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REBOL [ Title: "Superenalotto extractor" Version: 2.0.9 Author: "Massimiliano Vessi" file: %superenalotto.r Email: %maxint--tiscali--it Date: 07-Jul-2009 Purpose: {Simple random number generator.} ;following data are for library ;you can find a lot of rebol script there library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: [tutorial tool] domain: [math vid gui] tested-under: [windows linux] support: none license: [gpl] see-also: none ] ] ;FOREWORDS ;Supernalotto is a national lotery ;in Italy ;you have to guess six numbers from 1 to 90 ;you have, usually, two row to fill ;prizes are very very high (around € 100'000'000) ;good luck! ;UPDATE: Now in Italy is possible to choose another numer: the "SuperStar"... in addition... bleah!!! ;Initialize the random generator random/seed now header-script: system/script/header version: "Version: " append version header-script/version ;This function extract 6 random number ;and sort them , and then verify they are ;all different funz_estr: func [] [ prova: [] until [ verifica: true prova: head prova clear prova loop 6 [ wait random 6 p1/data: p1/data + 0.08 show p1 insert prova random 90 ] sort prova forall prova [ if (index? prova) = 6 [break] if (( first prova ) = ( second prova)) [ verifica: false ] ] verifica ] prova: head prova return prova ] ;This layout is a simple window that ;it appears and show "Elaborazione..." ;(Elaborazione means Thinking in Italian) thinking: layout [ h2 "Elaborazione..." p1: progress ] ;A info window info: layout [ h2 "INFO" text "Author: Massimiliano Vessi" text "email: %maxint--tiscali--it" text version button "Close" [unview] ] ;The main window with the button to extract ;numbers view layout [ title "SuperEnalotto extractor" across a1: box 50x50 "---" a2: box 50x50 "---" a3: box 50x50 "---" a4: box 50x50 "---" a5: box 50x50 "---" a6: box 50x50 "---" stella1: box 50x50 effect [draw [ fill-pen red polygon 5x20 18x20 25x0 32x20 45x20 35x30 41x50 25x40 9x50 15x30 ] ] return b1: box 50x50 "---" b2: box 50x50 "---" b3: box 50x50 "---" b4: box 50x50 "---" b5: box 50x50 "---" b6: box 50x50 "---" return button "Estrazione" [ view/new thinking estrazione: copy funz_estr wait random 3 estrazione2: copy funz_estr a1/text: estrazione/1 a2/text: estrazione/2 a3/text: estrazione/3 a4/text: estrazione/4 a5/text: estrazione/5 a6/text: estrazione/6 b1/text: estrazione2/1 b2/text: estrazione2/2 b3/text: estrazione2/3 b4/text: estrazione2/4 b5/text: estrazione2/5 b6/text: estrazione2/6 stella1/text: random 90 unview thinking p1/data: 0 show [a1 a2 a3 a4 a5 a6 b1 b2 b3 b4 b5 b6 stella1 ] ] button "info" [view/new/title info "Info"] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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