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REBOL [ Author: {Izkata} Email: %Izkata--gmail--com File: %calendar-install.r Date: 24-Jul-2005 RealCreationDates: [1-Jul-2005 to 19-Jul-2005] Title: {Synchronizable Calendar/Scheduler} Purpose: {Easy-to-use Calendar/Scheduler that can be synchronized over a network, and has popup-alerts.} Info: { Interesting tidbits: The original installer was 32.3 KB large. Then I added comments to the (amazingly confusing) code, and it increased to 43.9 KB Then I fixed the sync'ing section (%Networking.r) to work nicer, and it shrank: 43.6 KB Finally, I added a nice Help section that allows comments and editing: 50.9 KB If there are more problems, I do try to check the Rebol3 AltME world at least once a day... } History: [ 21-Jan-2008 {A couple of problems found that crash View 1.3.2... Both fixed} 24-Jul-2005 {Initial Upload} 26-Jul-2005 {A few fixes... Changed to a Package} ] Library: [ level: 'advanced platform: [win windows] type: [tool package] domain: [gui ] tested-under: {Rebol/View 1.3.1 in WinXP} support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] Instructions: { This is the stub... Run to open the packager, and choose Calendar-Install.r for the real thing ^^.^^ } view/new layout/tight [backdrop white text Instructions] do
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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