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Discussion posts for script coding-maito.r

3-Jan-2005 22:26

I get a number of errors with this one.

  • The email address in the script header needs to be de-munged by the user
  • Line 73: There's no 'btn' style. You can either create one or replace 'btn' with 'button'
  • Line 182: 'layout' doesn't have a 'tight' refinement, at least not in stable. Just cut this little part out.
  • Line 105: 'bar' has no value. I get stuck here. Is 'bar' intended to be a style of box?
3-Jan-2005 23:04

btn is a usual giveaway that the script is using a beta later than the last official release. Same as button, only a bit rounder. If it were just that problem, you could edit it.....

tight appeared even later -- not sure when.

Alpha and beta releases (which you may need for this script) are available here.