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REBOL [ Title: "Very Short Webserver" Date: 17-Oct-2003 File: %oneliner-webserver.r Purpose: {Webserver serving files from the current directory.} One-liner-length: 308 Author: "Cal Dixon" Library: [ level: 'advanced platform: 'all type: [tool demo one-liner idiom] domain: [http internet web] tested-under: [view W2K] support: none license: 'PD see-also: none ] one-liner-length: 308 ] secure[net allow library throw shell throw file throw %. [allow read]]p: open/lines tcp://:80 forever[attempt[s: length? b: read/binary to-file next pick parse pick c: p/1 1 none 2 write-io c b: rejoin[#{}"HTTP/1.0 200 OK^M^JServer: Rebol^M^JContent-length: "s"^M^JContent-type: text/html^M^J^M^J"b]length? b close c]]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage