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Discussion threads (by Script)

1.0 KB
13 Mar 2003
Cumulates values in a block together, by successively applying the function to each value in Series.
author: Andrew Martin
Discussion posts: 84. Latest by: olive on 4-Jul.
pluginable analog alarm clock
3.5 KB
20 Sep 2004
aproximate an analog clock and add alarm
author: Tom Conlin
Discussion posts: 52. Latest by: usaew2312 on 2-Jul.
Altme chat reader/exporter
23.2 KB
19 May 2016
Display or export to html the content of an Altme chat group. Can be used in interractif or command-line mode. For usage, run the script with -? argument : "rebol.exe -s altme-chat-reader.r -?"
author: [unknown]
Discussion posts: 13. Latest by: saruonhosari on 9-Jan.
Area with scrollers style
13.7 KB
27 Sep 2004
This is a new area style with possible vertical and/or horizontal scrollers. It allow selection of text outside the viewable area and have a read-only mode.
author: Didier Cadieu (alias DideC)
Discussion posts: 32. Latest by: sekkidarku on 2-Jul.
args - generic command-line argument parser.
29.9 KB
17 Dec 2008
End to end command-line argument management. Using a command-line description dialect parse a command-line and if its valid, construct a context which reflects it.
author: Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
Discussion posts: 109. Latest by: breana on 9-Jul.
1.8 KB
13 Mar 2003
Provides an associative memory store.
author: Andrew Martin
Discussion posts: 40. Latest by: annasmith on 16-Jul.
Auto-hiding scroller style example
14.4 KB
14 Nov 2020
Add an auto-hiding scroller to VID GUIs
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Discussion posts: 17. Latest by: yurii101 on 1-May.
626 bytes
8 Jul 2003
Averages the values in the Block.
author: Andrew Martin
Discussion posts: 107. Latest by: sarausa0106 on 28-Jun.
Best File Fit
5.9 KB
18 Jun 2004
List the files that best fill up the available space. Use predefined strings or insert the available space in KB (= 1000 byte). Useful for selecting files to best fill up a CD/DVD.
author: Mauro Fontana
Discussion posts: 34. Latest by: johnsjvi95 on 9-May.
4.8 KB
22 Mar 2007
This script allows you to apply the four classical operations (add, subtract divide, multiply) on very big positive integers. Size of the integers is only limited by the size of a rebol string since numbers are represented as strings. When using this script, keep in mind that the operations manipulate string numbers in reverse order (see example at the end of [...]
author: [unknown]
Discussion posts: 26. Latest by: annafaaster on 8-May.
1.2 KB
8 Nov 2006
Convert a binary file to a series of floats and back
author: Glenn M. Lewis
Discussion posts: 72. Latest by: annasmith on 8-May.
better-than-nothing sqlite3 handler
5.7 KB
30 Jan 2006
easy access to sqlite3 database without /Pro or /Command features
author: Piotr Gapinski
Discussion posts: 80. Latest by: kyzer on 18-Jul.
Synchronizable Calendar/Scheduler
1.4 KB
18 Oct 2013
Easy-to-use Calendar/Scheduler that can be synchronized over a network, and has popup-alerts.
author: Izkata
Discussion posts: 28. Latest by: sandy76 on 11-Jun.
Calendar and Scheduler
8.1 KB
10 Jul 2008
A simple calendar application.
author: Sterling Newton
Discussion posts: 45. Latest by: user72 on 12-May.
Console capture
1.1 KB
13 Mar 2003
Capture console output in a string!
author: Nenad Rakocevic
Discussion posts: 55. Latest by: saruonhosari on 26-Jan.
CASE multiple conditional function
2.1 KB
27 Nov 2005
Provide a generalized multiple conditional function for situations that would otherwise call for deeply nested EITHER blocks. CASE is more general than SWITCH because the conditions can be any DO-able block rather than being based on a single value. This can be used simply to allow a SWITCH-like behavior that supports ranges instead of single [...]
author: Christopher M. Dicely
Discussion posts: 21. Latest by: opikeke on 4-Jun.
Sorry: cg/formobj.r: not found (1)
CGI wrapper function for debugging
2.6 KB
7 Jan 2005
Provides debugging info for scripts running as a CGI under a webserver
author: Sunanda
Discussion posts: 123. Latest by: jimmyberd on 18-Jun.
CGI common procedures
8.0 KB
10 Nov 2011
This is a collection of functions that could be used in a CGI program. There is nothing in this module that has not been done better by others, but the code is more heavily annotated for beginners. Separate documentation explains how to use the functions. The comments should be helpful also. None of this is my original creation. I just assembled and annotated, [...]
author: Steven White
Discussion posts: 31. Latest by: annasmith on 17-Jul.
CGI Form with Defaults
1.3 KB
13 Mar 2003
Handles a CGI form, providing default values for missing fields in the form. Returns a web page. (The associated cgiform.html file contains the form).
author: [unknown]
Discussion posts: 60. Latest by: kyzer on 12-Jan.
Chess moves generator
59.2 KB
29 Aug 2012
Generate all legitimate moves in any position.
author: Arnold van Hofwegen
Discussion posts: 77. Latest by: timogey on 22-May.
2.8 KB
2 Oct 2020
Func defines a function with given spec and body that remembers its arguments and locals after return. Clean-func defines a function with given spec and body that does not remember its arguments and locals after return.
author: Ladislav Mecir
Discussion posts: 14. Latest by: zognedamli on 19-Jul.
Code 3 of 9 (Code 39) Barcode Generator
2.6 KB
17 Apr 2006
Generates Code 39 barcode images which can be printed out and read with a standard barcode reader. Code 39 is limited to the alphanumeric characters listed in the 'code39 block within the function. It is a very popular barcode format in the US and doesn't need to conform to any particular length of characters and has no limitations placed on it by any sanctioning [...]
author: Bohdan Lechnowsky
Discussion posts: 154. Latest by: johnsjvi95 on 9-May.
5.4 KB
11 Sep 2004
a tool for coding the mailto info in a html page and avoid some spam
author: Philippe Le Goff
Discussion posts: 30. Latest by: sandy76 on 25-Jun.
Collect Function
3.5 KB
10 Jan 2006
Eliminate the result: copy [] ... append result value dance.
author: Gregg Irwin
Discussion posts: 37. Latest by: saruonhosari on 26-Jan.
Color REBOL Code in HTML
3.4 KB
22 Jul 2005
Colorize source code based on datatype. Result is HTML. This script is used to syntax color the library scripts.
author: Carl Sassenrath
Discussion posts: 14. Latest by: opikeke on 4-Jun.
1.6 KB
13 Mar 2003
.CSV file manipulation functions.
author: [unknown]
Discussion posts: 13. Latest by: saruonhosari on 26-Jan.
Date and time functions
11.8 KB
24 Feb 2011
This script contains the Rebol implementation of some date and time functions provided in the glibc library and the gnumeric (and therefore Microsoft Excel) software. While the use and handling of date and time data are in most cases straightforward with Rebol, some of the advanced date and times functionalities found in glibc and gnumeric are still missing in [...]
author: Francois Vanzeveren
Discussion posts: 34. Latest by: saruonhosari on 26-Jan.
Decode Charset Function
910 bytes
13 Mar 2003
Converts 'charset values to something readable
author: Nenad Rakocevic
Discussion posts: 17. Latest by: roryelila68 on 4-Jun.
Example for async dns:// and spam dns server
3.9 KB
4 Oct 2003
Example code to: 1) use the dns:// protocol in async mode 2) use the dns:// protocol to check spam address in async mode
author: Romano Paolo Tenca
Discussion posts: 79. Latest by: johnsjvi95 on 9-May.
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