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Rebol [ title: "Tiny Paint Programs" date: 29-june-2008 file: %tiny-paint-programs.r purpose: { Three different small paint programs, including the shortest possible one-liner. Taken from the tutorial at } ] ; a small, but reasonably featured little scribbler: view layout [ h1 "Paint with the mouse:" scrn: box black 400x400 feel [ engage: func [face action event] [ if find [down over] action [ append scrn/effect/draw event/offset show scrn ] if action = 'up [append scrn/effect/draw 'line] ] ] effect [draw [line]] btn "Save" [ save/png %/c/painting.png to-image layout [ origin 0x0 box black 400x400 effect pick get scrn 9 ] alert "Saved to C:\painting.png" ] btn "Clear" [scrn/effect/draw: copy [line] show scrn] ] ; a shorter version, not so readable: view layout[s: area 600x400 feel[engage: func[f a e][if a = 'over[append s/effect/draw e/offset show s]if a = 'up[append s/effect/draw 'line]]]effect[ draw[line]]b: btn"Save"[save/png %a.png to-image s alert"Saved a.png"] btn"Clear"[s/effect/draw: copy[line]show s]] ; the tiniest possible one-liner paint program I could come up with: view layout[s: area feel[engage: func[f a e][if a = 'over[append s/effect/draw e/offset show s]]]effect[draw[line]]]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage