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REBOL [ Title: "edit-tools + little editor" Note: [ "redefines 'unfocus"] Author: "Volker Nitsch" Date: 14-Apr-2005 Version: 1.0.5 License: BSD See: [] Purpose: { Various stuff to implement an editor. Main features: Tools to plug an area with find/replace in a few lines. And a little editor with plugins. } File: %install-edit-tools.r Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [demo module tool] domain: [extension gui text text-processing vid] tested-under: [linux] support: none license: 'BSD see-also: none] History: [ 14-Apr-2005 1.0.5 {bugfix, different behavior on windows minimized window} 1.0.4 "includes proto-coloriser as plugin" 1.0.3 "my-wait works now with requesters too" 1.0.2 "can be encapped together with plugins" 12-Apr-2005 "skimmed through code and made small edits" 11-Apr-2005 "published"] ] make-dir/deep %edit-tools/et/plug/ make-dir/deep %edit-tools/et/lib/ make-dir/deep %edit-tools/et/doc/ change-dir %edit-tools/ write %edit-tools.r {REBOL [ ^-Title: "edit-tools + little editor" ^-Note: [ ^-^-"redefines 'unfocus" ^-] ^-Author: "Volker Nitsch" ^-Date: 14-Apr-2005 ^-Version: 1.0.5 ^-License: 'BSD ^-See: [] ^-Purpose: { Various stuff to implement an editor. Main features: Tools to plug an area with find/replace in a few lines. And a little editor with plugins. } ^-File: %edit-tools.r ^-Library: [ ^-^-level: 'intermediate ^-^-platform: 'all ^-^-type: [demo module tool] ^-^-domain: [extension gui text text-processing vid] ^-^-tested-under: [linux] ^-^-support: none ^-^-license: 'BSD ^-^-see-also: none ^-] ^-History: [ ^-^-14-apr-2005 1.0.5 ^-^-"bugfix, different behavior on windows minimized window" ^-^-1.0.4 "includes proto-coloriser as plugin" ^-^-1.0.3 "my-wait works now with requesters too" ^-^-1.0.2 "can be encapped together with plugins" ^-^-12-Apr-2005 "skimmed through code and made small edits" ^-^-11-Apr-2005 "published" ^-] ] do edit-tools: [ ^-;;; ^-;;; some debug-tools ^-;;; ^-; i want to load a script multiple times while debugging, ^-; but use protect-system. ^-; so i call it the first time and then disable it ^-protect-system system/words/protect-system: none ^-; a little dump-utility ^-???: func ['word value] [ ^-^-print [mold word mold :value] ^-^-set word :value ^-] ^-; i like to use comment for logging. ^-; without redefinition its an inbuild nop. ^-unprotect 'comment ^-comment: func [val] [ ^-^-if not system/options/quiet [ ^-^-^-print ["Comment:" mold compose val] ^-^-] ^-] ^-; on windows i want the console to stay open, so want halt. ^-; on linux it stays open anyway, so i prefer quit ^-stop: does [ ^-^-comment join "stopped " now ^-^-either system/version/4 = 3 [halt] [quit] ^-] ^-; continue after going to console. ^-; i use that name in every script, often viewing the window too. ^-cont: func [] [my-do-events] ^-;;; ^-;;; some organisation-things ^-;;; ^-; some things should be encap-smart. ^-; define sdk?: true in your encap-script, else its false: ^-if not value? 'sdk? [ ^-^-sdk?: false ^-] ^-; base for files, in case something changes dir ^-et-root: any [ ^-^-if link? [ ^-^-^-clean-path link-root ^-^-] ^-^-if sdk? [ ^-^-^-clean-path first split-path system/options/boot ^-^-] ^-^-what-dir ^-] ^-; what-dir <> et-root makes trouble ^-change-dir et-root ^-; inline-files are a repository for encapping ^-if sdk? [ ^-^-fix-inline-files ^-] ^-; shorter than system/words and more clear IMHO ^-global: system/words ^-; i terminate scripts/actions with 'done. ^-; by default it quits. i redefine it before calling sub-pages ^-; to show the main-menu. ^-done: :quit ^-; the bye-button. its the "quit" or "back" on every page. ^-; by default it quits. i redefine it before calling sub-pages ^-; to show the main-menu. ^-if not get-style 'bye-button [ ^-^-stylize/master [ ^-^-^-bye-button: button "Quit" [quit] ^-^-] ^-] ^-; instead of view layout[] i use a main-window ^-; and put each layout there. ^-if not value? 'main-window [ ^-^-main-window: center-face make face [ ^-^-^-size: 720x520 ^-^-^-effect: [gradient 0x1 66.120.192 44.80.132] ^-^-] ^-] ^-; my way of 'layout. shows layout in the main window.. ^-; if you pass it a block, it layouts automatically. ^-; and it removes timers of the old layout. ^-; todo: add resizing-support and titlebar-close. ^-window: func [ ^-^-lay [object! block!] ^-^-/extend "make window at least layout-size" ^-^-/local old ^-] [ ^-^-comment "Window changed" ^-^-if main-window/pane [hide main-window/pane] ^-^-if block? lay [lay: layout lay] ^-^-main-window/pane: lay ^-^-lay/offset: 0x0 ^-^-lay/color: none ^-^-if extend [ ^-^-^-old: main-window/size ^-^-^-main-window/size: max main-window/size lay/size ^-^-^-if old <> main-window/size [center-face main-window] ^-^-] ^-^-show main-window ^-^-main-window ^-] ^-;;; ^-;;; some patches ^-;;; ^-if not value? 'rebol-wait [ ^-^-rebol-wait: :wait ^-] ^-my-wait: func ["workaround for old linux-call" arg /local awoken p] [ ^-^-while [ ^-^-^-awoken: rebol-wait append reduce [system/ports/system] arg ^-^-^-pick system/ports/system 1 ^-^-] [] ^-^-awoken ^-] ^-my-launch: func [file /args a] [ ^-^-either not a [ ^-^-^-if system/version/4 <> 3 [file: clean-path file] ^-^-^-launch/secure-cmd file ^-^-] [ ^-^-^-call rejoin [ ^-^-^-^-"" to-local-file system/options/boot " " file " " a ^-^-^-] ^-^-] ^-] ^-; scoll-para + resize scrollbar ^-my-scroll-para: func [ta sl] [ ^-^-scroll-para ta sl ^-^-sl/redrag ta/size/y / max 1 second size-text ta ^-] ^-; traps errors and offers to ignore them. ^-recover: func ["error-handler for my-do-events" error [error!]] [ ^-^-either confirm "Error! Ignore?" [ ^-^-^-if not sdk? [ ^-^-^-^-probe disarm error ^-^-^-] ^-^-^-change-dir et-root ^-^-] [ ^-^-^-error ^-^-] ^-] ^-my-do-events: func [/local error] [ ^-^-forever [ ^-^-^-if error? set/any 'error try [my-wait [] break] [ ^-^-^-^-recover error ^-^-^-] ^-^-] ^-] ^-; my version of 'new-line. less efficient, uses mold. ^-; but runs on linux, and i prefer the syntax. ^-reline: func [val /pairs /pos /skip size /local src] [ ^-^-if pairs [ ^-^-^-return reline/skip val 2 ^-^-] ^-^-either pos [ ^-^-^-either skip [ ^-^-^-^-forskip val size [ ^-^-^-^-^-change/only val reline first val ^-^-^-^-] ^-^-^-^-head val ^-^-^-] [ ^-^-^-^-change/only val reline first val ^-^-^-] ^-^-] [ ^-^-^-first load/all head either not block? val [ ^-^-^-^-insert mold/all val newline ^-^-^-] [ ^-^-^-^-if skip [ ^-^-^-^-^-val: reline/pos/skip copy val size ^-^-^-^-] ^-^-^-^-src: mold/all val ^-^-^-^-insert next find src "[" newline ^-^-^-^-insert next insert find/last src "]" newline newline ^-^-^-] ^-^-] ^-] ^-; /link-compatibility ^-; todo: add some faces, 'field, 'area etc ^-if not value? 'set-face [ ^-^-set-face: func [face value] [ ^-^-^-switch/default face/style [ ^-^-^-^-slider [face/data: value] ^-^-^-^-edit [face/text: value face/line-list: none] ^-^-^-^-raw-slider [face/data: value] ^-^-^-^-fine-slider [face/data: value] ^-^-^-] [make error! join "unknown set-face-style " face/style] ^-^-^-show face ^-^-] ^-] ^-; not perfect, but works. security-hole, executes code! ^-if not value? 'construct [ ^-^-construct: func [block /with base] [ ^-^-^-either with [ ^-^-^-^-make base block ^-^-^-] [ ^-^-^-^-context block ^-^-^-] ^-^-] ^-] ^-;;; ^-;;; A key part: ^-;;; before unfocus saves caret and highlight in face itself. ^-;;; needed for find-fields and such, ^-;;; which want caret of the main text. ^-;;; ^-if not value? 'rebol-unfocus [ ^-^-rebol-unfocus: :unfocus ^-^-unprotect 'unfocus ^-^-unfocus: func [/local sv*] [ ^-^-^-sv*: system/view ^-^-^-save-focus sv*/focal-face ^-^-^-rebol-unfocus ^-^-] ^-] ^-save-focus: func [ ^-^-"saves caret in focused edit-face." face /local f sv* ^-] [ ^-^-sv*: system/view ^-^-if all [f: sv*/focal-face in f 'caret same? f face sv*/caret] [ ^-^-^-f/caret: sv*/caret ^-^-^-f/highlight-start: sv*/highlight-start ^-^-^-f/highlight-end: sv*/highlight-end ^-^-] ^-] ^-caret?: func [ ^-^-"returns caret of edit-face, even if not focused. " ^-^-face ^-] [ ^-^-save-focus face ^-^-any [face/caret face/text] ^-] ^-; a focus for edit-faces which restores caret. ^-; should maybe called by focus implicitely? ^-refocus-edit: func [edit /local sv*] [ ^-^-sv*: system/view ^-^-save-focus sv*/focal-face ^-^-sv*/focal-face: edit ^-^-sv*/caret: edit/caret ^-^-sv*/highlight-start: edit/highlight-start ^-^-sv*/highlight-end: edit/highlight-end ^-^-show edit ^-] ^-; the edit-area which remembers its caret and highlight. ^-; also fixed-font, tabs adjusted to 4 chars. ^-stylize/master [ ^-^-edit: area wrap font-name font-fixed with [ ^-^-^-caret: highlight-start: highlight-end: none ^-^-^-size: 520x435 ^-^-^-deflag-face self 'tabbed ^-^-] para [ ^-^-^-tabs: 28 ^-^-] ^-] ^-; this processes the highlighted region. ^-; if nothing highlighted, returns none ^-; if user-code returns a string, region is replaced. ^-process-highlight: func [ ^-^-"replace highlighted region. returns code-result, or none without highlight." ^-^-'var edit code /local sv* old-string new-string ^-] [ ^-^-sv*: system/view ^-^-save-focus edit ^-^-if edit/highlight-start [ ^-^-^-refocus-edit edit ^-^-^-old-string: copy/part sv*/highlight-start sv*/highlight-end ^-^-^-new-string: do func compose [(var)] code old-string ^-^-^-if string? new-string [ ^-^-^-^-change/part ^-^-^-^-sv*/highlight-start new-string sv*/highlight-end ^-^-^-^-sv*/highlight-end: ^-^-^-^-skip sv*/highlight-start length? new-string ^-^-^-^-show edit ^-^-^-] ^-^-^-new-string ^-^-] ^-] ^-; use like this: ^-replace-in-edit: func [edit old new /local done?] [ ^-^-done?: process-highlight region edit [ ^-^-^-if region = old [ ^-^-^-^-return new ^-^-^-] ^-^-] ^-^-if not done? [ ^-^-^-alert join mold old " not selected" ^-^-] ^-] ^-;;; ^-;;; scroll the text arround ^-;;; ^-; (based on inbuild editor) ^-scroll-to: func ["scroll to caret" t1 s1 txt /local xy] [ ^-^-xy: (caret-to-offset t1 txt) - t1/para/scroll ^-^-t1/para/scroll/y: second min 0x0 t1/size / 2 - xy ^-^-s1/data: (second xy) / max 1 second size-text t1 ^-^-show [s1 t1] ^-] ^-goto-line: func [ ^-^-edit-area edit-slider number [number! string!] ^-^-/local sv* ^-] [ ^-^-sv*: system/view ^-^-focus edit-area ^-^-sv*/caret: edit-area/text ^-^-loop -1 + to-integer number [ ^-^-^-if not sv*/caret: find/tail sv*/caret newline [ ^-^-^-^-sv*/caret: tail edit-area/text ^-^-^-^-break ^-^-^-] ^-^-] ^-^-scroll-to edit-area edit-slider sv*/caret ^-] ^-; finds in edit-area, inbuild find/next and cycling ^-find-in-edit: func [area slider string /local sv* text] [ ^-^-sv*: system/view ^-^-refocus-edit area ^-^-if all [ ^-^-^-not text: find next sv*/caret string ^-^-^-not text: find area/text string ^-^-] [unfocus return none] ^-^-sv*/caret: text ^-^-sv*/highlight-start: sv*/caret ^-^-sv*/highlight-end: skip sv*/highlight-start length? string ^-^-scroll-to area slider sv*/caret ^-^-show area ^-^-sv*/caret ^-] ^-;;; ^-;;; a crazy dual slider. the right one steps a fixed amount. ^-;;; confuses some people, ^-;;; but enables scrolling with thousands of lines. ^-;;; (if you can live with scroll-speed) ^-;;; right click centers it, so you can continue scrolling ^-;;; ^-stylize/master [ ^-^-raw-slider: slider with [ ^-^-^-base: 0 ^-^-^-size: 16x435 ^-^-] ^-^-fine-slider: slider with [ ^-^-^-data: 0.5 ^-^-^-size: 16x435 ^-^-] feel [ ^-^-^-; detect, not engage. detects right-click for dragger too :) ^-^-^-detect: func [face event /local e] [ ^-^-^-^-either 'alt-down = e: event/1 [ ^-^-^-^-^-do-face-alt face none ^-^-^-^-^-none ^-^-^-^-] [event] ^-^-^-] ^-^-] ^-] ^-scroll-raw: func [ta slr slf /no-scroll] [ ^-^-slr/base: slr/data ^-^-set-face slf 0.5 ^-^-if not no-scroll [scroll-para ta slr] ^-] ^-scroll-fine: func [ta slr slf /no-scroll] [ ^-^-set-face slr ^-^-slf/data - 0.5 ^-^-* 3000 / (second size-text ta) ^-^-+ slr/base ^-^-if not no-scroll [scroll-para ta slr] ^-] ^-center-fine: func [ta slr slf] [ ^-^-scroll-raw/no-scroll ta slr slf ^-^-set-face slf 0.5 ^-^-scroll-fine ta slr slf ^-] ^-;;; ^-;;; a little config-tool. saves caret and scroll of files. ^-;;; stores info about the current file in global 'file-info, ^-;;; and its text in 'file-text ! ^-;;; ^-reg-file: et-root/edit-tools-reg.r ^-; infos about currently edited file ^-file-text: 'unset ; text of current file ^-file-info!: context [ ^-^-scroll: 0 ^-^-caret: 0 ^-^-name: et-root/et/doc/readme.txt ^-^-modified: none ^-^-checksum: none ^-] ^-; the info for the current file ^-file-info: 'unset ^-; infos about all files ^-reg!: context [ ^-^-file: file-info!/name ^-^-last-dir: what-dir ^-^-last-host: read dns:// ^-^-files: reduce [file make file-info! []] ^-] ^-; load reg on start. ^-if not value? 'reg [ ^-^-reg: make reg! [] ^-^-if exists? reg-file [ ^-^-^-reg: construct/with load/all reg-file reg ^-^-] ^-] ^-; saves registry. modifies global file-info ^-save-reg: func [ta "edit-area" sr "scroller" /local hdr] [ ^-^-file-info/scroll: sr/data ^-^-file-info/caret: index? caret? ta ^-^-file-info/checksum: checksum/secure ta/text ^-^-file-info/modified: modified? file-info/name ^-^-file-text: ta/text ^-^-hdr: reline/pairs compose [ ^-^-^-Title: "Edit-tools-registry" Date: (now) ^-^-] ^-^-save/all/header reg-file reline/pairs third reg hdr ^-] ^-; changes global 'file-text and 'file-info ^-read-file: func [file /local info-pos] [ ^-^-file: clean-path file ^-^-reg/file: file ^-^-; read global 'file-text ^-^-file-text: any [ ^-^-^-attempt [read file] ^-^-^-reform ["File" file "does not exist."] ^-^-] ^-^-; set global 'file-info ^-^-; insert file in history, if new ^-^-; move selected file to front, for history-top ^-^-either info-pos: find reg/files file [ ^-^-^-file-info: info-pos/2 ^-^-^-remove/part info-pos 2 ^-^-^-insert insert reg/files file-info/name file-info ^-^-] [ ^-^-^-file-info: make file-info! [name: file] ^-^-^-insert insert reg/files file file-info ^-^-] ^-^-file-text ^-] ^-; reads name from global 'file-info ^-save-file: func [ ^-^-"save file and reg, if modified" ^-^-ta sr /? "ask before saving" ^-] [ ^-^-if not ta/text == attempt [read file-info/name] [ ^-^-^-if any [not ? confirm join "save " file-info/name] [ ^-^-^-^-write file-info/name ta/text ^-^-^-] ^-^-] ^-^-; want some way to edit the reg-file itself. ^-^-; without check the handmade changes would be overwritten. ^-^-if file-info/name <> reg-file [ ^-^-^-save-reg ta sr ^-^-] ^-] ^-open-file: func [/local file] [ ^-^-if file: request-file/only/file reg/file [ ^-^-^-read-file file ^-^-] ^-] ^-; sets edit-area and slider to file-info's data ^-set-edit: func ["scroll, set caret etc" ta sr] [ ^-^-focus ta ^-^-system/view/caret: at ta/text file-info/caret ^-^-set-face sr file-info/scroll ^-^-do-face sr none ^-] ^-; shortens filenames if in subdir. ^-make-files-relative: func [files dir] [ ^-^-forall files [ ^-^-^-if parse files/1 [thru dir copy file to end] [ ^-^-^-^-files/1: to-file file ^-^-^-] ^-^-] ^-^-head files ^-] ^-;;; ^-;;; demo and little editor ^-;;; ^-if not value? 'load-only [ ^-^-; some config ^-^-; this scripts are listed in plugin-list ^-^-make-dir/deep plugin-dir: dirize et-root/et/plug ^-^-; library-scripts for use by plugins ^-^-make-dir/deep lib-dir: dirize et-root/et/lib ^-^-; place for docu ^-^-make-dir/deep lib-dir: dirize et-root/et/doc ^-^-; override some hooks ^-^-done: func [] [change-dir et-root refresh] ^-^-stylize/master [ ^-^-^-bye-button: button #"^^q" "cancel/q" [done] ^-^-] ^-^-; main editor ^-^-do-text: func [] [ ^-^-^-if sdk? [ ^-^-^-^-alert "Sorry, no License to execute user-code." ^-^-^-^-exit ^-^-^-] ^-^-^-save-file/? ta sr ^-^-^-unset [load-only] ^-^-^-do file-info/name ^-^-] ^-^-refresh: func [] [ ^-^-^-history: extract reg/files 2 ^-^-^-make-files-relative history et-root ^-^-^-h: 0x435 ;edit-area hight ^-^-^-tls: 100x124 ;text-list size ^-^-^-window [ ^-^-^-^-; horizontal tool-bar ^-^-^-^-across ^-^-^-^-button "quit" [save-file/? ta sr quit] ^-^-^-^-; a find-field ^-^-^-^-tf: field [find-in-edit ta sr face/text] 65 ^-^-^-^-btn "find/f" #"^^f" [do-face tf none] ^-^-^-^-; a replace-field ^-^-^-^-btn "replace/r" #"^^r" [ ^-^-^-^-^-replace-in-edit ta tf/text tr/text ^-^-^-^-] ^-^-^-^-tr: field 65 ^-^-^-^-; our filename ^-^-^-^-h3 reform [reg/file] ^-^-^-^-; vertical toolbar ^-^-^-^-below guide ^-^-^-^-button "save/s" #"^^s" [save-file ta sr refresh] ^-^-^-^-button "open" [save-file/? ta sr open-file refresh] ^-^-^-^-button "do/d" #"^^d" [do-text] ^-^-^-^-; little joke ;) ^-^-^-^-button "this button" [ ^-^-^-^-^-save-file/? ta sr ^-^-^-^-^-read-file %edit-tools.r ^-^-^-^-^-refresh ^-^-^-^-^-find-in-edit ta sr join "this " "button" ^-^-^-^-] ^-^-^-^-label "history" ^-^-^-^-text-list data head history tls [ ^-^-^-^-^-save-file/? ta sr ^-^-^-^-^-read-file value ^-^-^-^-^-refresh ^-^-^-^-] ^-^-^-^-; plugins ^-^-^-^-label "execute plugin" ^-^-^-^-text-list tls data any [ ^-^-^-^-^-attempt [sort read dirize plugin-dir] ^-^-^-^-^-[] ^-^-^-^-] [ ^-^-^-^-^-file-text: ta/text ^-^-^-^-^-save-reg ta sr ^-^-^-^-^-do plugin-dir/:value ^-^-^-^-] ^-^-^-^-; edit-area and sliders ^-^-^-^-return ^-^-^-^-ta: edit 520x0 + h file-text ^-^-^-^-return ^-^-^-^-sr: raw-slider 16x0 + h [scroll-raw ta sr sf] ^-^-^-^-return ^-^-^-^-sf: fine-slider 16x0 + h ^-^-^-^-[scroll-fine ta sr sf] [center-fine ta sr sf] ^-^-^-^-do [ ^-^-^-^-^-set-edit ta sr ;scroll, set caret etc. ^-^-^-^-] ^-^-^-] ^-^-] ^-^-; and now we really go. ^-^-read-file either all [sdk? system/options/args] [ ^-^-^-to-rebol-file system/options/args/1 ^-^-] [ ^-^-^-reg/file ^-^-] ^-^-refresh ^-^-unprotect [do-events wait] ^-^-do-events: :my-do-events ^-^-wait: :my-wait ^-^-view main-window ^-] ] } write %et/plug/sub-mini-edit.r {REBOL [ ^-Title: "sub-mini-edit" ^-Purpose: "demo/template for a sub-page with an editor" Date: 11-Apr-2005 Version: 1.0.0 License: 'BSD ] window [ ^-across ^-title "Sub-mini-edit" ^-below guide ^-bye-button ^-button "ok" [ ^-^-file-text: ta/text ^-^-save-reg ta sr ^-^-refresh ^-] ^-return ^-ta: edit copy file-text ; copy! we need undo on cancel ^-return ^-sr: slider [my-scroll-para ta sr] 0x1 * ta/size + 16x0 ^-do [set-edit ta sr] ;scroll, caret etc ]} write %et/plug/clean-script.r {rebol [ ^-Title: "sub-mini-edit" ^-Purpose: "gui-wrapper for clean-script" ^-Author: "Volker Nitsch" Date: 11-Apr-2005 Version: 1.0.0 License: 'BSD ] window [ ^-across ^-title "Clean script" ^-below guide ^-bye-button ^-button "ok" [file-text: ta/text save-reg ta sr refresh] ^-button "clean" [ ^-^-do et-root/et/lib/clean-script.r ^-^-ta/text: clean-script ta/text ^-^-set-edit ta sr ^-] ^-return ^-ta: edit copy file-text ; copy! we need undo on cancel ^-return ^-sr: slider [my-scroll-para ta sr] 0x1 * ta/size + 16x0 ^-do [set-edit ta sr] ;scroll, caret etc ] } write %et/plug/pack-me.r {REBOL [ ^-Title: "pack me" ^-Purpose: "packs this editor in an self-extracting script" ^-Author: "Volker Nitsch" ^-Date: 11-Apr-2005 ^-Version: 1.0.0 ^-License: 'BSD ] out: copy [ ^-REBOL [] ^-make-dir/deep %edit-tools/et/plug/ ^-make-dir/deep %edit-tools/et/lib/ ^-make-dir/deep %edit-tools/et/doc/ ^-change-dir %edit-tools/ ] out/2: second load/all et-root/edit-tools.r out/2: reline/pairs third make construct out/2 [ ^-File: %install-edit-tools.r ] foreach file [ ^-%edit-tools.r ^-%et/plug/sub-mini-edit.r ^-%et/plug/clean-script.r ^-%et/plug/pack-me.r ^-%et/plug/color-rebol.r ^-%et/lib/clean-script.r ^-%et/doc/readme.txt ] [ ^-append out compose [ ^-^-write (file) (read et-root/:file) ^-] ] append out [ ^-do %edit-tools.r ] window [ ^-across ^-title "pack me" ^-below guide ^-bye-button ^-button "save" [ ^-^-if f: request-file/title/only/file ^-^-"Where to store the archive?" "Save" et-root/install-edit-tools.r ^-^-[ ^-^-^-write f ta/text ^-^-^-read-file f ^-^-^-save-reg ta sr ^-^-] ^-^-refresh ^-] ^-return ^-ta: edit mold/only out ; copy! we need undo on cancel ^-return ^-sr: slider [my-scroll-para ta sr] 0x1 * ta/size + 16x0 ^-do [set-edit ta sr] ;scroll, caret etc ] } write %et/plug/color-rebol.r {rebol [] lay: layout [ ^-bye-button pad 320 ^-button "ok" [file-text: ta/text save-reg ta sr refresh] ^-return at ta/offset guide ; of main page ^-ta: edit with [pane: copy []] copy file-text with [ ^-^-feel: get in get-style 'info 'feel ^-] ^-return ^-sr: raw-slider [my-scroll-para ta face] ] markup-face: func [text-face markup-face start end] [ ^-ext: markup-face/edge/size ^-p0: caret-to-offset text-face start ^-p1: caret-to-offset text-face end ^-markup-face/offset: p0 - text-face/edge/size ^-markup-face/size: 0x1 * face/font/size + p1 - p0 + (2 * ext) ^-markup-face/text: copy/part start end ^-markup-face/font: text-face/font ^-markup-face/tx-offset: markup-face/offset ^-markup-face/tx-pos: start ^-append text-face/pane markup-face ] markup-face!: make face [ ^-edge: make edge [ ^-^-size: 1x1 ^-] ^-para: none ^-tx-offset: 'unset ^-tx-pos: 'unset ^-feel: make feel [ ^-^-redraw: func [face] [ ^-^-^-face/offset: face/parent-face/para/scroll + face/tx-offset ^-^-] ^-^-engage: func [f a e] [ ^-^-^-if 'down = a [ ^-^-^-^-alert mold copy/part f/tx-pos find f/tx-pos newline ^-^-^-] ^-^-] ^-] ] colors: reduce [ ^-char! 0.120.40 ^-date! 0.120.150 ^-decimal! 0.120.150 ^-email! 0.120.40 ^-file! 0.120.40 ^-integer! 0.120.150 ^-issue! 0.120.40 ^-money! 0.120.150 ^-pair! 0.120.150 ^-;string! 0.120.40 ^-tag! 0.120.40 ^-time! 0.120.150 ^-tuple! 0.120.150 ^-url! 0.120.40 ^-refinement! 160.120.40 ^-;cmt 10.10.160 ^-word! gold ^-lit-word! gold ^-set-word! gold ^-get-word! gold ^-path! yellow ^-set-path! yellow ^-lit-path! yellow ] blanks: charset [#" " #"^^/" #"^^-"] emit: func [val start end /local color] [ ^-; val could be tuple, so we need skip ^-if local: find/skip colors type? val 2 [ ^-^-parse/all start [any blanks start: to end] ^-^-markup-face ta make markup-face! [color: local/2] start end ^-] ] parse ta/text blk-rule: [ ^-some [ ^-^-str: ^-^-newline | ^-^-#";" [thru newline | to end] new: | ^-^-[#"[" | #"("] | ^-^-[#"]" | #")"] | ^-^-skip (set [value new] load/next str emit value str new) :new ^-] ] set-edit ta sr window lay ;unfocus ;probe length? ta/pane } write %et/lib/clean-script.r {REBOL [ ^-Title: "REBOL Script Cleaner (Pretty Printer)" ^-Date: 29-May-2003 ^-File: %clean-script.r ^-Author: "Carl Sassenrath" ^-Purpose: { Cleans (pretty prints) REBOL scripts by parsing the REBOL code and supplying standard indentation and spacing. } ^-History: [ ^-^-"Volker Nitsch" 1.2.0 13-Apr-2005 ^-^-"Applied romanos patch to work recursion- and 'break - less" ^-^-"Carl Sassenrath" 1.1.0 29-May-2003 "Fixes indent and parse rule." ^-^-"Carl Sassenrath" 1.0.0 27-May-2000 "Original program." ^-] ^-library: [ ^-^-level: 'intermediate ^-^-platform: all ^-^-type: [tool] ^-^-domain: [text text-processing] ^-^-tested-under: none ^-^-support: none ^-^-license: none ^-^-see-also: none ^-] ] script-cleaner: make object! [ ^-out: none ^-spaced: off ^-indent: "" ^-emit-line: func [] [append out newline] ^-emit-space: func [pos] [ ^-^-append out either newline = last out [indent] [ ^-^-^-pick [#" " ""] found? any [ ^-^-^-^-spaced ^-^-^-^-not any [find "[(" last out find ")]" first pos] ^-^-^-] ^-^-] ^-] ^-emit: func [from to] [emit-space from append out copy/part from to] ^-set 'clean-script func [ ^-^-{Returns new script text with standard spacing (pretty printed).} ^-^-script "Original Script text" ^-^-/spacey "Optional spaces near brackets and parens" ^-^-/local str new ^-] [ ^-^-spaced: found? spacey ^-^-clear indent ^-^-out: append clear copy script newline ^-^-parse script blk-rule: [ ^-^-^-some [ ^-^-^-^-str: ^-^-^-^-newline (emit-line) | ^-^-^-^-#";" [thru newline | to end] new: (emit str new) | ^-^-^-^-;does not work with break-less link ^-^-^-^-;[#"[" | #"("] (emit str 1 append indent tab) blk-rule | ^-^-^-^-;[#"]" | #")"] (remove indent emit str 1) break | ^-^-^-^-;but we do not need recursion ^-^-^-^-[#"[" | #"("] (emit str 1 append indent tab) | ^-^-^-^-[#"]" | #")"] (remove indent emit str 1) | ^-^-^-^-skip (set [value new] load/next str emit str new) :new ^-^-^-] ^-^-] ^-^-remove out ^-^-if (load script) <> load out [ ^-^-^-make error! "script-semantic changed" ^-^-] ^-^-out ^-] ] } write %et/doc/readme.txt "todo.." do %edit-tools.r
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage