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27 scripts tagged as: [platform  ·  win]

17.3 KB
21 Apr 2016
icon for archiver.rBackup files
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Synchronizable Calendar/Scheduler
1.4 KB
18 Oct 2013
Easy-to-use Calendar/Scheduler that can be synchronized over a network, and has popup-alerts.
author: Izkata
Capture Screen
6.0 KB
5 Apr 2007
(Microsoft/Windows only:) Returns screenshot as an image (or NONE in case of failure).
author: christian ensel
Clipboard Buttons
102.1 KB
14 Apr 2005
An aid and illustration of button scripts.
author: R. v.d.Zee
8.3 KB
17 Dec 2008
(Microsoft/Windows only:) Read and write text, bitmaps and files from and to the clipboard.
author: Christian Ensel
Crystal Reports
10.2 KB
6 Apr 2007
Provides a basic API to the Crystal-Report® report engine (crpe32.dll) to show, print and export reports. Allows for setting formulas and selection criteriae as well as passing parameters when launching reports.
author: Christian Ensel
Beware the Entity
entity.r0.9 KB
18 Oct 2013
Little creature that runs around faces playing around
author: Izkata
Demo Msx Emulation Galaga
88.5 KB
28 Feb 2007
MSX Emulation using rebcode
author: Guest2
A Variation on Conway's Game of Life
5.3 KB
21 Sep 2005
A GUI implementation of a modified version of the popular cellular automaton system. The rules: 1) Each cell (square) on the grid is either alive (blue) or dead (white) 2) For every iteration, each cell's next state depends on current state and # of live neighbors a) if cell is alive, it stays alive <=> 2 or 3 neighbors are alive b) if cell is dead, [...]
author: Ayrris Aunario
GLES and EGL library interface
139.2 KB
28 Apr 2020
Use modern OpenGL with shaders
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Visual Illusions Series: Heaver Illusion
heaver.r1.8 KB
16 Jun 2005
show some visual illusions with rebol (view 1.3)
author: François Jouen
Visual Illusions Series: Kanizsa's Figures
kanizsa.r2.1 KB
15 Jun 2005
show some visual illusions with rebol (view 1.3)
author: François Jouen
Mini Synthesizer
65.0 KB
22 Sep 2005
Multi-purpose music program with the following features: 1) a 24-key (2-octave range includes middle C to B) keyboard/synthesizer with visual and audio output 2) for most basic chords in any given key, outputs the sound of that chord, the formal musical notation, and the corresponding keyboard keys 3) plays Twinkle Twinkle...
author: Ayrris Aunario
myskype.r2.5 KB
23 Oct 2011
Controls the audio settings on my skype client.
author: [unknown]
NeHe Lesson 5 for GLUT
6.7 KB
25 Apr 2013
Example use of %opengl-glu-glut-h.r and OpenGL. Almost ripped from John Niclasen
author: Marco Antoniazzi
NeHe Lesson 5 SDL
10.7 KB
23 Sep 2012
Example use of %opengl-glu-glut-h.r and %sdl-h.r
author: Marco Antoniazzi
NeHe Lesson 5
6.7 KB
26 Nov 2011
Example use of %opengl-glu-glut-h.r and OpenGL. Almost ripped from John Niclasen
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Paste Clipboard
618 bytes
10 Dec 2008
Obsolete, see clipboard.r instead (sorry for the confusion)
author: Christian Ensel
Add post-effects with shaders
12.2 KB
3 May 2020
Example use of %gles-egl-h.r
author: Marco Antoniazzi
JS Promises
54.6 KB
28 Apr 2020
A Rebol-style implementation of JS Promises
author: Marco Antoniazzi
13.9 KB
13 Mar 2003
View and modify data of windows registry.
author: Frank Sievertsen
Simple System Tray
simple-system-tray.r2.8 KB
18 Oct 2013
After learning Rebol 1.3 could place itself in the System Tray on Windows, and after finding Graham's example, I decided to make a slightly simpler version of the System Tray dialect. Since it's based on Graham's example, it may well be missing stuff... Later note: This was also an experiment for me, learning the parse dialect.
author: Izkata
Space Game
262.4 KB
13 Oct 2005
A space shooting game. Objective: Using your cannon, destroy meteors to avoid colliding with them and earn points Controls (keyboard): To shoot, press SPACE key. To rotate your cannon and aim, use the RIGHT and LEFT keys
author: Ayrris Aunario
srchiver.r259 bytes
17 Apr 2016
icon for srchiver.r[no purpose header found]
author: marco antoniazzi
905 bytes
10 Mar 2006
Convert the rebol date into a iCal date string .
author: RebKodeur
Tooltip example and other... to be continued
tooltip.r2.3 KB
17 Dec 2019
Simplest tooltip to VID GUIs + ...
author: saulius_g
My Clipboards
3.1 KB
19 Jul 2006
Manage multiple clips. So have more than just one choice when [copy]/paste; Could be helpful if repeat of pasting of a set of contents is needed.
author: Z. Yao