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Documentation for: tar.r



Author: Vincent Ecuyer
Date: 4-Feb-2013
File: %tar.r


1. Purpose
2. Usage
3. Compatibility

1. Purpose

Creates tar archives.

2. Usage

With one file:

write/binary %test.tar tar %my-file.txt

With a block of files:

write/binary %test.tar tar [%my-file.txt %my-dir/my-file.bmp %just-a-dir/]

You can of course gzip the tar (with %gzip.r):

do %tar.r 
do %gzip.r 

write/binary %test.tgz gzip tar [%some-files ...]

Resulting archive is usually smaller than a *.zip of the same files.

3. Compatibility

Tested with 7-Zip 9.20 on WindowsXP SP3 and bsdtar 2.6.2 on MacOSX 10.6.8, and works with both REBOL 2 (/Core & /View) and REBOL 3.

MakeDoc2 by REBOL- 4-Feb-2013