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REBOL [ Title: "Mini-MetaDB" Author: "Christopher Ross-Gill" Version: 1.0.0 Date: 16-Mar-2010 File: %metadb.r Purpose: "Simple associative database for managing metadata" Comment: "Extracted from QuarterMaster project" Usage: [ ; change value 'root before use write meta/Subject/key "Value" read meta/Subject/key read meta/Subject write meta/(probe "Subject")/key "Value" ] Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [module database] domain: [database db] tested-under: [view] support: none license: 'cc-by-sa ] ] meta: use [root with url-encode add-protocol get-port-flags][ root: %/Path/To/Files/ ; folder where values are to be stored with: func [object [any-word! object! port!] block [any-block!] /only][ block: bind block object either only [block] :block ] url-encode: use [ch sp encode][ ch: #[bitset! 64#{AAAAAIJ0/wP+//8H/v//RwAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=}] encode: func [text][change/part text join "%" enbase/base to-string text/1 16 1] func [text [any-string!] /wiki][ sp: either wiki [#"_"][#"+"] parse/all copy text [ copy text any [ text: some ch | #" " (change text sp) | #"_" (all [wiki encode text]) | skip (encode text) ] ] text ] ] add-protocol: func ['name id handler /with block][ unless in system/schemes name [ system/schemes: make system/schemes compose [ (to-set-word name) #[none] ] ] set in system/schemes name make system/standard/port compose [ scheme: name port-id: (id) handler: (handler) passive: #[none] cache-size: 5 proxy: make object! [host: port-id: user: pass: type: bypass: #[none]] (block) ] ] get-port-flags: use [codes][ codes: [read 1 write 2 append 4 new 8 binary 32 lines 64 direct 524288] func [port words][ remove-each word copy words [ word: select codes word word <> (port/state/flags and word) ] ] ] meta: use [sw*][ sw*: system/words add-protocol meta 0 context [ port-flags: system/standard/port-flags/pass-thru init: func [port url /local spec][ unless all [ url? url spec: find/tail url meta spec: parse/all spec "/" parse spec with/only port [ set host string! (target: join lowercase url-encode/wiki host %.r) set path opt string! (path: all [path to-word path]) ] ][ raise ["Metadata URL <" url "> is invalid."] ] ] open: func [port][ with port [ state/flags: state/flags or port-flags locals: any [ attempt [load root/:target] sw*/copy [] ] ] ] copy: func [port][ with port [either path [sw*/select locals path][locals]] ] insert: func [port data][ with port [ remove-each [key val] locals [key = path] if all [path data][repend locals [path data]] new-line/all/skip locals true 2 ] ] close: func [port][ if [write] = get-port-flags port [write][ with port [save/all root/:target locals] ] ] ] meta:// ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage