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REBOL [ title: "Auto-hiding scroller style example" file: %auto-hiding-scroller-style.r author: "Marco Antoniazzi" email: [luce80 AT libero DOT it] date: 03-11-2020 version: 0.8.0 Purpose: {Add an auto-hiding scroller to VID GUIs} History: [ 0.0.1 [19-10-2020 "Started"] 0.8.0 [03-11-2020 "Main aspects completed"] ] Category: [util vid view] library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: 'how-to domain: [gui vid] tested-under: [View] support: none license: none see-also: none ] help: { This script defines an auto hiding scroller style. It is meant to be placed next to the style where scrolling is needed A few new VID words are introduced: 'for to define the style where scrolling is needed 'scrolling to define the facet, given as a word! or a path!, that has the value that controls the amount of scrolling 'scroll to define the initial amount of scrolling 'total to define a function that gives the total amount of displayable data 'visible to define a function that gives the amount of visible data 'direction to define if scrolling goes in negative or positive direction when incrementing it The scroller face has three main functions used to scroll the linked face and control the scroller appearance: scroll-to position [integer!] will scroll to given position. WARNING: this is 0-based because is meant also for images drag value [number! word!] "'step, 'page or a number in [0 1] range" dir [integer!] "-1 or 1" will scroll one step or page at a time or by the given value in [0 1] range update visible [integer!] total [integer!] to change the <visiblw> and <total> values See the example at the end of the script. } comment: { A few code is ripped from Rebol 2706031 SDK } todo: { key and scroll-wheel control ? But they are done in the linked face ? } ] ; debug ???: func ['name][prin name prin ": " probe either path? :name [do :name][get name]] ; watch: inspect: examine: ; gui update-face: func [ face [object!] value ] [ set-face face value do-face face get-face face ] hide-face: func [ face [object!] ] [ face/offset: 0x0 - face/size show face ] old-hide: :hide hide: func spec-of :hide [ face/hidden?: true ; will give error if word not found do pick [old-hide old-hide/show] not show face ] unhide: func [ "Unhide a face" face [object!] /no-show "Do not show change yet" ][ face/hidden?: false ; will give error if word not found unless no-show [show face] ] inner-size?: func [ "Give face's size less its edge" face [object!] ] [ face/size - edge-size? face ] set-facet: func [ "Attempt to change a face's facet value" face [object!] member [word! path!] value /no-show "Do not show change yet" ][ any [ attempt [do reduce [append to-set-path 'face member value]] attempt [do reduce [append to-set-path 'face member round value]] ] unless no-show [show face] ] get-facet: func [ "Get a face's facet" face [object!] member [word! path!] ][ do append to-path 'face member ] ; stylize/master [ arrow-btn: btn ; should be a button that acts only on mouse down feel [ redraw: func [face action position][ if action = 'draw [ ; FIXME: of is it better if action = 'show [... ? face/effect/draw/fill-pen: face/font/color ; resize the drawing face/effect/draw/translate: face/size / 2 face/effect/draw/scale: face/size / 4 face/effect/draw/rotate: select [right -90 down 0 left 90 up 180] face/head ] ] engage-super: :engage engage: func [face action event][ engage-super face action event case [ action = 'down [face/start: now/time/precise face/rate: 0:0:0.5 face/act face face/data] action = 'up [face/rate: none] event/type = 'time [face/rate: either (now/time/precise - face/start) < 0:0:1.5 [0:0:0.1][0:0:0.02] face/act face face/data] ] show face ; update timer ] ] with [ start: none head: 'down act: none words: [up right down left [new/head: first args args]] append init [ act: :action action: none ; use none (and "act" instead) to avoid doing action on mouse up append effect compose/deep [draw [ pen none fill-pen (font/color) translate (size / 2) scale (size / 4) rotate (select [right -90 down 0 left 90 up 180] head) triangle -1x-1 1x-1 0x1 ]] ] ] auto-hiding-scroller: btn edge [size: 0x0] feel [ redraw-super: :redraw redraw: func [face action position /local axis visible total][ redraw-super face action position if action = 'show [ axis: face/axis position: face/clip - face/dragger/size face/dragger/offset/(axis): face/data * position/(axis) + face/off/(axis) ; keep size same as that of linked face's face/size/(axis): face/linked/size/(axis) ; if size changed reposition arrow and recalc dragger and linked face size if (face/size) <> (face/arrow-2/offset + face/arrow-2/size) [ do-face face face/data ; update main face's values face/arrow-2/offset: face/size - face/arrow-2/size ; "auto-hide" scroller if possible visible: face/visible ; these are functions total: face/total ; 3 - axis is opposite of main axis (1 <-> 2) either visible < total [ face/linked/size/(3 - axis): face/offset/(3 - axis) - face/linked/offset/(3 - axis) face/update visible total unhide/no-show face ; use no-show to avoid recursion ! ][ face/linked/size/(3 - axis): face/offset/(3 - axis) - face/linked/offset/(3 - axis) + face/size/(3 - axis) hide face ] ; if we're using %simple-vid-resizing.r update also stored dimensions if attempt [face/linked/feel/decis] [ face/linked/feel/decis/3: face/linked/size/x face/linked/feel/decis/4: face/linked/size/y ] ] face/show?: not face/hidden? ; keep it hidden if necessary ] ] over: none ; avoid changing background when over engage: func [face action event /local dir][ case [ action = 'down [ face/start: now/time/precise face/rate: 0:0:0.5 dir: either outside? (event/offset + win-offset? face) win-offset? face/dragger [face/arrow-1][face/arrow-2] face/move-drag dir face/page ] action = 'up [face/rate: none] event/type = 'time [ face/rate: either (now/time/precise - face/start) < 0:0:1.5 [0:0:0.1][0:0:0.02] if within? event/offset win-offset? face/dragger face/dragger/size [ face/rate: none exit ] dir: either inside? event/offset win-offset? face/dragger [face/arrow-2][face/arrow-1] face/move-drag dir face/page ] ] show face ; update timer ] ] with [ state: true ; use inverted image for background data: ; main value in [0 1] range start: ; time when mouse down ratio: ; visible size / total size (proportional draggers) step: ; scrolling granularity page: ; paging size 0.0 axis: none ; integer used to indicate X or Y major axis off: clip: 0x0 ; account for arrow boxes in scrollers arrow-1: arrow-2: dragger: none hidden?: false ; to be able to permanently hide the scroller visible: ; amount of visible data (a function or will be converted to a function) total: ; amount of displayable data (a function or will be converted to a function) scroll: 0 ; scrolling value in [0 or 1 +/-(total - visible)] range direction: 1 ; direction of scrolling: 1 to increment, -1 to decrement linked: ; the face to be controlled facet: none ; the facet that makes the scrolling [word! or path!] action: func [face value] [ value: to-integer value * (face/total - face/visible) value: min max 0 value face/total if value <> face/scroll [ face/scroll: value set-facet face/linked face/facet value * face/direction ] ] access: ctx-access/data-number words: [ for [new/linked: second args next args] scrolling [new/facet: second args next args] visible [ new/visible: second args if block? new/visible [new/visible: does new/visible] if not function? get in new 'visible [new/visible: does reduce [new/visible]] next args ] total [ new/total: second args if block? new/total [new/total: does new/total] if not function? get in new 'total [new/total: does reduce [new/total]] next args ] scroll [new/scroll: second args next args] direction [new/direction: either positive? second args [1][-1] next args] ] redrag: func [val /local tmp][; this function is ripped from REBOL SDK, only a little modified ; clip the ratio to proper range (save for possible resize) ratio: min max 0 val 1 ; compute page step size page: any [all [ratio = 1 0] ratio / (1 - ratio)] ; compute space behind dragger clip: size - (2 * edge/size) - (arrow-1/size * pick [0x2 2x0] axis = 2) ; compute size of dragger tmp: clip/:axis * ratio ; don't let dragger get smaller than 10 pixels if tmp < 10 [page: either clip/:axis = tmp: 10 [1][tmp / (clip/:axis - tmp)]] dragger/size/(axis): tmp ] update: func [visible [integer!] total [integer!]][ step: 1 / max 1 (total - visible) ; arrows will scroll by a step arrow-1/data: arrow-2/data: step redrag min (max 1 visible) / (max 1 total) 1 self ] move-drag: func [face val][ update-face face/parent-face min max 0 face/parent-face/data + (face/dir * val) 1 ] scroll-to: func [pos [integer!] /local visible total] [ visible: self/visible total: self/total ; scale to [0 1] range pos: (min pos (total - visible)) / max 1 (total - visible) update-face self min max 0 pos 1 ] drag: func [ value [number! word!] "'step, 'page or a number in [0 1] range" dir [integer!] "-1 or 1" ][ value: switch/default value [ step [step] page [page] ] value dir: either dir = 1 [arrow-2][arrow-1] move-drag dir value ] append init [ ; I must make the pane in init to avoid duplicated faces pane: reduce [ arrow-1: make-face/spec 'arrow-btn [ dir: -1 action: :move-drag ] dragger: make-face/spec 'btn [ ; FIXME: use %feel-loose.r ? feel: make feel [ redraw: func [face action position][ face/effect/draw/translate: (size / 2) ] engage: func [face action event /local value axis clip][ if find [over away] action [ axis: face/parent-face/axis clip: face/parent-face/clip/(axis) - face/size/(axis) value: face/offset + event/offset - face/data - face/parent-face/off value: min max 0 value/(axis) clip value: either clip = 0 [0][value / clip] update-face face/parent-face value ] if find [down alt-down] action [face/data: event/offset] ; store mouse pos ] ] append init [ append effect compose/deep [draw [ pen (black) ; FIXME: (main-font/color) fill-pen none ; it's a pity I cannot give decimal! numbers here translate (size / 2) ;scale (size / 4) circle 0x0 2.5 ]] ] ] arrow-2: make-face/spec 'arrow-btn [ dir: 1 action: :move-drag ] ] axis: pick [2 1] size/y >= size/x arrow-1/size/(3 - axis): dragger/size/(3 - axis): arrow-2/size/(3 - axis): size/(3 - axis) arrow-1/size/(axis): arrow-2/size/(axis): size/(3 - axis) ; keep these square dragger/offset: arrow-1/size * pick [1x0 0x1] axis arrow-1/head: pick [left up] axis arrow-2/head: pick [right down] axis off: arrow-1/size clip: size - (2 * edge/size) - (off * pick [2x0 0x2] axis) update visible total ] ] ] do ; just comment this line to avoid executing examples [ if system/script/title = "Auto-hiding scroller style example" [;do examples only if script started by us ; script-version , choose_file , download , load-script-thru (all manually minified) do decompress 64#{ eJxVVNtu2zAMfc9XECqGbkMdDdiejLUFtu6twG7Yk6AWiiwn3nRxJSpu/n6UbAdtAgQkRZGHh0fZ9C20ffYaNqk5ttCLBNwGrSwcYQQtBQU/bOkLugXzrG3uDOjgRmuc 8QhjC/qgYjLI4KF54Gz1JBuLwZW1kAQeYma/vn35fs+UP8HIBKuho4lpCL5lKThTGobxRJ2rpyWGBjN1gqPc6Me+wOtXeF6CyB4HC8K3EM1TNgmbfrCG/zNm5MHbEycX TYQehh588OYWvIgGc/TVleZ5SJgoWlpFswu2ViB/09nSLq/tLOxAQ0d8DGbi3kxA55oYMLHplTZg1SlkFHZn2V2YvA2qG/yeoXlGeNuH6CC/27UwxrCPJiWpS3mE3UkK omuusSMXOKDsykSqa7xBvt6ADK2G7CuAMh1h6uSmNGqSjsOITaG0lPXAe6vSAfikYnFicEQuX9gmgpepdOPB0e8RlBSKpKAQjRuxhKgQ6aLUmnOdFMTiEW6AlAJuRkh8 klW5dHJTWUY4KpuJ6suCtImBIuJskogGPNBO0ilRqxUS/wTX8FG84V/5n0Qh/iPv7KD5XdC56CxJOkM3ShJCQ/s+1+MtjdMCiUocZ6FKN7tKlLlGSpCzSRcXi9arRJoG 1IdVOSSLv2Hwom7KszpHH7LvIESYYvB7WKBeQaEcBryCblk0OVA5nqZpW2W0DXFfbj7lAW/pLdxTFjsLg7GfFGdSbC5E5U6UPHkhMGZDuq5oH3v2fhsZRXtlE+VUygtI EAfEseX8VTu+omnUoodtvF2E4ZUz12Xswk1qEkbS5rqJWSqiqyuuS3Vy2WQ/EAFufrggmKBXYmIMkTH5Ugvw8mCKA5pFWU7Sp8ii/AuIUpE4IknSjMqaiOeB2O8KFD4z z25ek7+KFkOA5KjQlklJlbOndwOX/eY/gnuiqMQEAAA= } do load load-script-thru/flash/warn/from %simple-win-resizer-style.r %simple/ clear last mod: load load-script-thru/flash/warn/version %simple-vid-resizing.r 1.2.3 do mod ;prin "^(back)" ; open console for debug win: layout [ here: at sizer: win-resizer move-xy space 0 across at here area-test: area 150x100 resize-xy trim/auto { 123456789_123456789_123456789_ a b c dd e f g h} edge [size: 1x1] with [ feel: make ctx-text/edit [ engage-super: :engage engage: func [face action event][ engage-super face action event ; update visible and total values scrx/update first inner-size? face first size-text face scry/update second inner-size? face second size-text face ; sync dragger position with text scrolling scrx/scroll-to 0 - face/para/scroll/x scry/scroll-to 0 - face/para/scroll/y ] ] ] ; dimension is given only to suggest orientation, the scroller will adapt to its linked face's size scry: auto-hiding-scroller 16x20 move-x resize-y for area-test scrolling 'para/scroll/y visible [second inner-size? area-test] total [second size-text area-test] direction -1 return scrx: auto-hiding-scroller 20x16 move-y resize-x for area-test scrolling 'para/scroll/x visible [first inner-size? area-test] total [first size-text area-test] direction -1 ] ; put sizer on window's bottom-right corner and keep it there sizer/user-data: sizer/offset: win/size - sizer/size view/options center-face win [resize] ] ; if title ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage