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REBOL [ title: "Tiny GUI Builder" date: 4-feb-2017 file: %tiny-gui-builder.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { A cut down version of the appbuilder, without any code to deal with actions, data structures, styles, extra help features, etc. Just point and click to build little GUI layouts. } ] rebol [title: "Tiny GUI Builder"] g: copy [] req: func [x y] [request-text/title/default copy x copy y] run: does [write %r.r rejoin["rebol[] w: view layout" mold g] launch %r.r] act: does [load req "Action (replace with your code):" "Alert form value"] ad: func [v] [ w: copy v append g reduce select [ btn ['btn w/2 w/3] field [w/2 'field to-integer w/3 w/4 w/5] area [w/2 'area to-pair w/3 w/4] text ['text w/2 w/3] check [w/2 'check] image [w/2 'image to-file w/3 w/4] across ['across] below ['below] return ['return] box [w/2 'box to-pair w/3 w/4 w/5 w/6] do ['do w/2] text-list [w/2 'text-list to-pair w/3 'data w/4 w/5] ] w/1 set-face code mold g run ] view center-face layout [ h3 "Add a widget or layout word to your app:" bar 410 across info "" [ad reduce ['field to-set-word "FIELD1" 200 copy "" act]] btn "Button" [ if not txt: req "Button text:" "" [return] ad reduce ['btn txt act] ] check [ad reduce ['check (to-set-word "CHECK1")]] image logo.gif 80x20 [ if not img: request-file/only [return] ad reduce ['image (to-set-word "IMAGE1") img act] ] text "TEXT" [ad reduce ['text "TEXT" act]] return area 200x60 trim {Type some default text which you want to appear in this area (or just erase this), then press the TAB key.} [ ad reduce ['area (to-set-word "AREA1") "200x100" face/text] ] text-list 200x60 data ["This is a text-list" "ITEM1" "ITEM2"] [ ms: copy [] do itms: [if m: req "Add line to textlist:" "" [append ms m do itms]] ad reduce ['text-list (to-set-word "TEXTLIST1") "200x100" ms act] ] return box wheat 50x24 "Box" [ ad reduce ['box (to-set-word "BOX1") "50x50" red "TEXT" act] ] text "Across" [ad [across]] text "Below" [ad [below]] text "Return" [ad [return]] text "Do" [ad reduce ['do act]] below bar 410 h3 {EDIT this code (sizes, "texts", UPPERCASE labels)} code: area wrap 410x200 [g: load code/text] across btn "Save/RUN" [run] btn "Load" [if request "Erase current app?" [attempt [ set-face code mold g: load find/tail read %r.r "layout" ]]] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage