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REBOL [ title: "request-date object/func optimization and enhancment" file: %request-date.r Author: "Didier Cadieu" email: to-email rejoin ["Didec" #"@" ""] ; ( the bot) date: 23-dec-2003 version: 1.1 purpose: { This is an enhanced replacement for the original request-date function, the embedded date picker in view (datepicker). - Clean, correct and optimize the code. - add day names at top of window (use system/locales/days). - add first-day-of-week value to choose starting with Sunday or Monday. (I think this value should be part of system/locales) - add Today button at bottom. - Today is shown with red circle in calendar. - New refinment: 'request-date/date a-date to initialize the calendar. This date is shown with red square in calendar, and is retuned instead of none if the window is closed. WARNING ! It needs View 1.2.8+ to work } library: [ level: 'advanced platform: 'all type: [function module tool demo] domain: [gui patch ui] tested-under: [View 1.2.8 on [win2k winXP] View 1.2.41 on [Win2k WinXP]] support: none license: 'public-domain see-also: none ] ] ;***** MOD function will be included in View 1.3 ; Here is a quick define for older version if not value? 'mod [mod: func [a b][a // b]] req-funcs: make req-funcs [ req-date: make object! [ base: date-lay: last-f: mo-box: today-draw: this-draw: result: none cell-size: 24x24 ; NEW WORD: DETERMINE FIRST DAY OF WEEK (1=monday or 7=sunday) ; THE BETTER WILL BE TO ADD THIS WORD TO system/locales ; IT COULD BE INITIALIZE ACCORDING TO THE O.S. VALUE (if possible). first-day-of-week: 7 ; THE COMPUTATION WAS CHANGED TO MANAGE FIRST-DAY-OF-WEEK ; AND AVOID HAVING AN EMPTY FIRST LINE calc-month: func [/local month bas tod d][ bas: base month: bas/month bas/day: 1 bas: bas - (mod bas/weekday 14 - first-day-of-week) + mod first-day-of-week 7 tod: now/date foreach face skip date-lay/pane 11 [ either bas/month <> month [face/text: none] [ face/text: bas/day d: copy either bas = tod [today-draw][[]] if bas = result [append d this-draw] face/effect: compose/only [draw (d)] ] bas: bas + 1 ] mo-box/text: md base show [date-lay mo-box] ] md: func [date][join pick system/locale/months date/month [" " date/year]] init: func [/local cell-feel offs fon cs2][ if none? base [base: now/date] fon: make face/font [valign: 'middle align: 'center] cell-feel: make face/feel [ over: func [f a] [ f/color: either all [a f/text] [yellow] [f/color2] show f ] engage: func [f a e] [ if all [a = 'down f/text] [ either f/data [base: f/data][base/day: f/text] f/color: f/color2 result: base hide-popup ] ] ] cs2: cell-size / 2 today-draw: reduce ['pen red 'circle cs2 - 1 cs2/x - 3 'circle cs2 cs2/x - 3] this-draw: reduce ['pen red 'box 1x1 cell-size - 2x2] date-lay: layout [ size cell-size * 7x9 origin 0x0 space 0 across arrow left cell-size [base/month: base/month - 1 calc-month] mo-box: box cell-size * 5x1 md base font [size: 12] arrow right cell-size [base/month: base/month + 1 calc-month] return offs: at at cell-size * 0x8 box rejoin ["Today: " now/date] cell-size * 7x1 with [ color2: color font: fon effect: compose/only [draw (today-draw)] feel: cell-feel data: now/date ] ] last-f: func [num][ append date-lay/pane make face [ offset: offs size: cell-size feel: edge: none text: copy/part pick system/locale/days num 2 ] offs/x: offs/x + cell-size/x ] last-f first-day-of-week repeat slot 6 [last-f first-day-of-week // 7 + slot 2] offs: offs + cell-size * 0x1 last-f: none repeat slot 42 [ append date-lay/pane make face [ offset: offs size: cell-size color: color2: white font: fon feel: cell-feel data: edge: none ] offs/x: offs/x + cell-size/x if zero? slot // 7 [offs: offs + cell-size * 0x1] ] calc-month ] set 'request-date func [ "Requests a date." /date dat [date!] "Initial date to show" /offset xy [pair!] ][ ; ON CLOSE WITHOUT SELECTION, IF /DATE, RETURN "DAT" ELSE RETURN NONE base: any [result: either date [dat][none] now/date] either none? date-lay [init][calc-month] either offset [inform/offset date-lay xy] [inform date-lay] result ] ] ] ;***************** TEST-CODE ****************** ; Delete from here to end to use in your own script sl-en: make system/locale [] sl-fr: make system/locale [ months: [ "Janvier" "Février" "Mars" "Avril" "Mai" "Juin" "Juillet" "Août" "Septembre" "Octobre" "Novembre" "Décembre" ] days: [ "Lundi" "Mardi" "Mercredi" "Jeudi" "Vendredi" "Samedi" "Dimanche" ] ] view layout [ style tx text 100 right vh3 "Test request-date" across tx "Locales:" rotary "English" "French" [ system/locale: select reduce ["English" sl-en "French" sl-fr] face/text ; Reinitialize the layout req-funcs/req-date/date-lay: none ] return tx "First day of week:" rotary "Sunday" "Monday" [ req-funcs/req-date/first-day-of-week: select ["Sunday" 7 "Monday" 1] face/text ; Reinitialize the layout req-funcs/req-date/date-lay: none ] return button 208 "Request-date" [f-r/text: form request-date show f-r] return button 208 "Request-date/date result" [ if any [empty? f-r/text "none" = f-r/text] [f-r/text: now/date] f-r/text: to string! request-date/date to date! f-r/text show f-r ] return tx "Result:" f-r: field 100 ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage