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REBOL [ Title: "Minify" Date: 21-Aug-2012 File: %minify.r Author: "Christopher Ross-Gill" Purpose: "Strips Whitespace and Comments from a Script" Library: [ Level: 'beginner Platform: 'all Type: [function idiom module tool] Domain: [ldc parse text-processing] License: 'cc-by-sa ] ] minify: func [ "Strips Whitespace and Comments from a Script." [catch] script [file! url! string!] "Script to be minified." /feed "Use newlines instead of spaces to separate values." /local out val rule ws mk ex ][ throw-on-error [ case/all [ any [file? script url? script][script: read script] string? script [ if error? val: try [load script][ ; to correctly report a minify failure val: disarm val make error! reduce ['syntax val/id val/arg1 val/arg2] ] ] not string? script [make error! "Unable to read script"] ] ] out: copy "" ws: charset "^/^-^M " script: trim/head/tail copy script either parse/all script rule: [ some [ mk: #";" [thru newline | to end] ex: ; (append out copy/part mk ex]) | [#"[" | #"("] any ws (append out mk/1) rule | any ws mk: [#"]" | #")"] (append out mk/1) break | some ws (append out either feed ["^/"][" "]) | #"^@" to end | skip ( set [val ex] load/next mk append out copy/part mk ex ) :ex ] ][ :out ][ throw make error! "Unable to Parse Script" ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage