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Discussion posts for script rebol-dom.r

16-Nov-2020 7:14
If you have any questions or suggestions please post them here so 
that i may improve the Rebol-DOM script.
24-Nov-2020 9:53
....... <start:rant="on"  placed="strategically" skip="yes:no;">you 
don't have to readthis</rant>........................

HTML,XML DOM is built as a tree structure from a document. In order 
to get or set something you must search the

entire tree with each call to a tag. Before returning a single tag 
it must first build a nodelist of all alike tags before
a method (function call) can be used. 

You actually need a browser, editor or IDE, and code experience with 
, javascript, html, css, HTML DOM, XML DOM,

HTML5, and to move or share across networks, XSL, XSLT, Xpath, XQuery, 
Ajax, a server, and server-side/backend with
access to client-side frontends, security, and administration. WWWOOOOOWWW!.

Rebol parse along with block searching is simpler, faster, easier 
to code, send, or recieve and uses less memory.

The Rebol choir membors know how to do all that need-to-know in one 
language, Rebol!, WWWOOOOWWW!....

The Rebol upjump (advantage) is a serious downfall. To spend the 
time using others stuff (bloatware) is a big time 

waister wich leaves Rebol all but alone, by itself and unused cause 
that bloatware in its domain can do it better 

when it's supported by more of the standard bloatware stuff. But 
have you seen how many disparate languages 
you need to use in a Web full stack process. 

To get people to use Rebol it has to have modules, FFI, execute C 
code, plug-ins,  GPU'ed, data-based,  IOS-Android 

and media/browser  access, embedable, AI, CLOUD-able, all wrapped 
up with a pretty open source bow. Please. 

Thats why i believe RED is the right direction for Rebol. But the 
wrong direction. Because people only want stuff. Either 

that suff has to do more stuff or be a part of the best known stuff 
to make them feel better or a part of the best stuff
going on at that moment.

So i give in. I want Rebol to catch on, not catch up. The Rebol-DOM 
is a way to load every body's stuff in, parse that stuff

up, change stuff, and send that stuff back out and let that other 
bloatware stuff deal with it.

Rebol don't need no stuff. It needs to progressively replace it by 
hiding the Rebol language and acting like a cloud

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) open source messenger through 
the internet. Nothing needs to change. This is what

Rebol is and does already. Rebol just needs this kind of App to materialize 
and offer itself up on a subscription base.

....... <start:rant="off" skip="yes:no;">did you read that. 
24-Nov-2020 10:01
Had errors in %rebol-DOM.r

From #"," characters and was returning "==" instead of "=" in DOM/html.
Should be fixed now.
2-Feb 2:00
9-Feb 16:25

if you have downloaded %rebol-dom.r be aware it was written to be
used with Rebol2, not R3. If you tried it with R3 and got errors, post them.

I'd appreciate it. i would like to make it R3 compatable. More example
of how to use %rebol-dom.r is coming along with mini DSL examples.

Remember the *markup-DOM: function has to be tuned to parse through
each DSL to return a DOM (Dialect Object Model) and the DOM should
be able to return as any DSL langauge.


write a html dsl. parse it with %rebol-dom.r, return a DOM wich can then
be returned as HTML. This is what your seeing done with the example code.

Why? The html dsl is easier to read and twice as
compact then html. Code corrections are done automatically. All HTML DOM
scripting is done against the DOM, and finally can be returned as html,
or something else entirely.

The reason for this first demo is everyone sooner or later works with
html and htmldom javascript. So show me! %HTMLview.r, a demo app
that acts as a simple browser was created for that purpose. It's a
personal script, not public, but i'll have to figure out a way to let the

NicomDoc- 9-Feb-2021
10-Feb 1:38
10-Feb 2:18
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25-Feb 7:54

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MakeDoc2 by REBOL- 25-Feb-2021