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REBOL [ title: "Pop-down style example" file: %simple-pop-down-style.r author: "Marco Antoniazzi" email: [luce80 AT libero DOT it] date: 18-06-2020 version: 0.0.4 Purpose: {A quick way to add a simple pop-down to VID GUIs} comment: {You are strongly encouraged to post an enhanced version of this script} History: [ 0.0.1 [21-09-2014 "First version"] 0.0.2 [23-05-2020 "Changed show/hide mechanism, similar to html modal popups"] 0.0.3 [13-06-2020 "Added if title..."] 0.0.4 [18-06-2020 "Fixed size. Added data"] ] Category: [util vid view] library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: 'how-to domain: [gui vid] tested-under: [View] support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] stylize/master [ choice-btn: btn with [ hide-face: func [face [object!]] [face/offset: 0x0 - face/size show face] pad: 6 font: make font [align: 'left] font-btn: font ; copy font to copy its size to list text update: true ; update face when an item is chosen chosen: none ; to store chosen item list: none list-size: none text: any [text ""] texts: any [texts [""]] colors-back: none colors-fore: none access: context [ set-face*: func [face value][face/text: face/chosen: value] get-face*: func [face][face/chosen] ] words: [ update [new/update: second args next args] data [new/data: second args next args] ] insert init [ ; must insert in init to avoid reusing face (boh? , copied from check-line) if size/x <> -1 [size/x: size/x - pad] ; arrow down pane: make-face/spec 'box compose/deep [ size: 12x10 offset: 0x0 feel: none effect: [draw [transform 0.0 0x0 2 2 0x0 pen (font/color) fill-pen (font/color) polygon 1x1 3x1 2x2 ]] edge: make edge [size: 1x0 color: none] ] ] append init [ if data [ append texts data ] if texts [ data: texts chosen: first texts ] para: make para [origin: origin + 2x0] size/x: size/x + pad edge-size: edge-size? self pane/offset: as-pair (size/x - pane/size/x ) (size/y - 5 / 2) pane/offset/x: either empty? text [pane/offset/x / 2][pane/offset/x - 2] list-size: any [list-size size/x] list: layout/tight [ list as-pair (list-size) 18 * ((length? texts) - 1) + 2 edge [size: 1x1 color: black] [ txt (list-size) "" with [ ; use txt if text is modified colors-back: reduce [white black] colors-fore: reduce [black white] font: make font [color: first colors-fore size: font-btn/size] color: first colors-back feel: make feel [ over: func [face action event][ face/font/color: pick face/colors-fore not action face/color: pick face/colors-back not action show face ] engage: func [face action event /local win][ if event/type = 'down [ do-face list/data chosen: face/text hide-face list ; restore colors face/font/color: face/colors-fore/1 face/color: face/colors-back/1 ] ;focus find-window face show [face list] ] ] ] ] supply [ face/text: texts/(count + 1) if count > length? texts [return none] ] ] ;list/type: 'pop-down-list list/color: none ; place a color here to see what is happening list/pane/1/subface/pane/1/colors-back: any [reduce colors-back reduce [white black]] list/pane/1/subface/pane/1/colors-fore: any [reduce colors-fore reduce [black white]] list/data: self ; store btn face list/feel: make face/feel [ engage: func [face action event /local win][ ;hide covering face if mouse pressed hide-face list ; FIXME: add key support ] ] ] ] feel [ redraw-super: :redraw redraw: func [face act pos][ redraw-super face act pos if face/update [face/text: face/chosen] ] engage: func [face action event /local win pop-list offset][ if action = 'down [ if 1 >= length? face/data [exit] remove/part find face/effect 'mix 2 ; remove orange border pop-list: face/list/pane/1 pop-list/offset: (win-offset? face) + (face/size * 0x1) pop-list/offset/x: pop-list/offset/x - pop-list/size/x + face/size/x ; right aligned win: find-window face ; cover entire window face/list/size: win/size offset: pop-list/offset ; keep inside window ; FIXME: if taller then window add scrollers if offset/y > (win/size/y - pop-list/size/y) [offset/y: win/size/y - pop-list/size/y] offset/y: max 0 offset/y offset/x: min max 0 offset/x win/size/x - pop-list/size/x face/list/offset: 0x0 pop-list/offset: offset remove find win/pane face/list append win/pane face/list ; put on top show win ] ] ] ] do ; comment this line to comment example code [ if system/script/title = "Pop-down style example" [;do examples only if script started by us view center-face layout [ across text1: text "text1" ; NOTE that first text below is repeated exactly twice choice-btn "text1" "text1" "text2" [set-face text1 value] text "simple case" return text2: text "not chosen" choice-btn "Choose a text" "1st text" "2nd text" red update false font [color: yellow] with [colors-back: [white blue] colors-fore: [black green]] [set-face text2 value] text "This has a fixed text" return field1: field ; NOTE the empty first text and the (fixed) list width choice-btn "" "1st choice" "2nd choice" update false with [list-size: 80] [set-face field1 value] text "This has a fixed width" return text "This is an example of various pop-downs" ] ] ; if title ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage