov 2006
replace vid dialect layout while keeping its basic featureset
author: Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
GLES and EGL library interface
139.2 KB
28 Apr 2020
Use modern OpenGL with shaders
author: Marco Antoniazzi
4.1 KB
30 Dec 2004
Decompresses gzip archives.
author: Vincent Ecuyer
6.7 KB
8 Jan 2013
Creates gzip archives, using the rebol compress command.
author: Vincent Ecuyer
2.8 KB
28 Jan 2004
Provides conversion to and from IEEE-32 float (binary)
author: Piotr Gapinski
IFF dialect
4.3 KB
16 Jan 2013
Electronic Arts Interchange File Format (IFF) dialect
author: Vincent Ecuyer
ImageMagick Support
8.8 KB
23 Aug 2006
Support minimal needs for image processing using ImageMagick MagickWand and MagickCore DLLs Note: DLL's calls tend to change so this is specifically for version 6.2.9 Note: Original uses only MagickCore DLL. This version required MagickWand DLL because they moved the calls to a different DLL
author: Edgar Tolentino
edit-tools + little editor
23.9 KB
14 Apr 2005
Various stuff to implement an editor. Main features: Tools to plug an area with find/replace in a few lines. And a little editor with plugins.
author: Volker Nitsch
Native Mac OS X requestors
mac-requestors.r4.8 KB
28 Jun 2009
A set of eight Mac OS X native requestors that approximate and extend the functionality of the REBOL request* functions.
author: Ashley G Truter
88.4 KB
12 Jun 2005
Easy to use VID compatible REBOL menu system (early Beta). Have menus in your REBOL apps, finally.
author: Christian Ensel
2.8 KB
16 Mar 2010
Simple associative database for managing metadata
author: Christopher Ross-Gill
1.3 KB
21 Aug 2012
Strips Whitespace and Comments from a Script
author: Christopher Ross-Gill
patched HTTP/HTTPS protocol with cookies support
21.8 KB
18 Aug 2006
Provide an HTTP/HTTPS handler that transparently supports cookies
OpenGL library interface
125.5 KB
25 Apr 2013
Code to bind OpenGL, GLU, GLUT shared libraries to Rebol.
author: Marco Antoniazzi
OpenGL Test
opengl.r22.6 KB
17 Oct 2003
Demonstrate the use of OpenGL in View/Pro on Windows
author: Cal Dixon
libpango library interface
171.7 KB
9 Jun 2019
Code to bind pango and pango-cairo shared libraries to Rebol.
author: Marco Antoniazzi
'Panoramatic image' style
2.0 KB
13 Mar 2003
Style for scrolling (panoramatic) images
author: Oldes
Ping using Win32 API
3.6 KB
18 Sep 2009
Real (ICMP) ping using Win32 APIs
author: Endo
Priority Queue
1.8 KB
30 Apr 2007
Provides functions, and an object def that uses them, to treat a series as a priority queue. When you insert items, you give them a priority (higher numbers mean a higher priority). In the actual series, the priority is stored along with the value, so you should always use the pq* functions to access them, to make things easier. [...]
author: Gregg Irwin
'Progress bar capsule' styles
3.4 KB
13 Mar 2003
This style allows you to create progress bar as a 'capsule' with a grid in your layouts very simply. See the example script:
author: Oldes
Qtask Markup Language - parser and other common code
97.1 KB
28 May 2007
This program implements the base for QML (Qtask Markup Language) converters (for example it's the base for a QML to XHTML converter used in Qtask), by implementing the parsing of a QML text string into a QML document tree.
author: Gabriele Santilli
Basic RC4 algorithm
rc4.r2.2 KB
30 Apr 2004
Provides encryption and decryption using the basic RC4 algorithm
author: Arthur Beltrao (Brasil)
RebCall system
6.5 KB
15 Dec 2005
Call DLL functions efficiently with REBOL/View without the need for REBOL/View/Pro or REBOL/Command. This script only works on Windows with a patched REBOL interpreter. Details available at Actually only the types that fits in 32 bits are supported for the parameters. Thus decimal! values are not. It could also work [...]
author: Pascal Hurni
21.3 KB
17 Jul 2009
Zip archiver / unarchiver
author: Vincent Ecuyer
Rectangle Module
6.8 KB
11 Oct 2003
Code from a REBOLForces article ( that provides support for rectangle-related operations. It was also used to explore the concept of function spec templates. You could refactor that concept out though if you want.
author: Gregg Irwin
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