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REBOL [ title: "Capture Screen" name: 'capture-screen file: %capture-screen.r author: ["Gregg Irwin" "Christian Ensel"] version: 0.3.0 date: 5-Apr-2007 purpose: "(Microsoft/Windows only:) Returns screenshot as an image (or NONE in case of failure)." example: [ if snapshot: capture-screen [ view center-face layout/tight compose [img: image snapshot (snapshot/size) [quit] effect [colorize coal]] ] ] library: [ level: 'intermediate Platform: 'win type: [function] code: 'function domain: [win-api graphics] license: 'BSD support: none see-also: none tested-under: [view on [WinXP] "CHE"] ] ] context [ user32.dll: load/library %user32.dll gdi32.dll: load/library %gdi32.dll &SM_CXSCREEN: 0 &SM_CYSCREEN: 1 &SRCCOPY: 13369376 #{CC0020} &CAPTUREBLT: 1073741824 #{40000000} &CLR_INVALID: 65535 #{FFFF} &BI_RGB: 0 &DIB_RGB_COLORS: 0 BITMAP: make struct! [Type [integer!] Width [integer!] Height [integer!] WidthBytes [integer!] Planes [short] BitsPixel [short] Bits [char*]] none BITMAPINFOHEADER: make struct! [Size [integer!] Width [integer!] Height [integer!] Planes [short] BitCount [short] Compression [integer!] SizeImage [integer!] XPelsPerMeter [integer!] YPelsPerMeter [integer!] ClrUsed [integer!] ClrImportant [integer!]] none ; RGBQUAD: make struct! [Blue [char!] Green [char!] Red [char!] Reserved [char!]] none ; BITMAPINFO: make struct! compose/deep/only [Header [struct! (first BITMAPINFOHEADER)] Colors [struct! (first RGBQUAD)]] none GetSystemMetrics: make routine! [Index [integer!] return: [integer!]] user32.dll "GetSystemMetrics" GetDesktopWindow: make routine! [return: [integer!]] user32.dll "GetDesktopWindow" GetDC: make routine! [Wnd [integer!] return: [integer!]] user32.dll "GetDC" CreateCompatibleDC: make routine! [DC [integer!] return: [integer!]] gdi32.dll "CreateCompatibleDC" CreateCompatibleBitmap: make routine! [DC [integer!] Width [integer!] Height [integer!] return: [integer!]] gdi32.dll "CreateCompatibleBitmap" SelectObject: make routine! [DC [integer!] Object [integer!] return: [integer!]] gdi32.dll "SelectObject" BitBlt: make routine! [DCDest [integer!] XDest [integer!] YDest [integer!] Width [integer!] Height [integer!] DCSrc [integer!] XSrc [integer!] YSrc [integer!] ROp [integer!] return: [integer!]] gdi32.dll "BitBlt" GetPixel: make routine! [DC [integer!] x [integer!] y [integer!] return: [integer!]] gdi32.dll "GetPixel" ReleaseDC: make routine! [Wnd [integer!] DC [integer!] return: [integer!]] user32.dll "ReleaseDC" DeleteDC: make routine! [DC [integer!] return: [integer!]] gdi32.dll "DeleteDC" DeleteObject: make routine! [Object [integer!] return: [integer!]] gdi32.dll "DeleteObject" GetObject: make routine! [Object [integer!] Count [integer!] Object [struct* [(first BITMAP)]] return: [integer!]] gdi32.dll "GetObjectA" GetDIBits: make routine! [DC [integer!] Bitmap [integer!] StartScan [integer!] ScanLines [integer!] Bits [image!] BI [struct* [(first BITMAPINFO)]] Usage [integer!] return: [integer!]] gdi32.dll "GetDIBits" require: func ["Throws NONE if condition isn't met." [throw] argument] [unless not zero? argument [throw none]] set 'capture-screen func [ "(Microsoft/Windows 32bit-screens only:) Returns screenshot as an image (or NONE in case of failure)." /local n.ScreenWidth n.ScreenHeight h.DesktopWnd h.DesktopDC h.CaptureDC s h.CaptureBitmap h.Bitmap h.BitmapInfo h.BitmapInfoHeader img.Snapshot ][ img.Snapshot: catch [ require n.ScreenWidth: GetSystemMetrics &SM_CXSCREEN require n.ScreenHeight: GetSystemMetrics &SM_CYSCREEN require h.DesktopWnd: GetDesktopWindow require h.DesktopDC: GetDC h.DesktopWnd require h.CaptureDC: CreateCompatibleDC h.DesktopDC require h.CaptureBitmap: CreateCompatibleBitmap h.DesktopDC n.ScreenWidth n.ScreenHeight require SelectObject h.CaptureDC h.CaptureBitmap require BitBlt h.CaptureDC 0 0 n.ScreenWidth n.ScreenHeight h.DesktopDC 0 0 &SRCCOPY or &CAPTUREBLT h.Bitmap: make struct! BITMAP none require GetObject h.CaptureBitmap (length? third h.Bitmap) h.Bitmap img.Snapshot: make image! as-pair h.Bitmap/Width h.Bitmap/Height h.BitmapInfoHeader: make struct! BITMAPINFOHEADER reduce [40 h.Bitmap/Width h.Bitmap/Height h.Bitmap/Planes 32 &BI_RGB 0 0 0 0 0] ;-- The docs say GEtDIBits expects a BITMAPINFO, not a -HEADER, but I wasn't able to get this working. Additionally, the scanlines ; copied are reversed vertically, which is why that at EFFECT [FLIP 0x1] is necessary. ; ; h.BitmapInfo: make struct! BITMAPINFO compose [(second h.BitmapInfoHeader) (second RGBQuad)] require GetDIBits h.CaptureDC h.CaptureBitmap 0 h.Bitmap/Height img.Snapshot h.BitmapInfoHeader &DIB_RGB_COLORS img.Snapshot/alpha: 0 to image! layout/tight compose [image img.Snapshot (img.Snapshot/size) effect [flip 0x1]] ] if h.DesktopDC [ReleaseDC h.DesktopWnd h.DesktopDC] if h.CaptureDC [DeleteDC h.CaptureDC] if h.CaptureBitmap [DeleteObject h.CaptureBitmap] img.Snapshot ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage