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REBOL [ Library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: [function module] domain: [extension x-file] tested-under: [ [View 1.3.2 on WinXP by Gregg] ] support: none license: 'MIT ] title: "Priority Queue" file: %priority-queue.r author: "Gregg Irwin" email: %greggirwin--acm--org date: 30-Apr-2007 version: 0.0.1 purpose: { Provides functions, and an object def that uses them, to treat a series as a priority queue. When you insert items, you give them a priority (higher numbers mean a higher priority). In the actual series, the priority is stored along with the value, so you should always use the pq* functions to access them, to make things easier. } ] pq-insert: func [ series [any-block!] "Series to insert value into" value "The value to insert" priority [integer!] "Higher numbers have higher priority" ][ sort/skip/reverse append series reduce [priority value] 2 ] pq-remove: func [ "Remove an item from the priority queue" series [any-block!] "Series to remove value from" /index "Remove a specific item" idx [integer!] "The index of the item to remove" ][ remove/part either index [at series (idx * 2 - 1)] [head series] 2 ] pq-first: func [ series [any-block!] ][ ; skip over the priority value and return the actual value ; that was inserted in the queue. attempt [first next head series] ] pq-take: func [ series [any-block!] /local value ][ value: pq-first series pq-remove series value ] priority-queue: make object! [ data: copy [] insert: func [item priority] [pq-insert data item priority] remove: func [/index idx] [ either index [pq-remove/index data idx][pq-remove data] ] first: does [pq-first data] take: does [pq-take data] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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