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114 scripts tagged as: [//ui]

Directory selector (treeview)
4.2 KB
26 Sep 2003
Open a requestor to select a directory. The current directories path is shown as a tree, and sub-dirs are shown for selection.
author: Didier CADIEU
Request List Enhanced
16.4 KB
18 Aug 2014
An enhancement to the regular request-list that allows selecting items from a request list by typing in the first few characters of the item. Works with text, word and number lists. Designed to make optimum use of the keyboard. - New refinement request-list-enhanced/return-index will return the index of the item not the value. - Keys used; cursor up, down, page-up, [...]
author: mike yaunish
request time
request-time.r4.6 KB
20 Sep 2004
widget to return a valid time datatype
author: Tom Conlin
31.3 KB
27 Mar 2006
Reversi / Othello
author: Vincent Ecuyer
runner.r4.5 KB
18 Oct 2013
Run rebol scripts or open websites at certain time intervals. For example, I use it with an email-checking script and a few others I just felt like compressing it to save some space - I use floppy disks a lot. do this in the console to get the source: write %RunnerDecomp.txt decompress pick (load %Runner.r) 3
author: Izkata
Scrolling layout demo
scrollinglayout.r22.7 KB
7 Feb 2013
This is a demo of making a sub-layout, on a main window, that is too big for the main window and can be scrolled. It was adapted from the REBOL cookbook and heavily annotated as an aid in learning how the scroller works.
author: Steven White with help from Carl and MaxV
Simple accordion style
2.0 KB
23 Aug 2018
Create accordions, using a simple but versatile function.
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Simple launcher
956 bytes
2 Jun 2011
A simple gui to launch a REBOL script.
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Menu style example
2.1 KB
30 Oct 2010
A quick way to add a simple menu to VID GUIs
author: Marco Antoniazzi directly derived from Nick Antonaccio
Pop-down style example
8.8 KB
17 Oct 2020
A quick way to add a simple pop-down to VID GUIs
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Spin-number style example
11.0 KB
17 Oct 2020
A quick way to add a simple spin-number to VID GUIs
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Simple System Tray
simple-system-tray.r2.8 KB
18 Oct 2013
After learning Rebol 1.3 could place itself in the System Tray on Windows, and after finding Graham's example, I decided to make a slightly simpler version of the System Tray dialect. Since it's based on Graham's example, it may well be missing stuff... Later note: This was also an experiment for me, learning the parse dialect.
author: Izkata
Ticker style example
1.6 KB
6 May 2012
A quick way to add a simple ticker to VID GUIs
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Tooltip style example
5.6 KB
3 Apr 2016
A quick way to add a simple tooltip to VID GUIs
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Simplified VID resizing
12.0 KB
23 May 2020
Helps create resizing VID guis
author: Marco Antoniazzi
window resizer style example
2.5 KB
2 Jun 2011
A quick way to add a simple window resizer to VID GUIs
author: Marco Antoniazzi
another slider
5.0 KB
13 Mar 2003
Adds vertical slider to any face
author: oldes
Space Game
262.4 KB
13 Oct 2005
A space shooting game. Objective: Using your cannon, destroy meteors to avoid colliding with them and earn points Controls (keyboard): To shoot, press SPACE key. To rotate your cannon and aim, use the RIGHT and LEFT keys
author: Ayrris Aunario
12.5 KB
27 Mar 2005
A spellchecked area
author: Volker Nitsch
784 bytes
24 Dec 2003
Functions with static vars
author: Vincent Ecuyer
steel library modules (in slim format)
638 bytes
28 Apr 2004
A package which includes all the lastest steel slim modules
author: Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
Sticky Notes
10.4 KB
18 Sep 2009
Simple but useful sticky note application. Click on New to create new note item. Use icons on note items to edit, delete & resize the item. Click on an item to move, hold CTRL to align. All notes will be saved (compressed) under %notes.dat when you click on Save or Quit.
author: Endo
2.9 KB
29 Nov 2004
Use in the simplest way the tooltip. This is a first intent it's a little bit deprecated and we have worked on a better way to generate and handle tooltips. I share this with you because I think this code have a good educationnal value and is a good point start if you are interested in tooltips avanced filnal version please visit . Sample script [...]
author: Shadwolf, Boss, DideC
10.8 KB
21 Dec 2011
icon for supercalculator.rScientific calculator in Rebol!
author: Massimiliano Vessi
Superenalotto extractor
2.9 KB
7 Jul 2009
Simple random number generator.
author: Massimiliano Vessi
11.9 KB
4 Oct 2012
icon for supermastermind.rThe old clasic game Mastermind
author: Massimiliano Vessi
Tail recursion
3.9 KB
6 May 2003
Provides transparent tail recursive functions with refinement transferral. Source code 4 gurus only
author: Maarten Koopmans
TextureLab - Texture generator
25.6 KB
31 Oct 2006
Generate mathematical textures
author: ReBolek
TFACE: Scrolling text face
tface.r16.9 KB
3 Nov 2011
This is a module that can be included in a larger program with the command 'do %tface.r' and it will provide a function (TFACE-SHOW-TEXT <text-string-parameter>' that will display a passed text string in a scrolling window. This code was copied from the REBOL cookbook and annotated so that the copier could understand it.
author: Steven White with help from Carl
Tic Tac Toe
4.2 KB
6 May 2003
No known purpose.
author: Ryan S. Cole
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