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tag index: t · tested-under

11 scripts tagged as: [tested-under  ·]

ARCFOUR and CipherSaber
arcfour.r3.8 KB
18 Jan 2004
Provides encryption and decryption using the ARCFOUR algorithm
author: Cal Dixon
6.3 KB
22 Apr 2005
A function which scans a string (normally a web page) and creates a block of URL/Text combinations for each HTML <a> tag in the string.
author: Peter WA Wood
FF3 ZSNES Saved state editor
ff3edit.r10.0 KB
4 Mar 2004
A tool to edit saved state files for Final Fantasy 3 as created by the ZSNES emulator
author: Cal Dixon
Very Short Webserver
821 bytes
20 Oct 2003
Webserver serving files from the current directory.
author: Cal Dixon
OpenGL Test
opengl.r22.6 KB
17 Oct 2003
Demonstrate the use of OpenGL in View/Pro on Windows
author: Cal Dixon
Patch for REBOL FTP protocol 226 response handling.
5.2 KB
2 Jul 2005
To fix FTP protocol 226 response handling.
author: Brett Handley
Basic RC4 algorithm
rc4.r2.2 KB
30 Apr 2004
Provides encryption and decryption using the basic RC4 algorithm
author: Arthur Beltrao (Brasil)
Sqlite 3.X rebol wrapper as protocol handler
8.6 KB
22 Mar 2005
Sqlite wrapper as a Rebol protocol handler.
author: cal dixon
5.5 KB
11 Jan 2013
Creates tar archives.
author: Vincent Ecuyer
Textpad syntax generator
3.3 KB
6 Sep 2010
Textpad syntax generator for Textpad 4.4 (and above) Highlighter gets lost with {{}}
author: John Kenyon
3.5 KB
22 Apr 2005
A function which converts a Rebol date! to a string formatted according to a strict interpretation of the RFC 822 standard. If the time is not provided, a default of 00:00 is used. If the seconds are not set, 00 is used. (NB The zone defaults to 00:00 in a Rebol date) [...]
author: Peter WA Wood