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REBOL [ title: "Crystal Reports" name: 'crystal-reports file: %crystal-reports.r author: "Christian Ensel" date: 6-Apr-2007 version: 0.1.0 purpose: { Provides a basic API to the Crystal-Report® report engine (crpe32.dll) to show, print and export reports. Allows for setting formulas and selection criteriae as well as passing parameters when launching reports. } example: [ open-report-engine ticket: none view center-face layout [ btn "Öffne Report" [all [none? ticket ticket: show-report/with/only %/C/Reuffel/Reporte/Explore.rpt ["Debugging" "True"] {{RechnungEF_txt.ADRESS_RKNR_KNR} = "24170"}]] btn "Schließe Report" [close-report ticket ticket: none] btn "Ende" [unview/all] at 20x100 box black 800x600 ] close-report-engine ] exposes: [ open-report-engine "Opens the Crystal-Report® report engine." close-report-engine "Closes the Crystal-Report® report engine." show-report "Shows a Crystal-Report® report." print-report "Prints a Crystal-Report® report." launch-report "Launches a Crystal-Report® report." close-report "Close a Crystal-Report® report." ] needs: [%crpe32.dll] reference: [ file://localhost/C:/Reuffel/Reporte/VB_Report_Engine_API.pdf file://localhost/C:/Reuffel/Reporte/devmode.pdf ] library: [ level: 'intermediate Platform: 'win type: [module tool function] code: 'module domain: [win-api database external-library printing visualization] license: 'BSD support: none see-also: none tested-under: [view on [WinXP] "CHE"] ] todo: { - EXPORT-REPORT not implemented yet. - Utilize PEWINDOWOPTIONS and other options. - Refinements get complicated already, better dialect them. - Dewierdify error handling. } history: [ 6-Apr-2007 0.1.0 CHE "Initial version" ] ] context [ crpe32.dll: load/library %crpe32.dll &pe: [unchanged -1 sizeof [window_options 32]] ;-- crpe32.DLL constants &ws: [maximize 16777216 maximizebox 65536 sysmenu 524288] ;-- These are alien to crpe32.dll, they belong to user32.dll. I need them here for PEOutputToWindow to open a maximized &cw: [usedefault -2147483648] ; window with system menu, miximise and close button. PEWindowOptions: make struct! [ StructSize [short] ; initialize to &PE/SIZEOF/WINDOW_OPTIONS hasGroupTree [short] canDrillDown [short] hasNavigationControls [short] hasCancelButton [short] hasPrintButton [short] hasExportButton [short] hasZoomControl [short] hasCloseButton [short] hasProgressControls [short] hasSearchButton [short] hasPrintSetupButton [short] hasRefreshButton [short] showToolbarTips [short] ; Default is TRUE (*Show* tooltips on toolbar) showDocumentTips [short] ; Default is FALSE (*Hide* tooltips on document) hasLaunchButton [short] ] none PEOpenEngine: make routine! [return: [short]] crpe32.dll "PEOpenEngine" PECloseEngine: make routine! [] crpe32.dll "PECloseEngine" PEOpenPrintJob: make routine! [report [string!] return: [short]] crpe32.dll "PEOpenPrintJob" PESetSelectionFormula: make routine! [job [short] formula [string!] return: [short]] crpe32.dll "PESetSelectionFormula" PEClosePrintJob: make routine! [job [short] return: [integer!]] crpe32.dll "PEClosePrintJob" PEOutputToPrinter: make routine! [job [short] copies [short] return: [integer!]] crpe32.dll "PEOutputToPrinter" PEOutputToWindow: make routine! [job [short] title [string!] left [integer!] top [integer!] width [integer!] height [integer!] style [integer!] window [integer!] return: [integer!]] crpe32.dll "PEOutputToWindow" PEStartPrintJob: make routine! [job [short] wait? [integer!] return: [short]] crpe32.dll "PEStartPrintJob" PEGetErrorCode: make routine! [job [short] return: [short]] crpe32.dll "PEGetErrorCode" PEGetErrorText: make routine! compose/deep [job [short] handle [struct! [value [integer!]]] length [struct! [value [integer!]]] return: [integer!]] crpe32.dll "PEGetErrorText" PEGetHandleString: make routine! compose/deep [handle [integer!] buffer [string!] length [short] return: [integer!]] crpe32.dll "PEGetHandleString" PEEnableProgressDialog: make routine! [job [short] enable [integer!] return: [integer!]] crpe32.dll "PEEnableProgressDialog" PESetFormula: make routine! [job [short] name [string!] formula [string!] return: [integer!]] crpe32.dll "PESetFormula" ;----------------------------------------------- open/close-report-engine -- ; report-error: func ["Opens the Crystal-Report® report engine." job [integer! none!] message [string!] /local code handle length error] [ code: PEGetErrorCode any [job 0] handle: make struct! [value [integer!]] [0] length: make struct! [value [short]] [0] PEGetErrorText job handle length error: head change change/dup make string! length + 1 any [byte #"."] length "^@" PEGetHandleString handle/value error length/value throw make error! rejoin [message " (" code "): " trim/lines error] ] ;----------------------------------------------- open/close-report-engine -- ; set 'open-report-engine func ["Opens the Crystal-Report® report engine." ] [PEOpenEngine ] set 'close-report-engine func ["Closes the Crystal-Report® report engine."] [PECloseEngine] ;------------------------------------------------------------ show-report -- ; set 'show-report func [ "Shows a Crystal-Report® report." [catch] report [file!] "Report to show" /only "Supplies a selection criteria." selection [string!] /with "Supplies a formula(s)." formulas [block!] /input "Supplies parameters." parameters [string!] ][ launch-report/options 'show report reduce ['only selection 'with formulas 'input parameters] ] ;----------------------------------------------------------- print-report -- ; set 'print-report func [ "Prints a Crystal-Report® report." [catch] report [file!] "Report to print" /only "Supplies a selection criteria." selection [string!] /with "Supplies a formula(s)." formulas [block!] /input "Supplies parameters." parameters [string!] ][ launch-report/options 'print report reduce ['only selection 'with formulas 'input parameters] ] ;---------------------------------------------------------- launch-report -- ; set 'launch-report func [ "Launches a Crystal-Report® report." [catch] action [word!] "One of 'SHOW, 'PRINT or 'EXPORT" report [file!] "Report to launch" /only "Supplies selection formula(s)." selection [string!] /with "Supplies formula(s)." formulas [block!] /input "Supplies parameters." parameters [string!] /title "Window title" window [string!] /options arguments [block!] /local job ][ if options [ selection: select arguments 'only formulas: select arguments 'with parameters: select arguments 'input ] if zero? job: PEOpenPrintJob report: join to-local-file report #"^@" [ crystal-error job "Error opening print job" ] foreach [name formula] any [formulas []] [ if zero? PESetFormula job name formula [ crystal-error job rejoi ["Error setting formula '" name "' to '" value "'"] ] ] if selection [ ;selection: join selection #"^@" if zero? PESetSelectionFormula job selection [ crystal-error job "Error specifying selection formula" ] ] switch action [ print [ if zero? PEOutputToPrinter job 1 [ crystal-error job "Error outputting to printer" ] ] show [ if zero? PEOutputToWindow job any [window system/script/parent/title "REBOL - Crystal-Reports® Report Engine"] &cw/usedefault &cw/usedefault &cw/usedefault &cw/usedefault &ws/maximize or &ws/maximizebox or &ws/sysmenu 0 [ crystal-error job "Error outputting to window" ] ] ; export [ ; Dim Options As PEExportOptions ; Options.StructSize = Len(Options) ; require PEGetExportOptions(iPrintJob, Options) ; require PEExportTo(iPrintJob, Options) ; ] ] if zero? PEStartPrintJob job 1 [ crystal-error job "Error starting to print report" ] if action <> 'show [ if zero? PEClosePrintJob job [ crystal-error job "Error starting to print report" ] ] either action = 'show [job] [true] ] ;----------------------------------------------------------- close-report -- ; set 'close-report func [job] [ if zero? PEClosePrintJob job [ crystal-error job "Error starting to print report" ] ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage