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Discussion posts for script bin-to-float.r

7-Nov-2006 17:56
bin-to-float.r is my first non-trivial script that I needed myself. 
 (It relies on 'ieee.r', which is also in this library.)

Basically, I use it like so:
d: read/binary %filename.dat
f: bin-to-float d
; Process series of floats...
write/binary float-to-bin f %newfile.dat

Please feel free to comment on it, as I'm not sure if my algorithm is the most efficient way to handle the binary! and series! types.

While I'm here, does anyone know of a function that takes a series 
and a block as inputs, then outputs a new series based on the mapping 
function that is provided in the block?

For example, let's say that my binary floats represent RGB data and 
I need to unscramble the data into the correct order.  Then, I suppose 
the next step is converting that to an image! type.  Hmm... I think 
I still have a fair learning curve ahead of me.
8-Nov-2006 20:53

I think you are asking for an equivalent of LISP's map function.

There isn't one in the Script Library, but several have been contributed / demonstrated on the Mailing List.

See Mailing List Archive, Map topic.