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rebol [ File: %echos.r Date: 6-Jan-2005 title: "echos" Author: "Anton Reisacher" Library: [ Level: 'beginner platform: [] Type: 'function Domain: patch tested-under: [some] support: none license: none ] Purpose: "allows reusing of an already existing echo file " Description: {I use echo/append to-file now/date instead of the normal echo command to write one contiguous log file per day} ] echo: func [ "Copies console output to a file." [catch] target [file! none! logic!] /append ][ if port? system/ports/echo [ close system/ports/echo system/ports/echo: none ] if target = true [target: %rebol-echo.txt] if file? target [ system/ports/echo: throw-on-error [ either not append [ open/write/new/direct target ] [ target: open/direct target skip target 4294967295 ; highest int should move to the end target ] ] ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage