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Nim engine
12.7 KB
19 Jul 2005
Calculate the best move in a game of NIM
author: Sunanda
Space Game
262.4 KB
13 Oct 2005
A space shooting game. Objective: Using your cannon, destroy meteors to avoid colliding with them and earn points Controls (keyboard): To shoot, press SPACE key. To rotate your cannon and aim, use the RIGHT and LEFT keys
author: Ayrris Aunario
VID Shooter
vid-shooter.r1.9 KB
6 Mar 2010
A simple shooter game to demonstrate timer events and offsets in VID. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
Hunt the Wumpus
9.7 KB
20 Jul 2003
A REBOL version of a retro text game. Just for fun.
author: Gregg Irwin
Chess moves generator
59.2 KB
29 Aug 2012
Generate all legitimate moves in any position.
author: Arnold van Hofwegen
13.9 KB
2 Feb 2006
Mine-sweeper game
author: Allen Kamp
Tic Tac Toe
4.2 KB
6 May 2003
No known purpose.
author: Ryan S. Cole
18.2 KB
29 Aug 2012
A nice logical puzzle game.
author: arnold van hofwegen
11.9 KB
4 Oct 2012
icon for supermastermind.rThe old clasic game Mastermind
author: Massimiliano Vessi
31.3 KB
27 Mar 2006
Reversi / Othello
author: Vincent Ecuyer
Little 3D Game
3d-game.r3.8 KB
2 Jan 2017
Try to click the bouncing REBOLs as many times as possible in 30 seconds. The speed increases with each click! The 3D logic and calculations in this script were taken directly from Gregory Pecheret's ebuc-cube script, at: This script can also be found in the tutorial at [...]
author: nick
Chess board handler
12.1 KB
28 Aug 2012
icon for cbh.rFunction as a chess board interface. Support playing a game of chess according to the rules of the game of chess.
author: Arnold van Hofwegen
A Variation on Conway's Game of Life
5.3 KB
21 Sep 2005
A GUI implementation of a modified version of the popular cellular automaton system. The rules: 1) Each cell (square) on the grid is either alive (blue) or dead (white) 2) For every iteration, each cell's next state depends on current state and # of live neighbors a) if cell is alive, it stays alive <=> 2 or 3 neighbors are alive b) if cell is dead, [...]
author: Ayrris Aunario
Mirror languages module
mirror-lang.r19.5 KB
18 Jul 2012
[no purpose header found]
author: Arnold van Hofwegen
demo.r4.1 KB
14 Sep 2009
Amazingly small REBOL demo app: 10 useful programs in only 2.5k (LESS THAN HALF A PRINTED PAGE OF CODE!): 1 - FREEHAND PAINT: draw and save graphic images 2 - SNAKE GAME: eat food, avoid hitting the walls and yourself 3 - TILE PUZZLE, 15 : arrange the tiles into alphabetical order 4 - CALENDAR: save [...]
author: nick
Guess the number
guess-the-number.r1.7 KB
12 Oct 2014
This game will ask you to enter a number and will then say if it is more or less than a predefined random number with best ability and worst luck you will need (log in base 2 of MAX) tries to guess the number (if you are interested in this google Binary search [...]
author: Caridorc
Half-life log parser
hllogparser.r5.8 KB
4 Mar 2004
Allows a rebol script to parse server logs from the game: Half-life
author: Cal Dixon
Herd The Sheep Game
herd-the-sheep.r3.7 KB
10 Feb 2013
Inspired by the LiveCode Sheep Herder game (advertised because it was conceived and completed within 3 hours, 18 minutes). This quick implementation took 17 minutes to create, using REBOL :) Also available at:
author: Nick Antonaccio
jeopardy.r19.5 KB
7 Oct 2009
A GUI game reminiscent of the popular TV show. Click on the header image to create and save config files which contain questions and answers to separate games. Change the sizer variable to resize the entire layout to fit different screens. Taken from the tutorial at
author: [unknown]
The Petals of the Rose
5.1 KB
14 May 2005
This is a small guessing game. One should guess a number which is based upon 1. the name of the game 2. rolling the dice
author: Arie van Wingerden
Add post-effects with shaders
12.2 KB
3 May 2020
Example use of %gles-egl-h.r
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Space Invaders Shootup
space-invaders-shootup.r6.9 KB
24 Aug 2009
An extremely simple variation of the classic game. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick
textris.r8.2 KB
29 Jun 2008
The game of Tetris, in text mode. Taken from the tutorial at
author: nick antonaccio
F1 demo
4.8 KB
23 Nov 2012
icon for f1.rSimple car game, just t show how to scroll images
author: Massimiliano Vessi
FF3 ZSNES Saved state editor
ff3edit.r10.0 KB
4 Mar 2004
A tool to edit saved state files for Final Fantasy 3 as created by the ZSNES emulator
author: Cal Dixon