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REBOL [ File: %demo.r Date: 3-sep-2009 Title: "Demo" Author: Nick Antonaccio Purpose: { Amazingly small REBOL demo app: 10 useful programs in only 2.5k (LESS THAN HALF A PRINTED PAGE OF CODE!): 1 - FREEHAND PAINT: draw and save graphic images 2 - SNAKE GAME: eat food, avoid hitting the walls and yourself 3 - TILE PUZZLE, "15": arrange the tiles into alphabetical order 4 - CALENDAR: save and view events for any date 5 - VIDEO: live webcam video viewer - not just static images 6 - IPs: display your LAN and WAN IP addresses 7 - EMAIL: read emails from any pop account 8 - COUNT DAYS: count the days between 2 selected dates 9 - PLAY SOUNDS: Browse your computer for wave files to play 10 - FTP TOOL: web site editor (browse folders on your server, click files to edit and save changes back to the server, create and edit new files etc.) This example is 100% native REBOL. No external libraries, images, GUI components, or other resources of any kind are imported. It runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and any other OS supported by REBOL/View. Taken from the tutorial at } ] p: :append kk: :pick r: :random y: :layout q: 'image z: :if gg: :to-image v: :length? g: :view k: :center-face ts: :to-string tu: :to-url sh: :show al: :alert rr: :request-date co: :copy g y[style h btn 150 h"Paint"[g/new k y[s: area black 650x350 feel[engage: func[f a e][ z a = 'over[p pk: s/effect/draw e/offset sh s]z a = 'up[p pk 'line]]] effect[draw[line]]b: btn"Save"[save/png %a.png gg s al"Saved 'a.png'"]btn "Clear"[s/effect/draw: co[line]sh s]]]h"Game"[u: :reduce x: does[al join{ SCORE: }[v b]unview]s: gg y/tight[btn red 10x10]o: gg y/tight[btn tan 10x10]d: 0x10 w: 0 r/seed now b: u[q o(((r 19x19)* 10)+ 50x50)q s(((r 19x19)* 10)+ 50x50)]g/new k y/tight[c: area 305x305 effect[draw b]rate 15 feel[engage: func[f a e][z a = 'key[d: select u['up 0x-10 'down 0x10 'left -10x0 'right 10x0]e/key]z a = 'time[z any[b/6/1 < 0 b/6/2 < 0 b/6/1 > 290 b/6/2 > 290][x]z find(at b 7)b/6[x]z within? b/6 b/3 10x10[p b u[q s(last b)]w: 1 b/3:((r 29x29)* 10)]n: co/part b 5 p n(b/6 + d)for i 7(v b)1[ either(type?(kk b i)= pair!)[p n kk b(i - 3)][p n kk b i]]z w = 1[clear( back tail n)p n(last b)w: 0]b: co n sh c]]]do[focus c]]]h"Puzzle"[al{ Arrange tiles alphabetically:}g/new k y[origin 0x0 space 0x0 across style p button 60x60[z not find[0x60 60x0 0x-60 -60x0]face/offset - x/offset[ exit]tp: face/offset face/offset: x/offset x/offset: tp]p"O"p"N"p"M"p"L" return p"K"p"J"p"I"p"H"return p"G"p"F"p"E"p"D"return p"C"p"B"p"A"x: p white edge[size: 0]]]h"Calendar"[do bx:[z not(exists? %s)[write %s ""]rq: rr g/new k y[h5 ts rq aa: area ts select to-block(find/last(to-block read %s)rq)rq btn"Save"[write/append %s rejoin[rq" {"aa/text"} "]unview do bx]] ]]h"Video"[wl: tu request-text/title/default"URL:"join"" "/m54ltm"g/new k y[image load wl 640x480 rate 0 feel[engage: func[f a e][ z a = 'time[f/image: load wl show f]]]]]h"IPs"[parse read tu join"http://" ""[thru<title>copy my to</title>]i: last parse my none al ts rejoin["WAN: "i" -- LAN: "read join dns:// read dns://]]h"Email"[ g/new k y[mp: field"pop://user:%pass--site--com"btn"Read"[ma: co[]foreach i read tu mp/text[p ma join i"^/^/^/^/^/^/"editor ma]]]]h"Days"[g/new k y[ btn"Start"[sd: rr]btn"End"[ed: rr db/text: ts(ed - sd)show db]text{Days Between:}db: field]]h"Sounds"[ps: func[sl][wait 0 rg: load sl wf: 1 sp: open sound:// insert sp rg wait sp close sp wf: 0]wf: 0 change-dir %/c/Windows/media do wl:[wv: co[]foreach i read %.[z %.wav = suffix? i[p wv i]]]g/new k y[ft: text-list data wv[z wf <> 1[z error? try[ps value][al "Error"close sp wf: 0]]]btn"Dir"[change-dir request-dir do wl ft/data: wv sh ft]]]h{FTP}[g/new k y[px: field"ftp://user:%pass--site--com/folder/"[ either dir? tu va: value[f/data: sort read tu va sh f][editor tu va]]f: text-list[editor tu join px/text value]btn"?"[al{Type a URL path to browse (nonexistent files are created). Click files to edit.}]]]]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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