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Documentation for: patch-ftp-226-handling.r

Patch for REBOL FTP protocol 226 response handling

1. When to use this script

This script is only useful for older versions of REBOL (official releases older than REBOL/View 1.3).

2. What this script does

It defines a function to modify REBOL FTP protocol handler functions to fix a known bug in older versions of REBOL.

It then calls the function on FTP protocol handler functions that are known to have the bug.

3. How to use this script

Just DO it.

If you want to see if changes are made then print the result of the DO, for example:

    PRINT DO %patch-ftp-226-handling.r

If you are an SDK user then you could apply this script, view the changes and incorporate them into the source of your encapped applications manually.

4. When this script might fail

This script makes an assumption that the REBOL FTP protocol code below is always wrong:

    net-utils/confirm port/locals/cmd-port transfer-check

and that the replacement code is always right:

    net-utils/confirm/multiline port/locals/cmd-port transfer-check

If this assumption is broken the script will not have the intended effect.

5. About the script author

Brett Handley started programming REBOL early 2000 and maintains a site of REBOL information and scripts at: