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REBOL [ Title: "Ping using Win32 API" File: %ping32.r Date: 28-Dec-2008 Purpose: {Real (ICMP) ping using Win32 APIs} Version: 1.0.0 Author: "Endo" Notes: {The code may not be perfect but it works. It tries to ping given IP or host 4 times, and return on of -1,0,1,2,3,4 -1: if IP address can't be resolved from url, 0: if ping failed (timeout etc.) 1,2,3,4: number of successful pings examples: ping ;should return 4 ping ping "" ping "" ping "" ;return 0 ping-ctx/clean-up ;to free the libraries when you are done.. } Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'windows type: [internet module] domain: [win-api other-net] tested-under: [view on "WinXP Home"] support: "semseddin/at/" license: 'public-domain see-also: none ] ] ping-ctx: context [ ;I took this function from %get-version-ex.r (Gregg Irwin) make-elements: func [name count type /local result][ if not word? type [type: type?/word type] result: copy "^/" repeat i count [ append result join name [i " [" type "]" newline] ] to block! result ] WSAData: make struct! WSAdata-def: compose/deep/only [ wVersion [short] wHighVersion [short] (make-elements 'Description 257 #"@") (make-elements 'szSystemStatus 129 #"@") iMaxSockets [short] iMaxUdpDg [short] pad [short] lpVendorInfo [long] ] none IP_OPTION_INFORMATION: make struct! IP_OPTION_INFORMATION-def: compose/deep [ TTL [char!] Tos [char!] Flags [char!] OptionsSize [char!] OptionsData [long] ] none IP_ECHO_REPLY: make struct! IP_ECHO_REPLY-def: compose/deep/only [ Address [long] Status [long] RoundTripTime [long] DataSize [short] Reserved [short] data [long] Options [struct! (IP_OPTION_INFORMATION-def)] ] none ;load libraries IcmpLib: load/library %icmp.dll wsock32Lib: load/library %wsock32.dll WSAStartup: make routine! compose/deep/only [ wVersionRequired [long] lpWSAdata [struct! (WSAData-def)] return: [long] ] wsock32Lib "WSAStartup" WSACleanup: make routine! [ return: [long] ] wsock32Lib "WSACleanup" IcmpCreateFile: make routine! [return: [long]] IcmpLib "IcmpCreateFile" IcmpCloseHandle: make routine! [Handle [integer!] return: [long]] IcmpLib "IcmpCloseHandle" IcmpSendEcho: make routine! IcmpSendEcho-def: compose/deep/only [ IcmpHandle [long] DestAddress [long] RequestData [string!] RequestSize [short] RequestOptns [struct! (IP_OPTION_INFORMATION-def)] ReplyBuffer [struct! (IP_ECHO_REPLY-def)] ReplySize [long] TimeOut [long] return: [long] ] IcmpLib "IcmpSendEcho" clean-up: does [ free wsock32Lib free IcmpLib ] hPing: reqsize: RepSize: 0 set 'ping func [dst /local d] [ if not tuple? dst [ dst: read to-url join "dns://" dst if not found? dst [ return -1 ;can't find IP address ] ] either 0 = WSAStartup 257 WSAData [ IP_OPTION_INFORMATION/TTL: to-char 255 reply: IP_ECHO_REPLY opt: IP_OPTION_INFORMATION reqdat: copy "12345678901234567890123456789012" ;32 bytes reqsize: length? reqdat RepSize: reqsize + 28 ;28 is the length of the IP_ECHO_REPLY structure ;but length? returns 24, I don't know why? hPing: IcmpCreateFile either 0 <> hPing [ d: to-integer reverse to-binary dst r: 0 loop 4 [ r: r + IcmpSendEcho hPing d reqdat reqsize opt reply RepSize 2000 ;2 seconds ] IcmpCloseHandle hPing WSACleanup r ][ make error! "Ping failed." ] ] [ make error! "Winsock initialization failed." ] ] ] ;uncomment the next line to test ;halt
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage