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REBOL [ Title: "TFACE: Scrolling text face" Author: "Steven White with help from Carl" File: %tface.r Date: 3-Nov-2011 Purpose: {This is a module that can be included in a larger program with the command 'do %tface.r' and it will provide a function (TFACE-SHOW-TEXT <text-string-parameter>' that will display a passed text string in a scrolling window. This code was copied from the REBOL cookbook and annotated so that the copier could understand it.} library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [tutorial tool] domain: [gui vid] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] ;; [ This module was modified from a scroller demo that was modified from ] ;; [ an example in the REBOL cookbook. ] ;; [ ] ;; [ This module provides a function that accepts a big text string and ] ;; [ displays it in a scrolling face. It is like a "printing" module that ] ;; [ "prints" to the screen in a way that can be scrolled. The formatting ] ;; [ of the text string is up to the caller. ] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] ;; [ This is a scroller demo from the REBOL cookbook, with annotations to ] ;; [ describe some of the obscure points. ] ;; [ ] ;; [The key understanding is that T1 it an interface object, and its text value] ;; [can be envisioned as a rectangle of pixels, with the text "displayed" on ] ;; [it. ] ;; [ ] ;; [Only a part shows through the window. The para/scroll/y value shows the ] ;; [starting point from which text is displayed. This value starts at zero when] ;; [the text is displayed at the top, and "increases" in a negative direction ] ;; [because the text area can be envisioned as a grid with the top left corner ] ;; [being 0x0--thus "down" the text would be in a negative y direction like ] ;; [the coordinates in algebra. The display window also is a rectangle of ] ;; [pixels, and displaying in it starts at 0x0. ] ;; [ ] ;; [The size/y value is the vertical size of the text window. The user-data ] ;; [value is the vertical size of the text. The (user-data minus size/y) ] ;; [expression is evaluated first. The result of that calculation represents ] ;; [a point in the text value somewhere back from the maximum value, that is, ] ;; [back from the end. That point, back from the end, is back by a distance ] ;; [equal to the size of the display window. In other words, it is the point ] ;; [in the text value where, if the text is displayed from that point forward, ] ;; [you will hit the end of the text when you hit the end of the window. In ] ;; [other words, it is the point where you start to display text when you are ] ;; [displaying the last page. ] ;; [ ] ;; [The para/scroll/y value is going to vary from zero (the top of the text) ] ;; [to the result of the above calculation (the last page), as you operate ] ;; [the scroller. That is why the (user-data minus size/y) result is ] ;; [multiplied by the data value of the scroller (which is a fraction in ] ;; [the range of zero to one). Somewhere in that range of zero through ] ;; [(user-data minus size/y) is where we want to start displaying a window ] ;; [of text. ] ;; [ ] ;; [The reason for the max function is that it could happen that the text ] ;; [is SMALLER than the window. In that case, (user-data minus size/y) will ] ;; [be negative (and will be negated later giving a positive value), and we ] ;; [don't want that. Instead, we want to display from the top all the time, ] ;; [and thus want para/scroll/y to be zero. ] ;; [ ] ;; [We negate the para/scroll/y value because we are going "down" the ] ;; [text in a negative y direction. ] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] ;; [ In the functions below, TXT and BAR are internal names to refer to ] ;; [ the text area and the scroller that get passed to the functions. ] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] ;; [ This is the viewing screen with a text area and a scroller to scroll ] ;; [ through the text area. ] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] TFACE-OUT: center-face layout [ ;; "across" means that interface objects will be side-by-side, ;; and the "return" command will go down. across h3 "Program Output" return ;; This makes the scroller tight up next to the text box. space 0 ;; a text box and a scroller right next to it. T1: text 700x600 wrap green black font-name font-fixed S1: scroller 16x600 [TFACE-SCROLL T1 S1] return ;; Go down 5 pixels pad 0x5 ;; Set inter-object spacing to 5 pixels. space 5 ;; Make our operating and debugging buttons. button "Close" [TFACE-CLOSE T1 S1] ] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] ;; [ This function is called every time the scroller is moved. ] ;; [ In general, it modifies the properties that indicate where the text ] ;; [ should be displayed from, and the redisplays the text. ] ;; [ But how does it do that? ] ;; [ The para/scroll/y attribute is a number that shows the position in ] ;; [ in the text that is at the top of the display area. It varies from ] ;; [ zero, when the text is shown from the beginning, to some maximum ] ;; [ value when the and of the text is in the window. ] ;; [ What is that maximum value? It is size of the text minus the size ] ;; [ of the the display area. In other words, it is a point back from the ] ;; [ end equal to the size of the box. If the text is displayed from that ] ;; [ point, when you run out of text you will run out of box. ] ;; [ The para/scroll/y value becomes a negative value, with an increasing ] ;; [ absolute value, as we move down through the text. ] ;; [ The "data" attribute of the scroller varies from zero, when the ] ;; [ scroller is at the top, to 1 when the scroller is at the bottom. ] ;; [ This fractional value is applied to the maximum possible size of ] ;; [ para/scroll/y to set it to a point from which text will be displayed. ] ;; [ The "max" function is used to account for the situation where the ] ;; [ text is smaller than the size of the box. In that case, the ] ;; [ calculation of (text size) minus (box size) will be negative, and ] ;; [ negating that will be positive, which is a value we don't want to ] ;; [ see for para/scroll/y because it is in the "wrong direction" so to ] ;; [ speak. ] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] TFACE-SCROLL: func [TXT BAR][ TXT/para/scroll/y: negate BAR/data * (max 0 TXT/user-data - TXT/size/y) show TXT ] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] ;; [ This is the function used by the caller. It loads the text area ] ;; [ with the contents of a passed text wtring, so that we have something ] ;; [ to scroll through. Then is displays a window containing the text. ] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] TFACE-SHOW-TEXT: func [TFACE-TEXT-IN][ ;; Load the text area of the screen with the text passed from ;; the caller. T1/text: TFACE-TEXT-IN ;; Set para/scroll/y so we display from the top of the text. T1/para/scroll/y: 0 ;; Set the initial scroller position to the top. S1/data: 0 ;; This must be done whenever you load up a test area. T1/line-list: none ;; Store the "y" size of the text in the user-data attribute. T1/user-data: second size-text T1 ;; Set the size of the thing you grab in the scroller. ;; It is the size of the text area divided by the size of the ;; text in that area. In other words, if the size of the ;; text in the area gets bigger, the little grabby thing ;; has to get smaller. S1/redrag T1/size/y / T1/user-data ;; Display the window. view TFACE-OUT ] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] ;; [ This function responds to the "Close"button. ] ;; [ Parameters are passed in case of some future need, but at this time ] ;; [ all the procedure does is close the window. ] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] TFACE-CLOSE: func [TXT BAR] [ unview ] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] ;; [ End of module. ] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] ;; [ To use this module, remove or comment-out the code from here to the ] ;; [ the end. The code below is present just so that if you execute ] ;; [ this module, it will produce a result so you can see what it does. ] ;; [ Normally, this would not be a stand-alone program, but would be ] ;; [ a re-usable function that one would call from a larger program. ] ;; [---------------------------------------------------------------------------] DEMO-TEXT: #{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} TFACE-SHOW-TEXT decompress DEMO-TEXT
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage