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REBOL [ Title: "FastCGI Broker" File: %fcgi-broker.r Date: 15-Dec-2005 Author: "Pascal Hurni" Version: 1.0.1 Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'windows type: [module tool] domain: [cgi http html extension win-api] tested-under: [w2k core 2.5.6 view 1.3.1 view 1.3.2] support: license: 'bsd see-also: ] Purpose: {Rebol script broker for a hooked rebol interpreter launched as a FastCGI application. This is the root script which runs others scripts on request of the FastCGI peer. This enables REBOL/Core or REBOL/View to act as a FastCGI application without the need for REBOL/Command. This script only works on Windows with a patched REBOL interpreter. Details available at } ] fcgi-broker: context [ ;-- buffer for the command command: make string! 8192 ;-- magic value to indicate 'end of command' magic: to-binary {^~ReBfCgI} ;-- alias for the input stream stdin: system/ports/input ;-- Function that waits for the next request wait-for-command: func [port [port!] /local result][ ;-- commands are line oriented set-modes stdin [lines: true] ;-- Read stdin until we find the magic marker (this is to skip previous stdin data not read) while [not error? result: try [command: copy first port]][ if command: find/tail command magic [ return command ] ] ;-- Loop broken by an error, is it an EOF ? if not-equal? 315 get in disarm result 'code [ ;-- No, show it probe result ] none ] ;-- The broker itself run: has [result][ ;-- Keep original words quit': :quit halt': :halt ;-- Quit and Halt executed in the script, should simply abort the do block quit: halt: func [[throw]][return none] ;-- Wait and get next FCGI command while [command: wait-for-command stdin][ ;-- Execute the command which will set up the system/options/cgi do command ;-- Launch the script (DO DOES is for encapsulating the try block in a function so that QUIT and HALT can simply RETURN) if do does [error? set/any 'result try [do to-rebol-file system/options/cgi/path-translated]][ ;-- Output error to web server print rejoin ["Content-Type: text/plain^/^/<pre>" mold disarm result "</pre>"] ] ;-- Put the 'End of command' marker in the output stream write-io system/ports/output magic length? magic ;-- This tries to force a thread scheduling, so that the FcgiHandler can catch the magic marker (it has a higher priority) wait 0.01 ] ;-- No more commands, end. quit: :quit' halt: :halt' ] ] ;-- Do it! fcgi-broker/run
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage