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REBOL [ title: "Tiny Generic CRUD App" date: 6-Jan-2017 file: %tiny-crud-app.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { A very short generic data storage/retrieval app example. CRUD = create read update delete records. This can be used as the basis for any sort of rolodex-like app which allows users to enter and edit 'cards' full of information. From } ] f: no n: [clear-fields gui a/text: none show gui focus f1 f: no] x: [write/append %d reduce[mold f1/text mold f2/text mold a/text]] y: [attempt[r: copy/part find d: load %d request-list"" extract d 3 3 f1/text: r/1 f2/text: r/2 a/text: r/3 show gui f: yes]] z: [attempt[save %d head remove/part find d: load %d f1/text 3 do n]] view gui: layout[f1: field"Name" f2: field"Phone" a: area"Notes" across btn"New"[do n] btn"Save"[do x do either f[z][n]] btn"Load"[do y] btn"Delete (right-click)"[][do z] btn"Raw"[editor %d] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage